Please join me in an adventurous evening from two weeks ago in one of Norway’s oldest; called The City with a Heart. I always want my readers to learn something from my posts, so let’s have some historical background first:

Trondheim city (pop. 150,000) capital of Sør-Trøndelag county in central Norway is a port on the Trondheimsfjord (an arm of the Atlantic Ocean). It is also known by its original name, Nidaros. Founded in 997 by Viking King Olaf I, who introduced Christianity to Norway, the city was the political and religious capital of medieval Norway. It was the nation’s first capital and continues to be the coronation city where many of Norway’s kings from Harald Hårfagre (10th century BC) to King Harald V (1991 – ) have been crowned or blessed.

In its history the city was and is now again a popular destination for pilgrimages who want to visit Nidaros Cathedral, the largest church of Northern Europe. The city is one of the largest high-technology centres in Europe with 25,000 students attending its technological university. Trondheim is also an ecclesiastical centre and a centre for industry and commerce. Manufactures include metal goods, construction materials, textiles, processed food, and forest products.

Together with a colleague from the Italian Computer Society (AICA) we visited TISIP – one of EUCIP’s (my company’s) corporative learning providers. In the evening they invited us to the top (literary) of the city, The Tyholt Tower:

TyholtTower-1Stretching 120 metres (400 ft) into the sky, this communications tower was built by the Telecommunications Authority for modern radio and telecommunications in the mid 80s. This is a must for tourists as it offers a spectacular view of Trondheim and the surrounding area.
It also features a rotating restaurant 74 metres (243 ft) above ground. The restaurant floor revolves at a comfortable one full turn an hour, giving guests a panoramic view of Trondheim from all directions.
Next to Nidaros Cathedral, the Tyholt tower is the most visited tourist attraction in Trondheim.

This time I used my Nikon Coolpix camera and let me give you a peek inside from our dinner first (click all pics in this post to enlarge):

TyholtRestaurant-2 TyholrDinner-1
I had shrimp cocktail for an appetiser and then grilled salmon as the main dish:
TyholrDinner-2 TyholrDinner-3

We were there from a bit after 7 to almost 10PM and with sunny weather, the most beautiful view to the whole city as we ate, turning around. Let me show you pics from approximately the same spot at 7:20 and by sunset at 9PM:
Trondheim7:22PM Trondheim9:01PM

I went crazy with my camera of course and here is a movee to show you the whole city in a nutshell (in some of the pics you can see the reflection of us in the window):

If you like to read more about The City with a Heart and the Nidaros Cathedral, please see my post from one year ago. I hope you enjoyed the trip as much as I did and get an idea of how it can be in the land of the midnight sun even if we are long from summer solstice where in Trondheim the sun sets at 11:42 PM and rises at 3 in the morning (in Oslo: 10:44 and 03:54).


  1. How cool. I didn’t know you had such long days in the summer. That is awesome. Tough to sleep I would bet for some. Black out those windows.

    As always the food and wine look wonderful. I love shrimp and salmon. The wine looks tasty too. Thanks for sharing yet another wonderful adventure of yours. Have a great day. :)

    Long days of summer is a great thing about Norway you know – and you get use to it. One can always sleep in the winter time :lol:
    Your welcome – and I’m a seafood lover you know :)

  2. How exciting!! We have a revolving tower restaurant too but I think yours would be higher. This is so cool !!

    I’ve enjoyed this post, thank you Renny :D

    The higher, the better you know !!!
    Glad you liked it Shionge :D

  3. Why is it that most of your adventures include food?! Ha!

    Looks like you had a nice time with a great view!

    Well, you need to eat once in a while you know, besides: its socializing. Nothing is better than gathering around a dinner table you know!
    The view was breath taking!

  4. Quite lovely. I have been to several restaurants where you can dine while the restaurant slowly turns around the city. I just love the views!

    I know there are quite a few around in the world. Why don’t you post about your experiences too!

  5. Ah, the pics of the shrimp cocktail and the salmon are very good. Yummy!

    It was delicious, but then again: I just love seafood!

  6. OMG! What a lovely view! I cannot wait to plan a trip to Norway now….
    The food looks amazing.
    It looks like you had good company too!

    Good to see you here again Lynn and you know, you are welcome any time….
    The combination of food and the company was smashing!

  7. Mmm, simply lovely, but it should be you and Diane eating a romantic dinner up there in the sunset ;-)

    I didn’t know that you had the similarity to the Kaknästornet here in Stockholm, how wonderful!

