Supporting TorAa in the loss of his son

Today we join in sympathy our good friends TorAa and his wife Anna in mourning the loss of TorAa’s son Ruben. Tor, we know that no words can comfort you in this time of loss. Losing someone so close so suddenly leaves a whole in your heart which is impossible to fill. We only wish to support you and remind you that you are not alone. You are in the company of many caring hearts. Our thoughts are with you, as well as our deepest sympathy.


I know a lot of my regular readers are Tor’s blog friends too, but for you who haven’t done it already: Please take your time to visit his post and let him feel the power of support and warmness of our blog community. I will attend the funeral the 26th of May and in the family gathering afterwords. If anyone wants me to bring a special message, please include that in your comment here or send me a note.