My blog is about Norway and the Nordic countries, our culture, traditions and habits – as seen through my eyes in the daily life. I don’t know how typical Norwegian this is, but I guess my regular readers will agree its typical me ;-)

You see I have been rather busy these days, preparing for and participating in an easyFairs: Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Convention at Norway Trade Fairs. I know not necessarily all my readers are that excited or thrilled about ICT, so I’ve been thinking a lot about how to report without boring. As always, I’ll do it my way within the theme: ‘Whatever you are interested in; Have Fun’. So let me take you along as I visit some of the stands and show you how they attract costumers – I was struck by their creativeness (click all pics to enlarge):

Playing Golf with Hafslund who provides you with safe and renewable energy!

If you agreed to a one to one meeting with On Solution, you got a football!

At EPiServer presenting their Content Management platform, you could drive race cars!

InternetExpo2008_Bagpipe-B InternetExpo2008_EltonJohn-B
Others invited to their stand by entertainers, like a Bagpipe player or an Elton John show!

This was a two day convention and they had a seminar corner as well. I held a presentation both days:
InternetExpo2008_RennyBA-b InternetExpo2008_RennyBA-A
Day one about Blogging to Fame and day two about my professional work at EUCIP Norway Ltd.

However, what caught most every once eyes and got the most attention and visit on their stand was Wintek Nordic Group, a Scandinavian IT-distributor. They had hired two professional entertainers: Caroline and Isabel, wearing different outfits each of the day:

InternetExpo2008_Girls-3 InternetExpo2008_Girls-7
They had a very professional attitude and I could not resist asking them to help me attracts some visitors to our stand too:
InternetExpo2008_Girls-1 InternetExpo2008_Girls-5

So whatever you are interested it, ICT, or not: Don’t tell me its boring on a fair like this :lol:


  1. Haha, Renny, you are yourself.
    An unique combination of seriously and playful. and sharing

    PS. Are those ladies bloggers? LOL

    Thanks Tor: I’m glad you got the point :lol:
    They are not bloggers – yet, but I think I’ve almost convinced them to start LOL

  2. Don’t let the wife see the pretty girls at the bottom of this post. Just saying. Very nicely done. Have a great day. :)

    Thanks for the warning ;-) (but of course she knew and she’s my only pin-up girl you know!) – glad you liked it – wishing you a good one too :)

  3. Note sure Diane will like the last one… she probably like the one with the brain best. Main, you do have a big brain! :lol:

    She knows about it of course, and thanks for the compliments :lol:

  4. Looks like you are having way too much fun!

    You might have a point here Teena.

  5. Very nice theme…seemed like a lot of fun in spite of the ladies who kept popping up in a few of the shots (wink, wink)…

    Glad you enjoyed the trip around the convention too!

  6. Så koselig! Det var kjempehyggelig å treffe deg! Må si det ser ut som om du koste deg på messa! Mye morro her:)

    Hyggelig å møte dere også, og selv om det kanskje var å gå litt over streken, håper jeg folk ser det humoristiske i dette:-)

  7. i never would have imagined what went on at such an expo. now i know! was anyone offering saunas?

    If this was your first time, hope I did not shocked you Lime! No saunas though.

  8. Are you kidding me? Take a look at Carolines page.
    As CEO in EUCIP Norway this looks “professional” indeed!!

    Hope you understand I did it just for fun and if I offend someone, I’m really sorry!
    I might have been a bit carried away, but done is done and every one is of course entitle to criticise.

  9. I always enjoy trade fairs. Who knew scantily clad ladies would draw a crowd?!!

    Me too – I wasn’t surprised, but kind of fascinated of that they used that kind of ‘attraction’.

  10. Oh it looks like a lot of fun. I love Expo’s. By the way, I have tagged you for an interesting MEME, but only if you have the time.

    I did – it was both interesting and fun.
    Thanks for tagging me – I feel honoured of that you thought of me Maribeth!

