If you like to live life the fullest, you have to be aware and stay in the present. Being on vacation gives you an extra opportunity to de-stress, do things different from your daily, urban life and really recharge your batteries. Living in Scandinavia gives an extra opportunity to enjoy a warm summer day: an example of how we really appreciate all of the significant four seasons (I’ll get back to that later).

A couple of days ago, I posted about Mariestad in Sweden, called the pearl of lake Vänern and nearby: the island of Torsö. From there you can go further out to Brommö island by cable ferry. We are really talking about the countryside and at Brommö motor vehicles are not permitted without a special licence. So imagine a nice little island with no cars, no shops or anything else that’s associated with our stressful consumerism lives. I would call it the closest you get to paradise (click all the pics to enlarge!):

BrommoeSweden #1 BrommoeSweden #3
Left: Emptying the ferry. Right: The ferry full of bikers.

So some bring their bikes along and some rent them when the ferry lands on the island:
BrommoeSweden #5
Some bikes might need extra service like pumping up the tires.

All around the island, you have the most charming small beaches or private spots to relax and enjoy. I think we are quite good at it and no wonder since we know in 6 months the temperature will be below freezing and the lake frozen. We bicycled for around 45 minutes to our favourite: The Great White Beach:
BrommoeSweden #6
Some are already settled down, some have just arrived. Some are tanning topless, some are not. We are in Scandinavia you know ;-)

We were there for about 5 hours: laying on the sand (some even had a power nap) and of course swimming (refreshing in 19C – 66F):
BrommoeSweden #7
Living life to the fullest with our friends Tor and Anna.

Laying on the blankets, of course we had something to eat too: Leftovers from our lobster and shrimps dinner the evening before.
BrommoeSweden #8 BrommoeSweden #9
Right: I even had a glass of white wine – a bit casual in a plastic cup.

For you it might sounds like just another day on the beach. To me it was another quality time together with friends, remembering that this is what we are dreaming the whole winter long, with snow and below freezing temperatures. That’s one of the good thing about the significant four seasons: You enjoy each and one of them…. as long as you stay in the present and live life the fullest.

My wife Diane has posted about the same adventure and so has our blog friend Tor who is visiting us along with his wife Anna. Click and read about our beach day from their perspectives!


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  2. There’s nothing wrong with white wine in a plastic glass. It’s better than no white wine at all. Have a great time with your wonderful friends. Big hug to you all. :)

    I’m glad you approve the glass Sandee and of course no wine would have been a tragedy :-)
    Thanks and a big hug back from all of us!

  3. Wow! Looks like a fun time!

    Wine is delish in any kind of a cup!

    Your right: it tasted paradisely good!

  4. Yes, we do dream of such things all the long white winter! If only we could bottle it! And uncork it when we need it!
    Have fun with TorAa and Anna!

    Ii know we are in the same boat as you are in Canada and we are in Scandinavia!
    I do wish that too, but we can’t, so better enjoy it while we can!

  5. You know..I’ve never had wine. horrible I know. Anyways..i have never been to a clean beach either…or a nude beach …lol! We don’t live around any beaches and I did go to Florida but it was when I was less than a year old. I went to the Gulf of Mexico a couple of years ago but it was right after Katrina hit….so it was dirty and gross.

    I’m really getting jealous!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    So come on over then, to wine at the beach with a swim and you even don’t need to bring clothes ….lol!
    Thanks – wish you a good one too!

  6. What a fun time you all had, Renny. The beach didn’t seem to be overly crowded, which I like.

    I’ll bet you all slept well after all that exercise and fresh air!

    Have a great weekend!

    Love and hugs,

    We had and I do agree: I just hate crowded beaches.
    We did slept well after a nice dinner and some more wine!
    Wish you a good one too – love and hugs back from all of us!

  7. wow! a lot of bikers. Philippines is full of beaches. but I’d like to try the beaches of other countries also :)

    You know you are welcome any time. At the beach I would say in the summer time then :)

  8. Dear Renny:
    I feel sorry that I can’t join your beach party. But I have another good way to share with blog friends. :)

    I have tagged you on: http://www.iwalku2.com/bookmark/tagged-by-liam-okay-lets-meme,
    Let’s continue this funny meme game!

    You know I love to share it with you too :)
    Thanks, I’ll be right over!

  9. What a wonderful place to go and relax, no cars. I will have to go there someday! I am so glad that you had allot of fun and relaxation.

    Love and Blessings,

    No cars is an important part of the relaxation you know!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend AngleBaby.

  10. Yes, we have places like that, too. No cars and the only thing you leave behind are your footsteps in the sand. Yes, you’re living life to it’s fullest, Renny and good for you. As for wine in plastic cups…at the beach, who cares?

