This post isn’t actually about SEX – rather about SEO (let me get back to that later!). But since I’m at it and normally report about my daily life in Norway, let’s talk a bit about the movie as it has been impossible not to notice the world premier here in Oslo too.

In addition to the television commercials and posters, they’ve been running campaigns in coffee shops and in cafés, as well as the taxi, tram, and of course the bus. The latter is a small greeting to all the dedicated fans. As you may know; all episodes of the popular series open with an opening scene namely, a bus similar to those now driving around in Oslo. Walking around the city last Saturday with my Nokia mobile phone on my belt, I could not resist to capturing some proof (click to enlarge):

SexCityOslo #1 SexCityOslo #3
Like I wrote in my last post: The heat is on in Oslo :-)
SexCityOslo #2 SexCityOslo #4

Let me also provide you with some of the critics from last Friday premier:
If you are a heterosexual man, it’s something taboo about seeing the movie. I know not one male who can frankly talk about an episode they have seen. No men I know, understands what women really want – it has been a mystery since the beginning of time. Women hardly even know what they want – in any case, not what they really want.

This is a film about women designed for women. Let the guys stay home – Do not force them to go with you! This is all about fashion, sex and love, so one does understand men are not tempted’.
Guesstimates say there was 90% woman at the premier. Some joked about the fact that the European Championship in football (or soccer then, as you Americans calls it) started Saturday, so many women will take their chance for a football-free time I guess :-)

Then back to my fascination: SEO or Search engine optimization. You see, I’ve noticed that about half of my average 100 daily visitors, come from search engines like Google and Yahoo. The most visited post from Google is about one of Norway’s most famous mountains: Gaustadtoppen. Another very popular post is: Beach without bikinis in Norway. See? I want to investigate and explore this – that’s the reason for this post. You might find it speculative, but admit I do it my way, with a bit of style and after all: There is something to learn about Norway and the Norwegians in this post too ;-)

And for all you Sex and The City fans: My wife Diane has seen all the episodes, and is planning on seeing the movie – thankfully with some of her girlfriends.


  1. I’ve not seen Sex and the City. Don’t plan on it either. I know everything I need to know. Just saying. Have a great day. :)

    RennyBA: I’m not going to see it either, but the phenomena is interesting to watch. I am sure you don’t need any instructions ;-)

  2. Oh I am just not a fan of Sex And The City. So I will not be going to see it. Right now there isn’t a movie worth going to see. Hope Hollywood starts making something decent again soon. I miss a real good movie.

    RennyBA: I myself haven’t been to the movies in ages! But the family likes to go now and then. I think using the PC is much more interesting, after all its interactive.

  3. Very interesting Renny, I must admit I am totally behind time. I don’t catch any of the TV series at all and I know the fanfare generated about the movies but I don’t have the ‘urge’ to watch at all. Is something wrong me me heheheh….. :D

    Maybe thats just growing up! We don’t watch tv so much either. When I do it is mostly sports like football, tennis, or skiing! And I always catch the news.

  4. Interesting experiment!

    I saw the movie but I’m not a big fan of the series in the first place. I found the movie funny though, just too long… 2:40 min!

    I guess the setting and the mindset are too “American”. Too far from my mindset, especially the label thing.

    RennyBA: The reviewers say its like cramming a whole season into 2:40 min….the label thing is really out of control, but maybe that is more how it is in NY. I know my wife was more designer minded when she lived there.

  5. Interesting point. I’m a guy, though probably not your average guy. I’ve watched several episodes of the show, and am actually looking forward to seeing the movie as well.

    I think that in Norway the problem is that most men are too afraid to be branded as gay (a label I don’t find all that intimidating), which is why most men will be… shall we say evasive …when asked about this, and other subjects that tend towards the accepted norm of being a straight male.

    Being a straight male, I nevertheless have no problem with gays, for several reasons, though my primary one is probably less competition (or, as George Carlin puts it “More pussy for me!”). I think there is a preconceived (however wrong it might be) notion that gays have less control over their urges and impulses. This notion is one I find ridiculous, and it simply lacks insight on such a fundamental level, that I don’t really see why I should bother with it, other than saying that a regular, straight guy is about as likely, if not more likely, to jump a girl than a regular gay guy is to jump another guy.

    Of course the critics aren’t necessarily representative of all of us men. I would not say that Norwegians were terribly homophobic though. We are actually quite liberal, and even recently passed the right for same sex marriages. I have many gay friends, and please note the Queer Chef is my blog designer… However although I probably have more or less seen all the episodes of Sex and the City because my wife has seen them all. It seemed pretty superficial to me. It was fun watching her laugh and cry though!

  6. I’m not sure I’m going to see the movie. It’s summer and I don’t feel like sitting in the movie theater then. I found sex and the city as the TV show very amusing in the beginning, but after a while I got a bit tired of it. As it usually goes with most shows after a while. Hard to keep up the quality/fun in the long run.

