IT Networking with Duck a l’orange

For a network evangelist like me, nothing is more powerful than a social gathering around the dinner table. In my last post (scroll down!) about team building, I promised your more adventures from The Norwegian Computer Society’s (NCS) Annual Meeting this year. This one will be from our dinner Saturday evening at a very exclusive place in Oslo; Bogstad Manor (I’ll get back to that later). So let me invite you to sit in, while I go on:

NCS Dinner 1The formality from the General Assembly was over, plans for the coming year was sealed and a new president; Berit Svendsen, Chief Technical Officer at one of the worlds top 10 largest Tele- communication company (Telenor) was elected. It was time to celebrate, networking and socialising. 8 elected representatives from NCS -some new, some good old friends – from all over Norway gathered around 8 tables. A lot of creative ideas were shared about how we could improve our member services and even some business opportunities were discussed. We were welcomed with champagne: Ca’Bertaldo and after a while, sat to the table for a three course delight. As always, I’ll share with you of course (click all pics to enlarge!):

NCS Dinner Starter NCS Dinner Dessert
Starter: Sesame-soya grilled tuna fish with mango chutney and vinaigrette.
Dessert: Chocolate chiboust, Mocha ice-cream and fresh Raspberry.
NCS Dinner Main
Main course: Roasted Duck a l’orange, with red cabbage, apples, and honey glazed potatoes.

During the dinner, some gave speeches and some a good story:
NCS Dinner 3

I’ve saved the best for last of course. A very charming, witty, creative man (earlier worked as a journalist and webmaster at NCS) Henrik Wigestrand, is a great singer and poet. He gave the most wonderful performance turning good old songs into IT word lyrics and ended up singing his own: ‘Digital Beauties with Brains’ (click here to read the lyrics). I used my Nikon CoolPix camera and of course it does not prove him right, but I guess you get the idea: Gathering among IT professional isn’t dull at all! So enjoy:

Hope you have fun reading my posts about NCS Annual meeting, and stay tuned – there will be more! Next time from our round tour at this wonderful Bogstad Manor where the history of the estate dates back to 1649. I have some really great pics from the interior of this beautiful home.

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  1. All the talk of food makes my mouth water! Must get a little treat that is sugar free!

    I knew you would love it Maribeth!
    I’m on a diet now :lol:

  2. What a great event. And everything so well planned, not only workwise but also something to lift up spirits, like good colleagues and great food. And your lucky readers being able to have a glimpse at that!

    Yea, a wonderful network mix and the NCS’s secretariat had planned it all so well!
    I’m happy to share you know!

  3. looks like a wonderful event Rennie !!
    I really enjoyed listening to your friend’s performance…very entertaining indeed !!
    I always feel hungry when I see the pics of your delicious feasts…
    I’m going to have my dinner now ;)

    It was Kim, and I’m glad you liked Henrik’s song too!
    Hope your dinner was tasteful too ;)

  4. hey ! this is rahul from india ! and its a great blog sir ! i wish we could have such type of food >:( and from the post it looks like you have had great fun ! Gr8 blog !

    Cheers !

    Hay Rahul! Always great to welcome new readers – thanks for the add at BlogCatalog!
    Glad you liked what you saw her and thanks for the compliments!

  5. Hmm, I really do have to remember to visit you after I’ve eaten. Your lovely photos and descriptions make me feel so hungry!

    Glad I could still your hunger then :lol:

  6. It’s been a while for me to come by and visit you. I’m so glad I did today, your post was extremely interesting, but ofcourse the title is what caught this network support specialist’s attention and especially the “Duck a l’orange”.

    Here I am trying to get ready to make lunch for the family, and it is nothing like what you share with us here… Don’t let that stop you though!

    How great to see you again Sugar Cat – have been missing you, you know!
    Duck or not; hope your lunch was nice!

  7. hi rennyba! thanks for coming over, glad to meet you ;) the dinner looked fabulous and its making me hungry. ;)

    i hope to see you again. take care.

    How great to welcome new readers and another Big Bang contributor – thanks for your Link Love!

  8. Dear Renny,
    you know I would so have been there last Saturday, but as you do know, I had to arrange my 4 generation Birthday Dinner the very same day.
    Our family menu, how strange (?), was very similar. Starting with Seafood, then Duck (#3 was cheese) and the dessert: Rasberrires and Ice cream ++. Haha.

    Nicely reported from the NCS Dinner and Henrik is Henrik. Great post.

    btw. We are safely back in Winter home after our short shopping tour to Sweden and a great evening with our friends in Fredrikstad. And Gues what: Main course: Duck. LOL.

    It would have been nice to have you with us, but of course I know you where busy with your family gathering.
    Looking forward to visit you at your summer home this year Tor!

  9. Ah, great report of the not dull meeting ;-) I remember a lot of fun IT people meetings from my work days too.

    You never know what people is going to offer you when it comes to getting together and enjoy :-)

    Thanks Captain – I know you have similar experience from the IT world too.
    Your so right and that’s why Diane and me are so much looking forward to meet you in September for Anna’s Birthday Party :-)

  10. A great moment you had here! Nice idea this meeting with people who work together. It creates affinities and a nice atmospher in the entreprise. I really would adore to taste the Duck à l’orange! Today they spoke about Norway on TV to tell about an opened prison Bastoeys on an isle! A very interesting experience where prisonners at the end of the prison time can integrate this special prison and live in freedom and work in the perspective to integrate again the society. http://www.eurotrib.com/story/2006/7/26/94850/2063. Another vision France could try to experiment.

  11. Hi Renny!

    It’s been awhile since I stopped by. From the looks of that meal, all is well with you and yours. :D

    Just wanted to say hello! Take Care,~~Shelia

  12. I wonder if my friend went to this event. It sounds like a fun event unlike mine!

    Can’t tell as I don’t know him – hope you’ll have a great Sunday then!

  13. Thanks for stopping by and voting in my blog contest. Its nice to “meet” you!

    And thanks for saying such nice things about my blog!

    Your welcome Hallie and it was nice to meet you too!

  14. looks like you’re busy socializing and the food looks yummy specially the roasted duck ;)

    by the way, thanks for the comment about my baby :)

    I knew you would love the duck Scart ;-)
    Your welcome a congrats :-)

  15. It must be very exciting to be a part of this dynamic group…and the venue isn’t bad either. :)

    It is: Dynamic is the right word!

  16. It’s 00:19 hours in Singapore,…… Monday morning and I was about to go to bed but now I’m feeling hungry. hehe….

    *licks monitor* arghhhh…. I taste dust -_-

    Hope this did not disturbed your sleep to much. hehe..
    Join us next year: I’ll promises you no dust here -_-

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