Listen up! I mean my blog is about Norway; our culture, traditions and history and this time I’ll show you one of this centuries most sensational, historical occurrence of the world – well at least in Norway :-) We are talking about the largest cultural construction in the nation of 4.7 million people since the Nidarosdomen Cathedral in Trondheim in the 14th century. The opening of Oslo Opera house took place on the 12th of April and I was there last weekend together with my wife and thousands of other curious visitors to take in this Norwegian beauty:
Oslo Opera House #1
The construction of the 38,500-square meter (415,000 square feet) Opera House is the largest single cultural-political initiative in contemporary Norway and it took five years to build with the cost estimated to 500 million Euros (800 million Dollars). 19 000 square metres of marble cladding have been designed by the artists in collaboration with Snøhetta architects. The surface area consists of more than 33 000 individual stones. The result is an extraordinary building in white marble with a slanting roof surface that rises directly from beneath the waters of the Oslo fjord. I took hundreds of picture that sunny Saturday and have prepared a small collection for you:

As you can see from the picture, especially #10, 11 and 12: this will also be the first opera house in the world where visitors can take a walk on the roof!

The structure is covered in marble slabs, boasts more than 1000 rooms, art valued at 5.6 million € (7 million $) and a chandelier in the main concert hall that consists of 17,000 glass units. The main entrance – a crevasse-like slit in its white marble facade – leads into a happily meandering, informal lobby wrapped around the auditorium. Timber ramps, with superbly crafted detailing made by traditional Norwegian boat builders, lead up from cloakrooms clad in hexagonal screens by the artist Olafur Eliasson, and extraordinarily beautiful lavatories (really), to bars and lobbies, and finally to the hush of the auditorium:
Oslo Opera House, Lobby #3

We went inside of course and here are a small collection of photos:

The Opera House is a project which the Norwegian people have followed closely over the last 5 years. It is a beautiful sculpture of a building, and intended to be an Opera for the people to enjoy. It is giving us an aesthetic arena for culture and bringing dance, ballet, classical concerts and especially Opera into the lives of the people and breathing new life into the cultural scene in Oslo. So this is another reason for you to visit Norway – when are you coming?
Go visit my wife’s post about the same trip and see it from her – different and very interesting – prospective!

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  1. That’s it! I’m on my way! That looks an amazing building – London needs a landmark building like that.

    I love Olafur Eliasson’s work. He had an exhibition at the Tate Modern in London called ‘The Weather Project’ which was the best art installation I have ever seen. It was in the large turbine hall I believe it was the most popular exhibition they have ever had in that space. Magnificent.

    Great Diane – see you at Oslo Opera House then ;-)
    I did not know about Eliasson before I did the research for this post and I do agree with you; Magnificent.

  2. It’s beautiful. Congratulations on having such a wonderful place to visit to soak up the finer things in life. Loved your slideshows too. Have a great day. :)

    Thanks Sandee – wish you a great one too :)

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  5. Lovely pictures!! The Opera house is so beautiful, I had a hard time visualizing it when it was under construction, but the end result is fantastic. Thank you for a lovely Saturday afternoon date :-)

    I do agree my dear and to experience this together with you added a new dimension for me. You really have a great post about the house too!

  6. you know, as i look at the pictures of the outside and see the stark white and consider the last post i can’t help but think of it as a place to ski. hehehehe. i mean that in a way fond of your tradition and cultures, not in any critical comment about the architecture. i love the way the outside has so many levels so easily accessible and how the warmth of the wood inside contrasts with the coolness of the white. it certainly does look like a venue to be proud of.

    It’s not critical at all Michelle as I think you’ve the nail on the head. Go read Diane’s post and see you think very much the same!

  7. Great architecture!

    Thanks for the compliment!

  8. I’m not a fan of opera … but the building looks awesome!

    Me either, but this building is exciting anyway and I will love to go there for a concert just for to hear the acoustics.

  9. It is totally beautiful! Mmmmmm, let’s see. Greta, puppies, well I’ll be busy all summer, but then, who knows!

    I know you are busy at the moment, but hopefully one day. And there is a lot more we would love to show you too you know!

  10. Oh wow this looks beautiful !! In India Opera doesn even exist so we just see Opera on T.V. Set :( and that too rarely ;[ . That building looks amazing ..and it was built in 5 years ? Thats a great architectrue though !