    I would find 19C a little too fresh, but then my tolerance of cold weather and cool water has lessened as I’ve got older…well, that’s my excuse, anyway.

    It’s a beautiful spot, Renny and you all certainly seemed to have had a delightful day.

    Good to know you have this opportunity down under too!
    I prefer above 20C too, but you take what you get and it was wonderful on a hot day (28C!)

  11. BTW…there’s an award on my blog for you, Renny.

    Thanks Robyn, how sweet of you!

  12. Still dreaming about the wonderful Day at Brommö and the “Great White Beach”.
    It was refreshing in the Water, wonderful to relax and have an outdoor nap, but not that pleasant being sunburned. Ha, in our age we should have learned from experience. LOL. But, as Vikings, we never give up.

    It was really a pleasant tour.

    Dream on dear friend and what memories to talk about during the winter time!
    I do agree: I guess we Vikings never learn :)

  13. Wine on the beach … you are just like James Bond! (except married)

    Yea Eric: I’m a married 007 and I just love it :lol:

  14. Nice pictures (that you got from climbing on a cabin, we all know :lol:). Wine on the beach? Spoiled kid!

    Thanks Zhu and you are so observant and have obviously visited Diane’s blog too!
    Spoiled kid me?!? Hmm, what gave you idea :lol:

  15. How awesome to be away from the noise of cars! I’d love that. It looks like a beautiful place to appreciate the summer.

    Car less is one of the best thing with this island you know!
    Yea, and can you imagine: in 6 month the island will be frozen.

  16. such a wonderful way to enjoy time together! it looks so lovely there and you each have wonderful company.

    So are you coming over and join us next year then? :-)

  17. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog, I appreciate it. new image of your site is really good.
    Gratulations for your Technorati Authority 693 !!!
    Hope to see you again. come and visit my adventure world.
    Have a nice day! -himalman :)

    Your welcome and I’m glad you like the Angry Boy look too.
    Yea and ranked at Technoraty as top 5 K – I’m proud of it of course :-)

  18. That’s the real fun, I can see it! :-)

    A picture is a thousand word – we really had a good time :-)

  19. wow, i like how private the beach looks. not many people.

    you look like you had lots of fun!!!

    Your right: nice and quiet – and great fun!!

  20. I have to get into the idea of appreciating the four seasons more. I think in Southern France, people are always wishing it were sunny and near summer. The thing is, where we live, at 625m, it is NOT always sunny and summery.

    Looks like a great day.

    Your right: enjoy it while you can and stay in the present. If it was like that all the time, you wouldn’t notice the precarious time.

  21. I so totally understand your frame of mind right now :), especially also coming from a country of 4 seasons which are cold for a large part of them.

    4 weeks from now, I too will be on a beach and just relaxing… sun, swimming, good food, and good company ( my hubby who I haven’t seen in almost 4 moths). I’ll be in the Carribean groove…mon…

    *lol*.. now that my hair is long enough.. tempted to find someplace to have corn braids done… much cooler & easier to keep in the hot weather.

    So to you all, as you enjoy your holidays…

    Kipis !!

    PS – Carribean lobster isn’t that good. After growing up on Atlantic (Canadian portion) lobster, I’m a bit finicky about my lobster *lol*

  22. Cool! You do have fun, don’t you! It’s been a long time since I biked anywhere.

  23. hi Renny..
    it looks like you had a wonderful time at the beach….and the waves there look very gentle…not like our whoppers over here…
    you have managed to make a day at the beach look very civilised and sophisticated :)

  24. Funny time! This beach makes me think to one we should visit next year : Port cros isle! No cars, a national park!

    You’re right! Stop the stress and vive les vacances! Love the holidays!
    Scandinavian life is so streng with the nature. That’s why I enjoy Anaïs will go to Finland and find lakes and forests and the fresh pur air.

  25. Here is wishing you lots more good time with all your blog friends!

  26. Looks fun!!! I hope the sun will still shine over Sweden from Thursday and the week after as I’ll be in Stockholm and will spend a couple of days in an island called Utö. :) Happy summer days!

  27. I’m so envious Renny, I haven’t seen the sea since I left Australia. Seems like you all had fun :-)

    You have to come over then, but hurry up before fall :-)

  28. Hey Renny!

    You and Tor (and your respective lovely ladies) are enjoying yourselves to the utmost indeed :D!
    The White Beach seems so nice and relaxing; I can’t say that we don’t have great beaches here, cause we do; but that one is different from what I am used to.

    Thanks for sharing the pics with us! Continue to have fun, my friend :D!


  29. Looks like you’re having a wonderful time there :) The beach seems to be so inviting but until I read your note 19 degrees… brrrr.. I come from the tropics, I think that’s a little bit chilly for me.. :(

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