Allow me a summer “light” post since its vacation time. This week we had my sister and parents visiting us at our vacation home.

Click for larger picturesWith a warm welcome on our balcony in the sunshine, we served a chilly Sea Breese (cranberry and orange juice with vanilla vodka). I guess most of my readers says cheers – as Scandinavians, we say: Skål.
Its always nice to have this quality time with the family in our summer paradise. In Norway we live a couple of hours drive apart and the daily stress and routines prevent us from seeing each other as often as we’d like. Four whole days makes up for a lot as the conversation goes quite easy with stories from our everyday life, a lot of jokes and fun – including a friendly quiz competition now and then. It also helps with no TV and very little computer time while they are here. The top of the cream is to enjoy the long summer nights when the sun does not set before around 11PM.

There is of course also time for a nice gathering around the table and the first evening we where serving lobster – a sure winner (click all pics to enlarge):

SummerFunLobster #1 SummerFunLobster #2

Then of course a trip to the small charming town of Mariestad. The girls are shopping, the boys are buying things for small repairs and people watching (left pic below). After a while its time for a relaxing lunch at the heritage part of the city:
SummerFunMariestad #1 SummerFunMariestad #2

This has become a regular summer visit holding a lot of traditions and one of them (not always on the 4th of July, but close too!) is a Spare Ribs dinner. My family has of course learned to love some of the culture- and food- tradition of my wife Diane (from America). This might look like the Scandinavian way served with Danish beer and Norwegian Aquavit but it is fun to mix traditions you know:
SummerFunSpareRibs #2

The last example of our summer fun I will share was when my sister was allowed to go crazy on Diane’s youngest son’s hair. We keep it in the family as my father is a retired hair dresser. This time the requested style was quite easy: Buzz cut please :lol:
SummerFunHairCut #0 SummerFunHairCut #2

So now you know why I’ve been more off than on in Blogsphere lately and not been able to visit and comment either. Please don’t feel neglected! Its just that I so much enjoy summer fun in all aspects possible. In the Nordic countries we are quite good in taking care of the warm weather and long, sunny days we have during summer you know:-)


  1. Your time away from the blogosphere is a good thing, and one I’m looking forward to again–hopefully soon! :-) Such yummy food and drink and compelling company would make anyone want to disappear and just enjoy life, for as the saying goes, “Life is short”. Mahalo for sharing your fun with us.

    Yea, actually its great to take some time off.
    Glad you liked both the food and drinks and really got the atmosphere – better enjoy while at it you know, including the long sunny nights :-)

  2. i’m craving for the lobster!! that’s truly a summer fun!

    I’m sorry, there is no left – but maybe next time you could join us :)

  3. Mmm….I love seafood as you know, Renny. Looks delicious!

    I can’t get over the mayonnaise in a tube there. We get it in jars here, and sometimes plastic squeeze bottles.

    It’s perfectly understandable to take time out to enjoy the Summer and your family. We should all be doing more of that.

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Love and hugs,

    I knew you would love it Diane!
    We have those too, but I think the tub is more practical.
    Glad you understand I’m a bit on and off :-)
    Wishing you the same with tons of hugs back!

  4. The food looks good and the people look happy. I can see you’re enjoying your summer days! I love lobster too….mmmhhhh….. :-)

    Glad you catch the summer spirit and could join us for seafood too :-)

  5. Nice to see you enjoy your summer time with your family. And thanks to share it with us. This chilly Sea Breese seems so fresh! Skål

    Glad you liked it and that’s why I share you know – Skål to you too!

  6. oh it does sound like a really lovely and relaxing time with loved ones. what a great way to spend the summer!

    I knew you would love it Lime – hope your summer time is great too!

  7. You sure have some delightful and great days in Mariestad.
    We are so eager to came over and visit all of you.
    It’s only a week and a half from now.

    We sure had and are looking forward to see you here soon!

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  9. I love it when you show off my culinary experiments :-) I had a great time with your family and am so glad they come to visit us each year!