  11. Don’t seem boring at all, with all those beauties hanging around. I like that Elton John lookalike. It reminds me of the good old rocking days :)

    Glad you see it that way too and actually: Elton John, took me down the memory lane too :-)

  12. Kjempegøy å se du har blogget om messen, og ikke minst vedig morro at vi fikk bli med:) Kanskje krysses våre veier igjen. Ha en fortreffelig helg. :)

    Da takker jeg uhøytidelig for hyggelig samarbeid – selvsagt måtte dere være med i rapporten – ønsker deg en koselig helg også :)

  13. Now this sounds like a very truly interesting and exciting expo. I’m so glad you brought us along with you!

    Good to see you got the spirit and of course I love to share spicy adventures with trustful readers like you!

  14. It was very interesting Renny..And I can see why they hired the “entertainers”….I guess it is the same the world over…Scantily dressed pretty young women do draw a crowd, no matter what country you are in…..LOL!

    Glad you liked it too Naomi ….. your right: same all over the world – we are have a lot in common you know LOL

  15. Here in Bologna we have a sort of internet expo called “Futurshow”, I’ve attended it only once, but I enjoyed it a lot, trying new incredible stuffs. Anyway, it really seems you had a funny day at the Internet Expo 2008 ;-) Thanks for sharing the shots.

    Go there next time and try new stuffs and keep us posted!
    Yea, I had fun – your welcome ;-)

  16. Naughty, naughty Renny! Hehehe. It was interesting how the booths presented themselves in varied, fun ways. :)

    So your envy me Mark :lol: Interesting, indeed!

  17. Wow, what an exposition – I wish I could have been there but your photos are the “next best thing.”

    Your welcome to join me next time of course – or I’ll have to share this way again.

  18. Oh what a fair Renny with sexy ladies there I can see ;)

    Hmmm….thanks for dropping by at my blog, I can ‘see’ that both you and TorAa are having a party huh..wish I could fly over now :D

    Glad you liked it too Shionge ;-)
    Your welcome – Its always nice to read your post. Yea, I’m here at their house tonight so stay tuned: there will be a feast post tomorrow :D

  19. Sounds this was a very funny expo! I want the same with two muscle men around me!

    It was fun! I do agree: there should be ‘entertainers’ for woman too – I’ll talk to convention organizer so that you’ll have what you want if you join me next year!

  20. thanks for presenting this Renny… it looks very entertaining and lots of fun :)
    I agree with Claudie….
    they should have ‘Manpower’ (a rather attractive/naughty all male dance/cabaret group) over there as a special treat for the ladies…

    Your welcome Kim – glad you liked it too!
    If you and Claudie will go there next year: do you think TorAa and I will do :lol:

  21. As long as you really don’t have to be the organizer behind all of the marketing work, it’s rather fun but it does it tiring!

    Looks like you turned the 2 days into something very enjoyable! hehe
    My kind of work for sure!

    I know what you mean – I’ve been their earlier in my carea.
    So maybe you come over and join me next year then! hehe

  22. I come back Renny as your supporter waiting Diane when I read words which are nothing to do here. Just I’d like to say “The worst comes always from people who don’t understand humour”

    Your such a good friend and a good supporter Claudie – I do agree with you and it seams like most of the commenter’s after all understand that I just wanted to share some fun!

  23. Looks like a lot of fun :-)

    :lol: it was!

  24. Were the booths set up by only men or were there women manning the booths as well…I don’t mean women entertainers.

    Glad you had fun on an otherwise boring exhibition

    Good question: I think there we at least 30 or 40 % woman manning the booths.
    I always like to turn boring things into a more funny twist you know ;-)

  25. I hope I were there when youI hold a presentation. Your presentation must be very interesting too. :)

  26. You have so many comments, you are lucky !!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I really appreciate it !!!

  27. Yummy…(.I just had to add that ..)

  28. “Whatever you are interested in; Have Fun’.” excellent plan.

    looks like you’re doing it too. :)

  29. Those LAST two pictures look like you were having a bit TOO MUCH fun! ROFL!!!

  30. u ar vey nice handsome and atractive.i love u my dear

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