Blog-Blond nominates RennyBA as friendliest blogger!

Last evening I worked on an interesting challenge. I was asked by Kuanyin of Blog-Blond to do an interview for a series she is publishing. As a network evangelist from Norway, I couldn’t resist the temptation to participate in this unique event.

Kuanyin is from Maui Hawaii, USA and is an excellent example of that blondes aren’t necessarily dumb, of course. She writes with grace and wit, and has a very interesting as well as entertaining blog (click banner to read the interview!):


Writing my responses was both thought provoking and challenging. Kuanyin is a good journalist and had fine questions for me. The interview made me think about my blogging experience and gave me the opportunity to reflect over my blogging hobby, my relationships, and my life. Of course it is very flattering to be chosen as the friendliest blogger.
You know that I believe blogging is a Givers Gain and you get out of it what you put into it. I tried my best to answer Kuanyin’s questions openly and honestly.

My interview is the second in a series in progress. I am honoured to be the first non-blond interviewed :lol: . The previous participant is the lovely Deborah from Life in Fast Lane. I encourage you all to go check out Kuanyin’s articles and look around her blog. Thanks Blog-Blond for honouring me with the opportunity to participate!!