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A guided tour in Oslo with David Gurteen

This post is about the Good Dialogue and an example of how a guided tour around in Oslo with me can be. It all started when I became aware that David Gurteen would visit Oslo last week and facilitate one of his Knowledge Cafés for the members of The Norwegian Computer Society (scroll down to read the outcome of the meeting!). On David’s schedule (available on the net of course!) long before, I saw he would stay in Oslo until Sunday, so I sent him a note and invited him for a taste of Oslo on Saturday. I asked during our mail exchange about what he wanted to see, but he suggested we not plan for anything special – David is very casual and wanted to take it as it comes.

I met him in the hotel lobby and out on the street it was the most wonderful, warm and sunny weather. Again I asked and he politely said: ‘What do you want to show me?’ When I said The New Opera House, I could see a bit of scepticism in the corner of his eyes, but we started walking and talking – it’s was just 10 minutes walk. He said: ‘What I like the most is to look at the people and soak up the atmosphere and have a chance to get to know each other better’. When we came to the Opera House and went on top of the roof, we both – as networkers – experienced the magic moment in the dialogue. Take a look:

DGurteen and RennyBA in Oslo #2

For those who haven’t seen the Opera House in Oslo, check my post from a week ago! We talked about our experiences from the meeting on Thursday and I suggested we arranged a Knowledge Café on top of this building – of course David agreed!

Next stop was Vigeland Sculpture Park – another perfect place to keep on talking, getting to know each other in an inspiring surrounding with a lot of people around: the perfect atmosphere for a dialogue and a way to discuss and deepen our thoughts – to exchange ideas, and open up our minds. Here you see us at the most photographed tourist attraction in Norway: Vigerland’s ‘The Angry Boy‘:
DGurteen and RennyBA in Oslo #4

For those who want to know more about the park, take a look at my posts: ‘Vigeland Park – not quite as erotic as you might think’ and ‘A Doll in the Winter Wonder Land’!

Last stop was up in the mountains above Oslo: At Holmenkollen Restaurant (just 15 minutes drive from down town – read my post about one of Norway’s most visited tourist attraction!). We had a nice lunch with two sandwiches: smoked salmon and shrimp + a sweet. This restaurant gives perfect scenery of Oslo city and the fjord – another perfect atmosphere for sharing knowledge:
DGurteen and RennyBA in Oslo #7

David believes the best way to learn is to share knowledge with each other in dialogues and it matches my way of thinking too (as I among others, have a coach education). Instead of giving lectures or advice as in a way of curing peoples lack of skills; Bring them together for a talk and believe in their capability to find the answers (knowledge) themselves. A bit of guiding or facilitating might help – to set the right atmosphere – but knowledge is gained in a transformation of the information you’ll find in a dialogue or when you are studying a subject on your own. I learned a lot in these four hours with David and will use this when I meet my students at The Norwegian School of Management next semester.

So who is next for a round trip in Oslo with me? I know Olga, the Traveling Bra has signed up for a meeting in fall (see her comment on the last post!), but as a network evangelist: I’m always up for more :-)

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  1. You are surely the perfect tour guide, Renny, as you are not only a network evangelist but you are evangelical about your passion for Norway too! Put me on the list – I must make it out to Norway one day…. not least for a feast and a good old chat :-)

    Thanks for the compliments Diane and welcome any time….. I’m sure we’ll have a nice chat and a good time together :-)

  2. I’d love to visit Norway and have a tour with you! Not sure when though… But I’ll for sure sometimes. The more I read about Nordic countries the more I want to go. In the summer, that said. I have enough snow with Canada!

    I’d love to give tours of Ottawa… maybe I should announce on my blog…

    Looking forward to see you here too Zhu and summer is fine and maybe one day I could return the favour of your visit. Canada is sure on my list!

  3. thanks for posting your latest tour..
    it’s marvellous Renny…
    I love the angry boy sculpture….he looks like he is ready to stamp on someone :)

    Your welcome Kim… glad you liked it!
    Yea, Vigeland have made him real alive and expressfull.

