One of the most historical and majestic places to visit, 45 min drive from our vacation home in Sweden, is Läckö Castle. It was Tor and Anna’s luck to go with us for a visit this year and I gladly share some of the history and highlights from this castle with you:

Läckö Castle

The history starts with a castle build by Brynolf Algotsson in 1298. The location was perfect – at the top of a steep cliff surrounded by water on three sides. Brynolf was bishop of the huge Skara diocese, so he placed the castle right at its heart as one of many castles in the province of Västergötland. It belonged to the Skara bishop until the reformation in 1527 when King Gustav Vasa seized the church’s property and replaced the Catholic Church with Protestantism. The King gifted the estate of Läckö to various noblemen as a kind of tax-free payment for the services mainly in battles in Europe.

In 1615-1681 Läckö was transformed into the magnificent caste we can see today. Until 1860 it was held by a number of officials, and fell into neglect, until the early 20th century when tourism came and the castle was restored. Let’s take a look at some of what you can find inside today and we start with the Kings Hall (click all the pics in this post to enlarge):
Läckö Castle #2 Läckö Castle #3
Two fire places on opposite corners, big wall paintings and decorations.

I could not resist sneaking into their bedrooms either:
Läckö Castle #5 Läckö Castle #6
Canopy beds of course. Notice the iron bed warmer in the green bed!

Then a peak into some of the living rooms:
Läckö Castle #8 Läckö Castle #9
Left: Goddess Diana. Right: Meleager, Atalanta and the Calydonian boar, tappesty probably made in northern France, 1650- 1690:

Diana, the goddess of the hunt, sent an enormous boar to ravage Meleager’s home land after his father, Oeneus the King of Calydon, neglected to make a sacrificial offering to her. Meleager decided to kill the boar and gathered a group of youths for the Calydonian boar hunt. He finished the kill and was awarded the skin, which he turned over to Atalanta, with home he was in love.

Before we leave the inside of the castle, let me show you some of the rooms that was fully furnished as an exhibition:
Läckö Castle #12
The Camber of Count Per Sparre:
A dignified Baroque interior was decorated floor to ceiling – something hard to imagine when walking through the castle today. An alternative to tapestry for wall hangings and upholstery was expensive gilt leather, impressed with relief pattern, covered with silver foil.

Läckö Castle #14
The Camber of Count Axel De la Gard:
The grand bed has canopy and its own crowning, sculpture palm leaf ornaments and covered with early-eighteen-century silk damask. To either side of the bed stands high and slender pillar table called a gueridon, intended to carry some sort of light resource.

Läckö Castle #15
The Camber of Pontus De la Gard:
The crowns of the canopy could be adorned with ostrich plumes, carved figures or turned ornaments covered with fabric antic embellishments such as tassels or other decorations made of fabric.

There are a lot more beautiful things to see here. Let me just end with the herb garden where they still grow flowers as well as plants used as seasoning or for medicine:
Läckö Castle Garden #2 Läckö Castle Garden #3
Läckö Castle Castle Garden #5
(Theaw pics from the garden is taken with my Nokia Mobile phone – the previous with Nikon CoolPix S2)
Läckö Castle Castle Garden #1 Läckö Castl Castle Garden #4

If you like to see and read more about Läckö, you’re welcome to click for my post from two years ago: A baroque Castle in Sweden.


  1. I was wondering if you were going to post about this excursion. How fun. I wish I could have gone too. I have never been in a castle before. You four certainly have a grand time together. Thanks for sharing a piece of history that I didn’t even know about. I do now. Have a great day. Big hugs to you and Diane. :)

    There is a lot more from our vacation to post about, so stay tuned!
    Glad you could be with on my blog tour then and that you learned something new.
    Hugs back and have a great rest of your week :)

  2. I remember your earlier post about the castle, too. :-)

    What a beautiful garden and view of the waters!

    I’ve looked around my home and realize that I’m definitely not royalty. All that gilt and ornate furniture is pretty to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live with it every day. My taste is for much simpler stuff.

    Lovely pictures, Renny. I enjoyed your visit to the castle. :-)

    Have a great rest of your week and weekend!
    Love and hugs,

    I know you’ve been a regular visitor almost since I started – thanks – glad you liked this post too!
    I do agree: Nice to view, but you need a castle to room the stuff :-)
    I wish you the same and return a bunch of hugs to you and your family!

  3. A great visit really. It is a pleasure to admire all these ornaments, paintings, mobels. A nice history lesson with the best “guide” or animator it can be! Sorry but my comment is cut in two part now! Time for me to go sleeping after a great day of summer vacation.

    I knew you would like this – a lot of connection between Sweden lords and kings with the French’s you know!
    No problem, I fixed it!

  4. Wow! A castle! I love stuff like that!

    I just knew you would like it Teena.

  5. Ah, finally I can get onto your site!
    Wonderful post, Renny and a beautiful castle. I love to go to these historic places.

    Thanks for never giving up Maribeth!
    Glad I could guide you around then.

  6. Hi Renny! Great post and the photos are smashing! Yes, there are lots of Castles to see, and I have two really close to where I live that I enjoy to go too.

