My regular readers know I talk a lot about the four seasons in Oslo. Every one of them has their charm, and also the change in itself is fascinating. When I started this post at 10:30 PM, the sun is about to set and the temperature is 25C (77F), so you might say ‘The heat is on in Oslo’! This week every day has had more than 25 in the middle and today it was 32C (90F). Its a bit warmer than normal, however I reported the same one years ago: ‘Hot Summer Day in Oslo‘.

The last couple of days I’ve had some business meetings down town and walking back and forth (using car is unnecessary since most places are in walking distance), I’ve really enjoyed the summer feeling. Always with my Nokia mobile phone at hand, I’ve captured some of the atmosphere, thinking of that this is something I have to share with my blogger friends. So let me give you some shots and ideas – I hope you feel the heat (click all pics to enlarge!):

OsloInHeat2008_06_KarlJohan #2 HeatInOslo2008-06_KarlJohan #7
Karl Johan, the promenade street is hot and the ‘Live Statues’ ready to earn a fortune.

Another sign of real summer, I found at Youngstorget (The labour square): Strawberries:
Well, to the left you see some from Belgium – But, to the right (one single row): Norwegians – at least two weeks earlier than normal!. Notice the Belgium cost 30 NOK (6$ – 3,75€) per bucket and the Norwegian 75 NOK (15$ – 9,35€)

I experience some other things too: As you can see from the movee below: The Norwegian and Vietnamese flags flew side by side along Oslo’s main boulevard on Thursday, in honour of a state visit by the president of Vietnam. The visit featured plenty of pomp and some protests:
In front of the government building, as he also visited the Prime Minister, around 50 gathered, and demonstrated against what they claim is a lack of human rights and religious freedom in Vietnam.

Before I give you a guidence movee, let me show you an another example of that the heat is on: The flower shop is moved out on the side walk of course and here you see the clerk sitting there licking an ice cream:

Like I said, I took a lot of pics. Here is the rest and I hope you get the atmosphere and how warm Oslo can be:


Btw: its just passed 11PM and its almost fully daylight. In 5 hours, the sun will rise again! :-)


  1. It’s fun to compare our climate and prices, Renny. It’s 6 pm on Friday night and the temp is 95F. It will get dark here about 8:45 pm and be daylight again about 5:45 am.

    Those berries look yummy, but the prices! Wow! Strawberries are in season in our region and are about $2.59 quart/litre here right now.

    Hope you and Diane and your family have a great weekend. :-)
    Love and hugs,

    I do love the comparison too. In seasons, strawberries will cost about $5 for a quart/litre.
    Right now its 1 hour past midnight and my Diane says: ‘the sky isn’t dark enough to see the stars’.
    We both wish you a lovely weekend.
    Love and hugs ;-)

  2. wow those strawberries sure look tasty!

    paris is getting boring everyday. i wanna experience that long sun too! are there any events in the coming days in oslo? i feel like travelling.

    I do agree, although the wild once taste even better!
    How about the legendary Norwegian Wood concert next weekend!?!

  3. It looks like mid-summer! We are due to have heat in the 90’s starting tomorrow for the next week.

  4. I’m absolutely in heaven! Wow – what a time to visit… I was thinking of you this morning and thinking of how much I need to make sure I enjoy the sunshine… I’m sure everyone in Oslo is in a very happy mood! WE have had 10C weather & rain here… Very odd, but the sun is out tonight. Yeah!

  5. It seems fantastic, enjoy the warm weather before we get it back, ha!!
    It’s hot everywhere else in Europe but in Spain, we “only” have 24ºC but it’s the kind of weather I like.
    Now I am craving strawberries. it’s a good thing to have some in the fridge for later on.
    Have a wonderful, sunny and summery weekend :)

  6. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog! I have two friends from San Diego that will be visiting your beautiful country really soon for a “family reunion” there.. I would LOVE to come to Norway sometime.. it looks breathtaking!! I LOVE nature!
    By the way… after reading this post.. I have a very special request of you… Please send some sun and hot weather our way!!! It’s been cloudy 95% of the year here in our area- Ile de France… and it’s very depressing!! I LOVE the sun and warm/hot weather… So, I say “Bienveue a la temperature de 25/30 C!!”
    Take care and have a beautiful weekend!

  7. Please send some of your lovely sunshine our way too. It’s here at the moment but it keeps going cloudy and showery. I am supposed to be going to a barbecue tomorrow – well, we try to be optimistic! I was so cold las night I put an extra blanket on my bed :-(

    Your photographs are beautiful (as always) convincing me even more that Norway is somewhere I must visit.