    Love the views from it! And the grilled salmon… *drooling*

    I do agree. Diane and I was in Trondheim some years ago, but did not had the chance – we had a lot of fun anyway ;-)
    Haven’t heard about Kaknästornet – you ought to post about it one day!
    I knew you would like it – and the salmon too :-)

  8. I am not very good with heights but I love to see the views from high places! Thanks for sharing this so that I can see those wonderful views with no vertigo :-)

    As usual the food looks delicious. We both live in areas which have very good sea food – aren’t we lucky?

  9. I agree with Teena…why is it most of your adventures involve food?? I am so envious!! But happy you have had this experience, and you have taken me to Trondheim after all. Lovely pictures!! I think you really outdid yourself!

  10. wow Rennie
    it looks like our Centrepoint over here !!!
    I have been to two revolving restaurants….Centrepoint and the Bonaventure in LA…
    both marvellous..
    looks like you had a delicious meal…and I agree with DianeCA …excellent pics !!

  11. i didn’t realize trondheim was so much further north that it got 2 extra hours of daylight compared to oslo. loved the history portion of the post too!

  12. oh look at that sunset! What an adventure and an opportunity. Reminds me of two places, Seattle and my first back day in Switzerland..

  13. It’s funny that you wrote about this tower now, Renny, because just last week, our last night in Australia, we had dinner on top of a building in Sydney, Australia, that revolved like that. It was just spectcular and such a good way to end our wonderful trip.

  14. Hello Renny,

    Loved reading the historical part to this post: it’s always a pleasure to read about the vikings,
    This tower is beautiful and no wonder that it is such a touristic attraction. I must confess that I would go to the Cathedral first though (I just adore visiting churches, even though I am not Christian – churches are a magnificent work of art).
    We also have one tower like that here, in Lisbon, with a rotative restaurant: the Vasco da Gama tower. It seems that every city has one, huh?
    The picture-show was great, thanks for sharing :D!


  15. I clearly understand you went Crazy with your camera. what a view and what a nature – The Photos is as allways splendid.

    btw. See on Thursday.

  16. Yummy food! I still haven’t forgotten my time during the midnight sun – hiking out to watch the sun set somewhere around 11:00 PM over the water. Gorgeous

  17. what a nice tower,Renny!

    unlike Tokyo Tower,it serves some food and drinks?wow!i might forget that im afraid of height id i would be there :)

    thanx for sharing!!


  18. A very interesting post Renny! I imagine how it can be super to admire the landscape when you are at this height! and the dinner ! I like grilled salmon and I ‘m sure the salmon you eat in Norway is so good!!!! Nothing to see with this I buy in south of Fance!

  19. An education as always with yummies included – so nice to see you again! Hope you’re doing well (obviously, you are) and thank you for your visits even while I was away. Enjoy the rest of the week and upcoming weekend. I plan to visit more often…let’s see if it works. *Lots of Lov’n*

  20. Great pictures, and interesting facts about a city I didn’t know anything about …

    And by the way, thanks for your comments while I was unable to blog (I couldn’t get into my stuid admin panel!). But now I’m back up and running, so thanks for showing faith in me my checking in from time to time!)

  21. What a spectacular view, and lovely photos, Renny! That food looks soooooo good! :)
    Have a wonderful weekend! xxoo

  22. As usual, you have good taste for food!

    I love towers, I had a lot of fun when I visited the CN Tower in Toronto last year. And the sunset… beautiful!

    It always takes me a while to get used to heights though…

  23. wow! dining on top of the world with a nice view!

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  25. Thanks i like your blog i hope i can make they same.thanks have a good day.

  26. Fin fin blogg om Trondheim. Bor bare 2-300 meter unna Tyholt-tårnet. Sitter her å ser på akkurat no. Synes du framstiller Trondheim på en fantastisk måte. Jeg er skikkelig stolt over å bo her.

    “Nice, nice blogg about Trondheim. I lives about 2-300 meters from the tower. I think you manufactures Trondheim in a good way. Sitting here watching the tower right now actually. I am really proud living in this fantastic city. However, it is alot of garbage here, lieing on the ground:/”

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  28. ice, nice blogg about Trondheim. I lives about 2-300 meters from the tower. I think you manufactures Trondheim in a good way. Sitting here watching the tower right now actually. I am really proud living in this fantastic city. However, it is alot of garbage here, lieing on the ground:/”

  29. ice, nice blogg about Trondheim. I lives about 2-300 meters from the tower. I think you manufactures Trondheim in a good way. Sitting here watching the tower right now actually. I am really proud living in this fantastic city. However, it is alot of garbage here, lieing on the ground:/”….

  30. We love this tower and the restaurant. Always take visitors there :-)

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