    I believe Friends is one of the shows that I’ve coped to follow the longest. Love the humor they have.

    Great post as usual. That’s a lot of ads for sex in the city. I’ve not seen that much of it over here, but I haven’t been that much in the city lately either… It has been too hot to be in the city this week. Now it seem to get cooler, so maybe I’ll spot some of it….

    About the SEO talk, yes, it’s funny how people found ones blog…. You can clearly see what subjects grasps many visitors. I have an old post about “my wife showing her tits” that’s still brings in visitors!!! A lot of other old posts too.

    Some nagging: So have you considered signing up to Plurk yet? It’s much more fun than Twitter etc! I wanna see all my friends in there!!!

    Invitation to Plurk

    Click in the link above and then click on the sign up link on that page. Start exploring Plurk and socialize with me and all other buddies in there pleeez :-)

    Anybody else reading this is most welcome too – the more the merrier!

    RennyBA: I am surprised the advertising isn’t as strong in your area as it is here. I will have to go on and check out Plurk…although it sounds too much like like “Purk” to me hehehe. You can’t judge a book by its cover.

  7. i am beginning to think i am the only female on the planet who absolutely does not care one bit about this movie. hahahah

    Well now you have plenty of evidence that you are not!! Many have said that they are not interested either. I’m sure you can use your time and intelligence to better things :-)

  8. I can’t say that I’m interested in seeing the movie- just better things to do with my time! :-)

    RennyBA: I so much agree. I am glad I am not the only one NOT spending my friday nights in line and the cinema waiting to see a movie which is a take off of a tv series with 400 other sweaty Norwegians :-)

  9. My daughter Mélissa, 16 years old invited her boyfriend to watch the film! I alerted him It won’t be very interesting for him! But he was a gentleman with Mélissa and went with her to the cinema! I must prefer the right and classic love stories!

    RennyBA: From what I can see there is a lot of sex in Sex and the City hehehe I don’t know if it was a good place for a date…at least from the ladies side. Well young men in love will do anything.

  10. I love the serie on TV and don’t miss out any one of them – they are on the air anyway late in the night. And of course I will go see the movie or buy it on DVD.

    RennyBA: Well call my wife Diane, she is dying to go and trying to gather enough true Sex fans to make a girls night out LOL!!! To each his…or her…own.

  11. How cute that you would post about this movie. I can’t w82c it. I just haven’t had time. Hope you’re doing well. Thx so much for visiting me while I was away. *kissies*

    RennyBA: See the comment above and join the girls night out. I think Diane is planning on going to Fridays to eat out first.

  12. Gord saw it on Sunday. I never liked the show so wouldn’t go see it. Ha!

  13. o.O Renny writing about Sex and the City!? My first reaction. hehe…..

    I’ve seen a few episodes of Sex and the City and grew tired of it, like the good captain. I would not be watching the film either.

    lol at the remark that Diane is watching the movie – thankfully with her girlfriends! hahaha……. *gives Renny a punch on his arm*

  14. Hey Renny,

    I haven’t seen all the seasons, and I am not going to bother to watch the movie at the cinema (perhaps on cable lol). Now I am focused on Portugal winning the Euro Cup LOL.
    But people are awfully excited about the movie everywhere, aren’t they?

    Your experiment, however, will prove to be fruitful (trust me) cause I have also noticed that there topics that people Google and are immediately redirected to blogs, beings those topics: sex, religion, certain movie titles, songs, love and philosophy.

    So here’s to your successful experiment *raising my glass of water* and may this post attract a lot of readers :D!

    Have a great rest of the week, my friend!


  15. hi Renny..
    I used to be an avid fan of the series so I will probably go with my’s showing at our local cinema now…but we certainly haven’t got as much promotion as you over there…
    it’s amazing what people search for on Google …reminds me that I will have to check mine out. :)

  16. I loved the show at the beginning. It got old afterwards and it’s not as fun now so I won’t be going to see the movie.
    LOL I came on my own but it will be interesting to see how many visitors are directed here through your post title!!

  17. I had to laugh at this post, Renny, and how well you blended two things together. :) My daughter (the one who just got married in Hawaii) is a real SATC fan and will surely see the movie, if she hasn’t already. But I have a feeling that if you didn’t watch the TV series (as we didn’t), it wouldn’t make much sense to see the movie either. So, we’ll let Diane go and give us her verdict. Please?

  18. You’ve got much more original promotion than we do here in the Czech Rep.:-) I liked the series and I even persuaded my boyfriend to see the movie with me, but than I felt sorry for him. The movie was way too long for me, not speaking about him…

  19. Hi there Renny!

    I was never a fan of Sex and the City show. I tried to watch it but really never followed. I don’t know but it doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t find it so interesting, same with Desperate Housewives. Well, it’s just me, I’d rather watch CSI, and the likes. :)

    Have a great weekend!

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