  8. sounds like it was a scorcher of a day. maybe you should have run off to the fjord with tor and anna! terrific pictures as always though.

  9. Renny, my husband would be so happy that the sun is up til 11 PM. He loves how much daylight we have here (USA) in the summer he’s be crazy about Norway! Thanks for comment on my blog about the trolls. :D

  10. it’s rainy season here in the philippines now. summer is over

  11. Great pictures of the season, Renny! Particularly of those plump, delicious-looking strawberries. The monsoons have just begun in India, so the heat is now reduced and the rains are on. :-)

  12. How can this be? It was only 13 degrees Celsius here in almost Southern France today! Well, enjoy it while it lasts. I’m not so sure about this global warming thing, I think it’s more like global weirdness. We have hardly had a bit of warm weather yet this year.

  13. How funny. It is much, much cooler where I am in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. than it is in Norway!

    Your summer strawberries look divine!

  14. wow great summer shots Renny…
    goodness those strawberries are expensive !!!
    and your petrol…wow I read over at Miss MP’s that it’s $10…..yikes…
    that would encourage you to walk everywhere :)

  15. I am digging your site. Lets trade links…

  16. ooh look at those strawberries! yum~~~

    and 32C in Oslo? Oh gosh… I thought Norway is a country with cool summers and chilly winters! The temperature is like ours here!

  17. Oslo looks very festive and so pretty during this Summer Season….When I think that not that many months ago, these same streets had a bit of snow on them! The Strawberries from Norway look quite different than the other ones, and that quite a “dear” price! The difference in pricing is quite startling….!
    I feel like I have had another mini-tour, Renny….Thank You So Much!

  18. those are beautiful pictures Renny.. in my neck of the woods, it’s 11am and is already 86 degrees! too hot to go out.. this is amazing though, I didn’t know your summers are that hot, all I remember are the snow pictures here :)

  19. Your photos are very enticing. I love the one of the fountain – so fresh and cool.

  20. Well, it’s the same as here in Stockholm and we’re melting away…. *giggles*

    I’m enjoying it very much though I don’t get much blogging done!!!!

  21. 32C sounds just perfect!! Wish I was there :-)

  22. Those strawberries look yummy! I had some amazing raspberries at Deb’s over the weekend!

  23. It’s sooo hot in there! Here in the Philippines, we can still bear with the 27-30C lately. I didn’t know when it’s summer in Norway… wow. O_O

    It’s been a while, sir!

  24. In Singapore, it’s summer all year round. We don’t have 4 seasons and I would love to experience that. We cannot grow strawberries and many other fruits due to our hot temperatures, average 34 degree Celsius almost every day. Most of our fruits are imported and cost a lot. :(

    Every body’s complaining of high prices these days…….

  25. Wow what a gorgeous place. It hit 23C in my part of the UK yesterday so it was suntan lotion and paddling pool time. And those strawberries look wonderful. Have a great day.

  26. Loved your midnight sun last year – I can’t believe an entire year has passed since our visit to Norway. Time certainly flies :) Thanks for sharing the photos to remind me of last year and hopefully, of trips to come in the future.

  27. The heat is “on” in NC as well, 7 straight days of 90 degrees. Andrea and I beat the heat by swimming in the river all day Sunday.
    I enjoyed this post because I had no idea that Norway ever got really hot weather. Who knew it?

  28. Nice to visit Oslo by summer! We have not a so beautiful weather here in south of France! It was raining yesterday! A big big rain! The fountain looks so familiar to me now since I visit Oslo through Terela! Have a beautiful week still!

  29. It’s hot in Canada too… very hot!

    It just came suddenly and apparently, we are gonna have a really hot summer. I don’t mind that, after all the snow last winter!

    Plus, yummy fruits and veggies will grow in this weather.

  30. Ooooooooh! Those strawberries look good enough to eat! Wait a minute….

  31. oh wow, those nrowegian strawberries are quite expensive, they must really taste good if their that more expensive than the belgian ones.
    yup the weather has been really wonderful :) great summer pictures. i love the picture with the clerk eating an ice cream :) good shot. who can resist ice cream nowadays?

  32. Thanks for sharing these super photos – it really looks enticing! Especially as we’re having cold, miserable weather at present…
    Greetings from chilly Cape Town,

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