Today we join in sympathy our good friends TorAa and his wife Anna in mourning the loss of TorAa’s son Ruben. Tor, we know that no words can comfort you in this time of loss. Losing someone so close so suddenly leaves a whole in your heart which is impossible to fill. We only wish to support you and remind you that you are not alone. You are in the company of many caring hearts. Our thoughts are with you, as well as our deepest sympathy.


I know a lot of my regular readers are Tor’s blog friends too, but for you who haven’t done it already: Please take your time to visit his post and let him feel the power of support and warmness of our blog community. I will attend the funeral the 26th of May and in the family gathering afterwords. If anyone wants me to bring a special message, please include that in your comment here or send me a note.


  1. Yes, dear friend, I have been over to Tor’s blog. As you know, I understand all too well their deep pain. Please let me know if there is anything more I can do.

    I know Maribeth and I know Tor appreciate it very much.
    If I can think of anything, I’ll let you know.

  2. Beautiful red rose… Of course I’ve already written an own post, been over at his blog and sent emails back and forward. To support friends are important. Especially in such sad & tragic moments… *sigh*

    I know you’ve been a great supporter in many channels and I’m glad we all in Blogsphere can give Tor at least some support.

  3. It is indeed sad and so very tragic. I’ve sent him, his family and friends my thoughts, prayers, hugs and lots of love. What a beautiful post. :)

    It is said, and then your support is a great comfort too, I know!

  4. You know we stand together in this my dear, my heart really goes out to that family. Such a terrible loss!

    Yes we do dear and also we can comfort to each other for Tor and Anna’s loss.

  5. This is a beautiful rose and I hope it can bring some comfort to Tor’s family…my heart goes to all of them, please give a special hug to our dear blogfriend and to that darling little boy who lost his father…

    That is my humble hope too Mar.
    I will pass your hug and warm thoughts at the funeral of course.

  6. Dear Renny,

    Yes I’ve read about the sudden demise of his Son and my deepest condolence to him & his family. He is indeed very brave to break the news to us and we shared his grief too.

    Just to let him know that his Son ‘Is Never Gone…..He is right here with him in his heart forever” I wish Toraa well and that he’ll be strong again.


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  8. I have no adequate words….Renny
    I will visit Tor’s blog to give my condolences…

  9. Thank you for spreading the word, Renny. I’ll go over to Tor’s blog right now to offer my condolences.

    Love and hugs,


  10. Hello Renny,

    Indeed this is such a tragic news, I already have been to Tor’s page, left a message.
    And your a sweet friend for this piece.

  11. Our hearts go out to our friend Tor and his family. We´ve been over to Tor´s blog to leave heartfelt condolences and we´ve written a post.

    Could you please give our friend a gentle hug and let him and the entire family know our thoughts and prayers are with them? I wish I could do more…

  12. All my toughts are and will with Tor, family, and you, Diane and Renny, the 26 th.

  13. I have been at Tor’s blog too, it is so horrible that I can’t find words !

  14. Hey Renny,

    Even though I do not interact with Tor I would like to say that even though this hour is painful and despairing, he and his wife must stay strong. May God be with them and help them go through this.


  15. You will be representing all of us who know Tor, Renny. Thank you for being so supportive of him. I know he will be very touched…and would do the same for you.

  16. I was not expecting this post … I guess no one ever does. Your warmth and support are very admirable Renny.

    My condolences,

  17. Very sad news :( Tor is a nice guy.

  18. wow, it must be very sad for your friend torra… my condolences to him, please. :(

  19. Oh dear ! what a terrible news :( ..very sad to loose someone so close :( :(

    My Condolences ,

  20. That’s so sad. I haven’t been online as much the past couple of weeks so had no idea. Heading over there now.

  21. I’m devastated to read this news! I was just hopping around Facebook on an early Friday evening, and I was shocked to discover this news!

  22. i am late getting here and just had no idea until this minute. oh what a terrible loss. my heart just goes out to tor and anna.

  23. Oh my, may the day by day glory of God soothe their hearts, warm their souls and turn pain into a beautiful memory. I am so sorry to hear this.


  24. What a great tribute and a sad time. Glad you are there and close too! Our hearts are with Tor and his family too!

  25. As you know, Tor is my dear friend. My thoughts and prayers have been with him and his family. Thank you for posting this, Renny.

  26. I have e-mailes and commented but Please give him a huge bear hug for me. I will be thinking of him tomorrow across the miles. I am glad you guys are going to be with him as he will get comfort from your presence and all the hugs/messages we are all sending through you. Thanks, Renny.

  27. Just one of the many peace bloggers who is popping in to say thanks for sharing it here. :)


    Thanks for stopping by then – always great to welcome new readers and thanks for participating in BlogBlast for Peace too – see you 4th of June!

  28. I’d not visited Tor’s blog for a little while, so I knew nothing of this until I read your posts just now. How unexpected and how devastating :-(

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