Blog-Blond nominates RennyBA as friendliest blogger!

Last evening I worked on an interesting challenge. I was asked by Kuanyin of Blog-Blond to do an interview for a series she is publishing. As a network evangelist from Norway, I couldn’t resist the temptation to participate in this unique event.

Kuanyin is from Maui Hawaii, USA and is an excellent example of that blondes aren’t necessarily dumb, of course. She writes with grace and wit, and has a very interesting as well as entertaining blog (click banner to read the interview!):


Writing my responses was both thought provoking and challenging. Kuanyin is a good journalist and had fine questions for me. The interview made me think about my blogging experience and gave me the opportunity to reflect over my blogging hobby, my relationships, and my life. Of course it is very flattering to be chosen as the friendliest blogger.
You know that I believe blogging is a Givers Gain and you get out of it what you put into it. I tried my best to answer Kuanyin’s questions openly and honestly.

My interview is the second in a series in progress. I am honoured to be the first non-blond interviewed :lol: . The previous participant is the lovely Deborah from Life in Fast Lane. I encourage you all to go check out Kuanyin’s articles and look around her blog. Thanks Blog-Blond for honouring me with the opportunity to participate!!

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  1. Let me be the first to say in Hawaiian, “Mahalo Nui Loa” which means Thank You Very Much! It’s my honor and blessing to have been granted an interview by you, and the fact that you stayed up late to write this post is very touching!

    Mahalo Nui Loa to you too and you know, I could not resist: I’m always on, but now I need some sleep.
    Until tomorrow….. ;-)

  2. I think you did a great job hun! And how nice that people are interested in what makes you tick…and by the way if anyone ever figures that out please let me know LOL!!

    Thanks dear! :lol: Your the closes anyone will get to figure that out!! …. and if you figure it out: Let me know!!

  3. this was really interesting to read, as is the rest of your blog, for a Norway enthusiast like myself its nice to be able to read a blog like this with all sorts of things i wouldn’t have thought to think about (if that makes sense – its 3:51am for me so probably not) anyways just wanted to say woo and you definitely have a new watcher of your blog :)

    Always great to welcome new readers and thanks for the compliments on my blog Selina!
    I got you and your always welcome back to browse and search about Norway and the Nordic countries on my blog. Feel free to ask questions in comments too!
    See you around :)

  4. I like your new header!

    I read the interview (your wife is your new PR!) and I liked it.

    Thanks Zhu, its kind of typical Norwegian you know!
    Yea: My wife is the best supporter – glad you liked the interview too!

  5. Just read the interview Renny, it’s very good indeed and I’d like to agree with Kuanyin – you are the Friendliest Blogger! It’s always nice to hear more about blogging friends.

    Great photograph too :-)

    Thanks Diane – your such a great blog friend and its always great to see you here!

  6. It was nice to hear about other aspects of you life, Renny! I feel I know you better than ever now :)

    Glad you like to know me even better and you know I love to know more about you too. An American expat in Norway is nice to know too you know :)

  7. So true! You are the most friendly blogger ever. Always reply our comments and visit/comment on our sites. If only more people on cyberspace will be like you. Have fun with the interview =)

  8. A well deserved nomination indeed! Interesting learning more about you Renny, a lovely interview (and nice photo). You are an inspiration to us all but I think I have told you that before.

    See you around

    Thanks Caroline, I feel flattered and your compliments is an inspiration to me too you know and makes me wanna keep on!

  9. Well, you are one of the friendliest bloggers out here. Congratulations. Have a great day. Big hug to you and Diane. :)

    Thanks Sandee – your such a great supporter!
    Wish you a good one too and we both hugs you back :)

  10. How exciting, congrats!!!
    I told TorAa that I saw Thor H with the 1 sec stage win. I was pretty happy. I’d also love to see a Swiss get up there. That would be quite exciting too.. Almost ready to watch this eve.. :)

    Thanks ET!
    Yea, it was great to see that Norwegian won once again and of course the Swiss has a great team this year. I watch every day :)

  11. An interview on blog-blond! I’m very interested by this! I just begin my journey on internet but I’ll come during the day to read it on Kuanying blog! Sure!

    Hope you find it an interesting read then!

  12. congratulations Renny…
    you definitely deserve the friendliest blogger award..
    have a great day :)

    Thanks Kim – how sweet of you to say so…
    Wishing you a good one too :)

  13. Thanks for dropping by again! All the best in the awards thing =)

    Btw, just something REALLY random. Have anyone told you that you look like George Lucas???

    Your welcome and thanks for returning the favour and for your well wishes.
    George Lucas, me: I think you are the first one and I take it as a compliment =)

  14. I come back reading it. I am still under the choc! What a beautiful interview! I stay suprised about a such talent as well for Kuanyin the interviewer than for you who have a such nice way to tell us your vision of the blogoshere and your practise!

    Thanks for your compliments Claudie and I do agree: Kuanyin really had some interesting questions which gave me the opportunity to express myself!

  15. Great interview and wonderful answers, Renny!!! you truly deserve that award!

    Thanks for your nice comment regarding the European Cup. The final game could have been more exciting had the Germans showed some interest in playing, ha! Now we are celebrating Nadal’s top performance in Wimbledon !

  16. Congratulations, Renny. You deserve that award, because you are an extremely friendly blogger. And well done in the interview, too. My, my…now I know someone famous! Heheh!

    Have a great weekend (it’s nearly here) and I hope all is well in your world.

  17. Haha – first let me say:
    Sinnataggen is the most photographed object in Norway – like Maneken Pis is in Bruxelles and Belgium.
    Blondes – well, what can I say, blonde as I’m. But blonde in Hawaii, that is certainly different from beeing blond in Norway. And the woman your writing about; she is a personality to respect and honour.

    btw. Less than 2 weeks. You know what I mean. Hurray.

  18. Congratulations Renny! Kuanyin is a special person indeed…and is also very perceptive to have chosen you as the Friendliest Blogger! :) I am looking forward to October!

    Thanks for the compliments Olga – Yea, I feel of course flattered :-)
    Looking forward to see you too!

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