Arctic Adventure Rafting The Barnets Sea

If you really want to feel alive: Seek the nature! I mean, give me whatever amusement park or Disney Worlds, or other made by mankind. Nothing can compare with the great outdoors. I had the most exiting 24 hours in Kirkens, Norway, staying at Arctic Adventure Resort on the Jarfjord.
Update: My good friend from ECDL Norway, Bernt Nilsen, told me this resort is reviewed here too: National Geographic Adventure picks the 25 best new outfitted trips.

Let me give you the scenery as I go on sharing with you all:

Arctic Adventure Resort #1
Here you can join a Safari into the Barents Sea with the King Crab specialists, enjoy the silence of the untouched Arctic nature, try traditional sea salmon fishing and experience the Midnight Sun.

I did!! and in my excitements I don’t know where to start and how to end, but hopefully some pictures and a vid give you an idea. I mean no other districts of Norway as in the municipality of Sør-Varanger, can display such variety of nature: The Arctic coasts, vast mountain plateaus, sheltered river valleys and deep pinewoods spread over the districts 4000 Km2 (1 544 Miles2).

Fascinated by the resort and the surrounding nature let me give you a couple more pics (click all to enlarge!):
Arctic Adventure Resort #10 Arctic Adventure Resort #3
Staying in a Lavo (Sami tent) or a cottage is optional, if you ever care for sleeping when the sun is up 24 hours a day.

From the innermost part of the fjord, we went on a rafting trip far out towards the Barents Sea. I mean we are talking about latitude of 70°N, so next stop would be the North Pole. Again, let me give you a clue:
Rafting Barents Sea #3 Rafting Barents Sea #6
20 people well dressed. Remember my saying; There is no such as bad conditions or weather, only bad cloths! If you know how to dress right, challenging the natural elements is great fun – the best adrenalin kick you can ever have! Here is a vid, to give you an idea:

This is from when we turned home after the rafting on the ocean and while catching King Crabs for dinner. Here we made a speed of 25 knops. While we where really rafting, the team was split into two and the top speed was 45 knops – at that time the captain advised me to put the camera in my pocket :-)

The above rafting pics are taken around 7PM and the vid around 9PM. It was light as in the middle of the day. As you can see it was cloudy though, but then – by great luck – there was an opening in the clouds around midnight. So here is what my faithful readers have been waiting for: The Midnight Sun:
MidNightSun #6 MidNightSun #9
Left: It might seam dark, but the picture is taken against the sun and this is the lowest it gets during 24 hours. Right: From the other side of the fjord at the resort. Admit the sun gives mysterious scenery.

Yes of course, we had the King Crab for dinner and also time for relaxing in the outdoors hot tub (including skinny dipping in the fjord – 5C, 51F!). So stay tuned for the next post and by all means, scroll down to see my post about Kirkenes where the reindeers walk in the streets!