    I just can’t resist showing the rest of the world you know :-) I’m also glad to see you fit in so well with the family too!

  10. Glad to hear you’re having fun! The ribs and corn look goooooooooood!

    Thanks Teena and I knew you would like the Spare Ribs!

  11. I can’t wait for summer, seeing your photos of all those lovely food and drinks. that Sea Breeze drink sounds lovely, except Vodka doesn’t like me very much.

    As for spare ribs…I love them and the other week got some on special. They went into the freezer and will be a tasty meal one night.

    Glad you’re enjoying your summer.

    Well, in six month its you turn down under :-)
    Hope yours taste as good as ours!

  12. It’s so nice to be with family members. I’m lucky that all my family members are living less than an hour away. As the young matriarch of the family, one call and everybody comes rushing. haha…..

    It is my wish to visit you and Diane and try her culinary skills and your hospitality. :P

    I do agree and luck you as a matriarch haha…
    Your welcome any time – you know we would love to share with you :P

  13. Oooooh… aaaaah… You made me very very hungry. Any lobster or BBQ leftovers you are willing to mail? :-)
    I’d even think about accepting a buzz cut for some lobster today. I haven’t had lobster for ages…

    Happy weekend!

    I can of course mail you a lobster, but why don’t you come over and we can eat more together – buzz cut is not required :-)
    Wish you a good one too!

  14. SKAL to you too Renny :) (Did I say it correctly?) What a wonderful treat Renny and I can understand why you are ‘neglecting’ us ;) Is the cuisine similar to the one back home in Norway?

    That drink looks so refreshing I am so tempted to try it myself :D

    SKÅL is right! (you need a Norwegian keyboard to make the Å = Aa).
    Thanks for being so understanding ;)
    The food is very similar, however each country have some its own special dishes. The most special Swedish dish I guess is Janssons Frestelser and in Norway: Rakfisk.
    Please get back and tell if you liked the drink :D

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  16. Yummy. I’m coming over to your place to eat some of this great food. Yummy. :)

    Your welcome any time Sandee :)

  17. Thank you so much for commenting on my site. I really appreciated it. Come back anytime!

    Thanks again and have a great week.

  18. I don’t say “cheers”, I say “santé” (health) or ganbei (chinese for “empty glass”) ;-)

    I really need to be invited at your place one day to sample the food. Any thought on relocating to Canada, preferably close to Ottawa?

  19. It’s wonderful to hear you are having such a great time and even found a moment to share it here! great shots, great food, great company!

    Enjoy those looooooong evenings!

  20. I hope you are having a wonderful summer Renny – as we sit with warm clothes and heating on in Melbourne :-) When I visited Sweden/Norway when I was 15 – so a long time ago – I stayed with a family in there holiday home on a little island off the coast of Sweden. We could see a part of Norway across the fjord/sea not far away. I have been trying to look the island up with no luck. It was only tiny and I thought it was called something like “Io” but I cannot find it anywhere. It had no roads then – we reached the house by a little rowboat with outboard motor. There was a ferry that led to one spot on the island but all that was there were a few houses and a kiosk. I would love to be able to find it and explore it on Google maps :-)

    I know you have winter time down under, but soon its your turn again :-)
    You make me curious – I think you must have been close to Strömstad (check my mail to you for details!).

  21. Oh that lobster – One day I want to spoil myself with some! What a fun time for sure! I must get my Victoria photos up tonight!

  22. Hey Renny!

    I’d say: “Salute” (Italian), “Chin-chin” (informal Portuguese) or “Saúde” (formal Portuguese)! But sometimes I also say “Prost”!

    Ah, family reunions are so great! I just love them…precious events! :D I hope you enjoy every single minute with them, my friend (there is nothing better)!

    Thanks for the pics; I loved seeing them! :D

    Have a nice rest of the week!


  23. I thought I smelled ribs! Thank goodness Diane kept that tradition because that is truly good summer eating! Skål!

  24. Glad to see you had some lobster there too! We had lobster for July 4 and my children keep asking when we will cook some more. I think I’ve created two monsters!

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