Blogger friends vacation in Sweden

I’m still on vacation and having a good time in Sweden. I’m still in the mood to share some quality time with you as well; Today something special, since we have bloggers guest of honour and I do think my faithful readers will recognise right away (click pics to enlarge!):

BlogMeetTorAa #1
Gathering around the table for a wonderful seafood dinner. If you are looking for the good life: Who can ask for more?

I don’t know about you, but for me: Sitting around the table, eating good food (for summer I would think shrimp and lobster is just right), a nice conversation about all and nothing is ideal and doing it together with good friends just makes the adventure perfect. Let me share some of the good stuff and some of you might recognise my good colleague and mutual blog friend already:
BlogMeetTorAa #2 BlogMeetTorAa #3
We’re eating it natural on a loaf of bread and Tor have a slice of butter underneath.

We have the loveliest warm summer weather. After dinner, we had coffee avec on the balcony enjoying the sunset for an hour around 10. We always consider our gathering a celebration and Tor had even bought cigars for this first evening:
BlogMeetTorAa #4

Tor and Anna will be staying the rest of the week. Tomorrow we are going to an island with a beach called “The Big White Sand“. Its like a tropical island for us Scandinavians.
So stay tunes on all our blogs! As an example: This adventure is also posted at TorAa’s and Diane’s!

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  1. Coming to Diane and Renny is like arriving to heaven. And Heaven is a very pleasant place for us, most people I do believe. For Anna and me, it means respect, relaxing, sharing thoughts and ideas, having fun, being active, enjoying good and healthy food with genuine Friends:
    What we here in the Nordic sharing names “The Good Life and Quality Time”.

    (Gosh my English – I normally speak or rare Nordic Language when we Talk – It’s called Norwegian)

    You know what: You and Anna makes this gathering heavenly good and I do agree: The taste of good life.
    Looking forward to have you here for the rest of the week and I know it will be more of quality time adventures.

  2. We aren’t so slow my dear, we are posting too you know…and everybody is busy and having a good time. This blogging thing is a dog eat dog world and I’m wearing milk bone underwear!! Only kidding…if we stick together we’ll be fine!

    Hey; is it soon about time all of us go to sleep now? I mean we are suppose to get up early tomorrow and having a bike trip on the paradise island!

  3. I saw this over at TorAa’s place too. Food, now were talking. You guys really know how to eat. Just saying. Have a great day. Big hug to you all. :)

    You should see us now, sitting in the living room on each of our laptops having a great time in blogsphere. I just knew you’ve liked the lobster!
    Thanks for your greetings and big hug back to you from all of us :)

  4. Good food and good friends — you can’t ask for much more in life!

    Enjoy your trip to the white sand beaches and take plenty of pictures to share with us.

    Love and hugs,


  5. Ohhhh…. I’m making plans to fly over!! :)

    How nice to have the company of good friends! And savour Diane’s and your lovely cooking. Hello to Diane, Tor and Anna too! *waves*

  6. This sounds like a wonderful vacation. Good friends and good food sounds just about perfect to me. I love shrimp and lobster – you are making me hungry :-)

  7. Now that looks like an evening of visiting in heaven !!!

    And lobster on top of it all !!! Ijust love lobster.

    Have you ever tried dunking the meat in white vinegar instead of butter. Its also very good that way

  8. I was just reading Diane’s blog and I read about all the great food that you had. I am absolutely jealous! Good food and good company… what more can you ask for! =)

  9. Aloha Renny & Tor, Ann & Diane! Are ya sure you’re only smoking ceeegars cus ya’ll look mighty durned happy over there??? (Said with a Texas twang!) Then again, maybe you’ve never heard a Texan talk? Nevermind….

    Or maybe it’s the combination of Swedish wine and seafood. Yes, that’s the ticket! Happines is jumping off my computer, and I had to go open my own bottle. See what ya made me do!

  10. Ahah! I couldn’t think of anything more ideal. Good friends, food and conversation…in the summer. We are so looking forward to summer here so we can sit outside and eat and drink in the evenings because it’s so warm. It’s too cold and wet at the moment.

    Have a lovely week…all of you.

  11. I just wrote a comment on Tor’s blog telling him my new S(on)IL also enjoys a good cigar ever so often, so this brought a big smile to my face. There is nothing better than getting together around good food with friends! It’s what heaven is all about!

  12. Nothing better! Sharing good food and time with good friends! I hope the holiday continues well – I’m sure it will!

  13. That crustacean (lobster?) looks fine. Coffee, digestifs and cigars after a fine meal with friends? That makes for a great vacation.

    A Scandinavian Riviera?

  14. Whoa!! Good food, good wine & good companion that’s what life is all about too…now the only thing missing let me tell you Renny is ME!!! Yep, Me! Me! Me!

    I bet we’ll gonna chat everything under the sky and I can see that both of you meet so often, how about planning a trip to SIngapore and meet me & my family :D I’ll be very happy to be your host :D

  15. I hope to meet up with some Scandinavian bloggers, but with 4 kids in toe, we are not the easiest group to meet up with, LO!

  16. nice and i hope i would be active to this nice and love site as well to meet my good friends from Sweden now ……….

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