  4. 2 out of 3 isn’t bad, Renny, as I was able to say, “I’ve seen that!” or “I’ve been there!” I love seeing things through your eyes, though, and would have loved to have seen Oslo through YOUR guidance, and not our tour guide’s. BUT that will be saved for next time! :)

    I know Ginnie, the Opera House wasn’t finished when you where in Oslo three years ago!
    Your always welcome back and I’ll gladly guide you around and refresh your memory of Oslo and Norway :)

  5. Hi Renny,

    Great to see you blogging our day in Oslo. It was a great day. Great weather! I think the highlight though was the Vigeland Sculpture Park – seeing all those wonderful sculptures of men, women and children at play gave me a deeper sense of connection with humanity. I loved it.

    So a big thanks once again and I am looking to coming back in September for Kunnskapstinget 2008 and I will try to bring some sunny weather with me again.

    regards David

    To me it was a perfect day and with a great dialogue too. Interesting you liked the park best. Its very expressive and I think you hit the nail on the head.
    Your welcome David – see you in September (remember to bring the good weather!!).

  6. Mayday – Mayday – hello – need help.
    Living in Oslo South, that’s so far away from downtown and all what happens there right now. And for not to speak about the Summertime, when we live 35-45 minutes south.
    The new Opera House, the new “Old Oslo” taken form and Tjuvholmen (The Thief Islet) as an exciting extension of Aker Brygge – The old Wharf district that was transformed 20 years ago into homes, restaurants, cafés and offices. It all seems so exciting.

    Great to read about this meeting. I’m sure he will return. As he said: In September.That event is plotted in on my Calender.

    Have a great and busy week ahead.
    from your friends
    in the Summer House

    Well, you always have my blog to read when it gets too bad :)
    Your right in the description of what you see in the background of the pic from the roof of the Opera House – an historical part of Oslo.
    Ohh yea: I do recommend that you sign up for the conference in September!
    Tons of hugs back and the same to you!

  7. That was lovely and what wonderful weather you had for a tour!!

    Yea: in all means, it was our lucky day!

  8. This is cool sitting (whats that you eating), nice pics as always . :) interesting information. As long as you had a nice day .He!He!He! that is good :) .Wish you All the Best

    Like I said in the post: two sandwiches each, with smoked salmon and shrimp.
    It was good and I wish you the same :)

  9. Hey Renny,

    I perfectly understand you when you say that we learn more through a conversation.
    I used to have a Small Business Management teacher that lectured through conversations. In the beginning we thought to ourselves “this man, instead of teaching he is talking and talking!” but in the end we realised that he had convered a whole chapter in two hours of conversation (amazing teacher). And it was a way for him to get to know his students and vice-versa! I loved that Professor!

    Needless to say that it was a true pleasure to read your article :D!


  10. Hi, I write you from Greece the keyboard is awful, for the first time in my life I can t even read the street names it’s all in greek letters ! I’ll answer when I am back even Google is in greek letters and I can only guess were I have to click !

  11. This is so interesting and yes, engaging in dialogue is the best way to know each other as well as to gain wisdom from others too :D

  12. nice photos and your friend is lucky to tour with you. i hope i can have an opportunity to visit different place like oslo :)

  13. Such lovely weather, beautiful scenery, cool sculptures, wonderful host…. it would be lovely to tour Oslo and spend time with you and Diane. Looking forward to meeting you both in the near future. :)

  14. Sounded like good choices to show! I truly can verify that the Vigelandspark is absolutely wonderful! though I saw it in winter dress, it still was very high appreciated and quite an experience. I loved it.

    The Opera house were quite spectacular as I remember it well from your post. Really something to be proud over.

    Have a happy weekend you two – despite the weather :-)

  15. It’s easy to see why The Angry Boy is so often photographed! It really does capture the mood :)

    I wish I could have one of your guided tours Renny, but sadly I think it’s unlikely in the near future. Perhaps one day.

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