    Cheers sir !

    thanks for letting us so much more about your country , i hope i do tell u all about india , ofcourse when i am atleast a legal adult ( i dont have the permission to go alone and that too with cameras !!)

    take care !

  11. Very interesting architecture. Hopefully, this will become an iconic building for Norway too, like the one at Sydney is for that city!

  12. It certainly is unique, Renny. I don’t care much for opera, but maybe they’ll have rock concerts as well. If so, I’d certainly be willing to go there to see the Rolling Stones or U2, or another group.

    Hope your week is a good one! :-)

    Love and hugs,


  13. Great architecture! Wonderful modern looking building!
    A fantastic asset to your country !

  14. Having just seen Sydney’s Opera House here in Australia, Renny, gives new meaning to YOUR beautiful structure. You can be very proud of it! Maybe we’ll get to see it some day! :)

  15. Wow! Gorgeous! Wondering if paying for this translates into a high price for a ticket? What’s the cost of 1 ticket? I’m not really into Opera but I imagine this is designed for excellent acoustics.

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  17. Hey RennyBA, arent we getting demanding here starting our posts with LISTEN HERE! LOL

    Someday I will get there, but for now, as you know, I now have the Finlandian socks so I am on my way!

    Be well, my friend.

  18. oh! I forgot to say that I love the stairs!!! I have a lot of stair and doorway pics, most from INdia….

  19. What an impressive building, both from the outside and inside!

    I can imagine myself watching and listening to an opera, acoustics must be great!

    Greetings from Holland =)

  20. Sorry, I read Mrs.’s first! I like your pictures too, especially the stairway. And as I told your wife, the building looks like a building made for cold. Can’t explain why… it’s just the feeling I get. I wouldn’t picture the place in let’s say Mexico. Funny eh?

  21. Thank You~!!! Yes I read about this from our local media and it is awesome, thank you Renny ;) Nice photo!!

  22. What a fantastic building!! and you were there for the opening, what a treat! thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures. I knew about this because we watch German news and followed the impact of Mrs Merkel’s “decolleté” that evening, lol!

  23. Hello Renny,

    Great building! It is a beautiful architectural artform!
    I loved seeing that people have a lot of walking areas, which is nice. I also appreciated the coffee area: full of light and space. The day was really sunny!

    I must thank you for the photo show: it is nice of you to share your promenade with us all :D!

    You are right, one more reason to visit Norway :D!
    Now I am off to read your wife’s article :)!


  24. whoah!!what a great architectural place!!its so artistic and stylish as well!!
    I won`t ask if you enjoyed your time coz It is so obvious,haha!

    I wonder why an opera house always built by the sea just like Sydney`s?
    is there any reason or just a coincidence?

    ok,gotta visit Diane`s place!i miss a lot of her posts,I guess.


  25. wow, i like the modern feel of the architecture. that opera house looks so cool!

  26. Excellent post about the new Oslo Opera House – it is really an exciting building, which you so eminently have described in words and with photos.
    As Lime said: It looks like a place to go skiing. Did she knew there are plans for that? LOL.

  27. Hi Rennyba:

    Thank you for stopping by and for the comments & compliments.

    Thank you for your vote.

    Sure will visit Norway via ur blog. I love culture and people. Btw Nice and clean details in here.


  28. do you know any information about this subject in other languages?

    Well, you could always try Google’s translate.

  29. Really impressive! Normally I’m not so found of modern architecture, but they really have succeeded with this one. Spectacular!

  30. Haven’t come across this news story in the UK which is kind of unusual because it is a great looking building – attractive, interesting and original! Looks like the kind of building that will probably become iconic.

  31. It is such a beautiful architecture the way the building is made to merge with nature!

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  33. That first photo is stunning!!! What an extraordinary building, it gives an glorious sense of space on various levels. Is the cafe/restaurant open to the general public or only those who are there to watch a performance?

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  35. I was at this fantastic building last week on Friday 16th. You need to have ago at walking on its roof to know exactly what it feel like. But be warned, don’t bring your skateboard along, you might get

  36. realy it is so nice but also crazy i must to see it life and i did not hear about olafur but i do search about him and he is amazing

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  45. nice one. it’s like an infinity pool :P

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