1st of May with Orienteering and a Spring Market

I had another quality time experience with my wife today and of course I’ll share it with you. Since its 1st of May (Labours Day!) and we took the day off tomorrow and went to our vacation home in Sweden for a long weekend. Besides: I can work from anywhere as long as I have my mobile phone and the net.

Diane made a splendid breakfast with bacon and eggs and then we took out our bikes to explore our home away from home, Mariestad, for Labours Day and 1st of May celebration. Here are some experiences you might find a bit different from what is expected on a day like this, but it was great fun:

First I went out on the balcony to check the weather (a bit cloudy, but 17C – 63F) and there I spotted a lot of athletes running through our area…it turned out there was The Swedish Championship in Foot Orienteering or “Foot-O“. I had my Nokia6680 mobile phone at hand of course and here some pictures taken as we followed them around in the city (click all pics to enlarge):

Orienteering #1 Orienteering #2
Left: From the baclony – Right: On a control point
Orienteering #4 Orienteering #5
Left: Crossing the finish line – Right: Checking the result

I remember I learned this sport in the military but did not practice a lot. The children have also always had an orienteering day at school each year. To me its the kind of sport you do in the forest, but they told me this time the race was arranged in the city to promote and recruit new runners. The Swedish do very well on international bases in Orienteering and sometimes even beat Norwegians :lol:

We then biked through the city to find some more adventures, and we did: There was a spring market with hundreds of stands in an open field. My regular readers know I hate shopping, but watching the people and such in the atmosphere is fun. I told my wife: I have never seen a collection of everything you don’t need in one place before. To which she smiled and replied: Don’t be afraid – I don’t have any Swedish money today :lol: Here is a couple examples I captured with my Nokia mobile phone:
SpringMarket #1 SpringMarket #6
I mean you might need socks (you could buy 5 pair for 100 Swedish Krone – 10 Euro) and of course a purse or two. But the quality looks more like the one on a flea market, if you know what I mean. There was a lot of ‘instant plastic fun’ for the children too of course. I met these cute girls with giant boxing gloves on. When I told them I would make a post from this marked they willingly posed for me:
SpringMarket #17

To give you some more details from the market – at least sometimes, pics says more than a thousand words – here’s a collection:

So what about celebrating Labour Day then, you might ask. Well the parade and the days speech on the town square was later on and we chose to go home and have dinner (roasted pork loin – yummy). Don’t get me wrong though: the Swedish are taking 1st of May as seriously as the Norwegians and you can read all about it on my post from last year. That is if you’re not afraid of being influenced by social democrat’s ideas of course :lol: