Inspired by all the nice comments on my previous vacation posts this summer, I’ll share another day and more quality time with my wife. Today, after a couple of days with rain, we decided to play a round of golf. As always, I have my Nokia mobile phone at hand and what actually made me post from today, was that we met this nice young woman on our way (click all the pics to enlarge):

Environmental Golf #10
I asked her if I could take a picture and she said yes, but even more: she eagerly told me about this environmentally friendly vehicle. It’s electric of course, but what put me in the right mood for today: It is an modified golf cart!

At the golf course, I saw a real golf cart, so that you can compare for yourself:
Environmental Golf #11
We use golf trolleys, so I’ve never used one, but it is available for the disabled.

We bicycled to the course today, very convenient – just 10 minutes – as we have our golf bags in the locker room. In addition to good health I enjoy good spirits, because then I can have a pint of beer after the 9th hole. Its a nice and safe ride as in Scandinavia takes very good care of its cyclists with nice bike paths. Read my wife Diane’s post where she explains all about it! Let me share some of our adventures from our trip back and forth:
Environmental Golf #1 Environmental Golf #2
Left: On our way. Right: Passing fellow cyclists.
Environmental Golf #4 Environmental Golf #7
Left: Enthusiastic onlookers ;-) Right: At our home club’s welcome sign.

Talking about environmental golf: Approaching the course, I spotted another peculiar vehicle and couldn’t resist shot one pic with my mobile phone:
Environmental Golf #6
An electric automatic lawnmower.

For those who aren’t golf fans: I promise I won’t go through the whole game – allow me to remind you that I had Hole in One three years ago though :lol:
I’ll just say we had a jolly good time, great exercise and most of all: playing is a social delight in a flight with another nice couple we met on the tee. For those who haven’t caught on yet: Golf is a social sport and for a network evangelist like me, its just fabulous. So lets forget about the score and such and present the Swedish (in the middle) and the Norwegian team, after a very pleasant round:
Environmental Golf #8

We book our tee times on the net of course, so who wants to play with us next?


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  3. I am not a golf guy…in fact, I don’t quite understand what makes this game so popular. :)

    Anyway, I do enjoy riding in golf carts in the lush greens. Interestingly, I was reading in a newspaper here in the USA, that people have taken to using golf carts to go about the neighbourhoods given the rising price of gas!

    I started just a couple of years ago and its actually the social part that attracts me the most :)

    Good to know they are starting to use more electric vehicle then! I can’t understand their complain though: In Scandinavia we pay 4 times more for the gas!

  4. It looks like a lot of fun!

    We had – are you next in line then :lol:

  5. I’ll come and play golf…not that I’m very good at it, but it’s a really good game. Two of my brothers are golf nuts and are on the green at least twice a week. It’s good exercise, too, if you don’t use the golf buggies!

    You all looked as if you had a most enjoyable time…and the 19th hole is always a good one to meet friends, isn’t it? Lol!

    Great Robyn.. I’m not good at it either, but the important thing is to have a social 4 1/2 hours walk together… and of course great exercise.

    We did and we actually met them at the 1st hole Lol!

  6. I guess golf is a social activity. Never tried though but at least it’s a good way to enjoy outdoors in the summer!

    Well, like me: I’m sure you would love the social part – and a good outdoor exercise too of course!

  7. Loved your post… its amazing the detail of the journey we take, slowly to the spots we go to.

    I walked a large part of the way to my CASARA meeting on Saturday and its a part of Paradise I hadn’t seen in years…. right by the river :) Wish I had my camera.. I just drank in the walk.

    I stopped playing competitive sports a long time ago – probably when I finally stopped fencing.

    I’d like to play more golf, or curling or something, but its hard to find groups that plays for the physical activity and the health and friendship, versus the serious competitive nature. I can’t even play play golf with my Dad :( So its nice that you and Diane play for fun & exercise ( seems not to be the mode here) :)

    So walking and gardening are my passive physical activities…. these days

    I also think that it helps to have a partner in all of this and unfortunately, with school, its going to be a few years yet before Fidel & I can really settle and do fun stuff together.

    Just a question – more for Diane…. Diane, do you think that since you’ ve been in Scandinavia, do you feel you have relaxed and done more for you… versus this seemingly hyperkinetic lifestyle we live here in NA ?

    Cheers to you both


    Just hope the youtube links I sent you weren’t too evil…. they would be to most NAs, but Renny, I think you would understand them better :)

    Glad you liked it – bring your camera next time and keep us posted about your experience!

    Golf is of course sport but for those who only see competition in it, has lost a good point! Having Diane as a partner is to me important – more than double the fun.

    Btw: The vids where great – typical finish nature and spirit – just like I know finish humour and TV theatre – thanks for sharing!

    Diane:I would have to answer yes, I have done more for myself here but I don’t know if I should give Scandinavia credit or Renny. I have started to play golf as you know, and dropped down to part time work so I could take a new degree. I finish my Masters in Social Work in spring 2009 and have gone from working in Finance in NY to being a crisis therapist in a Womens Shelter here.

  8. Ok you win….the lawn mower… wins hands down lol! And the car, bet it gets great gas mileage!
    I’m not much on golf, but I bet you guys had fun.

    Have a great week my friend!

    I thought the mower was great too lol!
    Golf is fun – try more!
    Wish you a good one too!

  9. You might not generally consider gifting golf clubs since it might be logical to think that your golfer friend has everything at his/her disposal, but then what about a set of used golf clubs as a back-up? Used golf clubs, meaning, another set of golf clubs? Well! Why not?

    I think I have what I need, but thanks anyway.

  10. What a great day and time you must have had – wonderful.
    As said on the phone minutes ago, we did have a blast of a time visiting my childhood friend, who have a summer house some minutes drive south of us.

    And now we are really looking forward to see you again in wonderful Mariestad.

    and we are looking forward to some great time with you and Anna here at our summer paradise too – welcome tomorrow!

  11. Renny dude, just drop a note when you want to golf in Oslo!

    Thanks for the offer – sounds great – I’ll keep it in mind!

  12. I don’t even think of golf in a ‘colder’ climate. In the US, I seem to think Florida or South Carolina or some other place for golf.

    Although, it must be colder in places like Minnesota or Canada, there are lots of golf courses, and waiting lines for tee times.

    Perhaps, where the winter is darker and colder, the golfers play harder when it is warmer in the Summer…than where it is warm all the tine.

  13. I wish I can Renny but you know the pinkie thingy :( Anyway I am happy to be here and soaked in the biking & golfing spirit here.

    Automatic mower…how cool is that? Powered by battery???

  14. I’ve never golfed but Gord loves it!

  15. woooooooowwwwww! golf!!!!!! you look like you’re having a lot of fuuuunnn!!! :)

  16. wow! another round of golf. you really do love the game

  17. You obviously are on semester but what a great outing…a 10 minute cycle to the course! I know I would play more if I were that close. I love golf, actually own clubs but mostly enjoy a pint with the hubbs watching it on tv, lol!

  18. Hey Renny,

    Electric cars should be the future of the world…enough of gas release onto the atmosphere!
    You never used a golf car? Aren’t you curious about it?

    Anyway, I do not play golf…I remember wanting to learn a few years ago, but then I opted by continuing to swim lol (back then I thought it was more active…I was so young and ignorant LOL)!

    Now, an electric automatic lawnmower? THIS is interesting!!! Does it work all by itself?

    Renny, thank you so much for having shared this with us; it is a true delight to read about your holidays :D!

    Have a great week (or at least what’s left of it)!


  19. You all look great and very sportive! Great post again.

  20. I want in!! Looks like a super time, Renny.

    You just happened to be in my last post …. sitting at the blackjack table :-)


  21. On vacation, that’s the good life, Renny! :) You deserve it.

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