    Hi Anders – thanks for your compliments!
    Have you posted about them then?

  7. What a beautiful place. Great information about the history of the Castle. The only Castle I have been in is called Hearst Castle in San Simion, California. I really enjoyed visiting it. The gardens and the pools were amazing.

    Love and Blessings,

    Glad you liked it – always want my readers to learn something from my posts you know.
    Hugs back to you!

  8. I love the castles in Sweden and this is my first indoor tour! I normally take photos from the outside and put them in my scrapbook, now I am tempted to go in and see the sights! Long live the amazing Renny and hís Nokia!

    Go inside Gina: there is a lot of treasures to photo hunt you know and please keep us posted!
    My Nokia is always at hand you know :-)

  9. How splendid some of these castles look! With their elaborate furnishings and portraits. Will our modern buildings seem as attractive a hundred years later? I will be travelling to Vienna later this year, and I am excited about that!

    I do agree Shantanu and you really rise a good question!
    Please keep us posted about your Vienna trip!

  10. What a beautiful castle and white !!! I have never seen a white castle and I have seen really a lot ! that looks very exotic to me. The inside is a little like all insides of castles and reminds me of the one I have seen in May in Dinant ! What stone did they use to get it so white ??

    Glad you like it and hope you’ll get the same experience one time.
    The castle is white because the walls are painted with lime.

  11. Hi Renny,
    I’ve always had a thing for visiting castles and palaces. Other than being filled with details and traces of the past, I find them the perfect place to let your imagination run wild.
    I’ll definitely have to add the Läckö Castle to my lists of places to visit :)


    Nice to see you Alina. I love it the same way – a lot of history hanging around in those buildings you know – if the walls could speak..
    If you ever go there, keep me posted!

  12. It’s an impressive Castle, no doubt, and Anna and I were very satisfied that you proposed to go an visit. If any of your readers are in fair distance, a visit is recommended.
    I will post later, not sure when, but who is waiting for something good don’t wait in vain.

    Glad we could share this adventures and we are looking forward to your report!

  13. How beautiful! The restoration work is amazing. It seems that every square inch has been decorated – wonderful to look at but it would drive me crazy to live there. I am a bit of a minimalist!
    Glad you are enjoying your vacation – you seem to be having glorious weather – send some my way please? :-)

    It was an amazing experience, but I do agree with you: it would have been a bit overwhelmed in a modern house.
    We’ve had a great summer weather for more than two weeks – it’s on its way to you now :-)

  14. wow! must be like living in the middle ages like royalties…

    You said it right tutubi….

  15. Hi again, thanks for dropping by. Oslo is really great. Are you from Oslo?

    Sweden looks nice. How long you were there for?

    Your welcome – yea: I live in Oslo – and you?
    We’ve had one month vacation here and are back on Sunday.

  16. what a great place.
    it is a place of love.

    Thanks for the visit – nice to see you!
    A place for a lot of things I guess.

  17. i got scared with the picture Chamber of the Count. because of the picture of the guard(?)

    but I’d like to visit that place someday :)

    It’s safe tin-tin – your safe if you go with us!

  18. Those last five pictures look practically Mediterranean!

    Your right Betty – far from what you would expect from Scandinavia.

  19. I blew every photo up. My mouth dropped to the floor, eyes wide open…am hyperventilating. I’ve always wanted to see a castle just never have. Hearst (sp?) castle on the pacific coast highway in CA is the closest i ever got, but never got to go inside. What a treat to stop by here (to tell you i have a gift for you) and to get to visit the inside of such amazing history. Wow.

    Go here: Perfect Blend of Friendship

    Glad you took your time to go into every details then and that you liked it!
    Thanks so much for your Award Chuck – I feel sooooo honoured.

  20. Hello Renny!
    This castle is quite impressive! I have seen castles, both ruined and restored but this one truly is a treasure. It’s unbelievable how rich those people in the past were. And fortunately, people of today take care of them by doing restorations. It must be overwhelming walking on those ground. I wish to see it someday :)

    Have a marvellous weekend to you and your family. My apology too, for not visiting for a long time.
    Regards from Holland!

    Hello Thess, great to see you again. No need for an apology, I know how it is: hard to catch up for everyone.
    I do agree and therefore this is a true treasure and you can go there again and again to see new things every time.
    Wishing you and your family a good one too!

  21. What a beautiful place! The ornate detail is incredible. I feel like I’ve come along on a tour with you now, thanks to your wonderful photos and detailed information. Thank you!

  22. Great photos! Looks like a fab place. The garden pictures are pretty impressive, considering they were taken with a phone!

  23. This post has really reminded me of the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC. I’m sure Diane knows all about it, Renny. We have visited it 3 times and just love peeking in on how they lived. Unbelievable!

  24. I love castles and this one is special lovely.

  25. Wow – this castle looks so exciting! I just love the inside as it also reminds me of the Chillon Castle of Montreux. It is adorned with many of the types of rooms (Different but same in a way)…

    Anyhow – yes I’m very very very excited about my visitor as I was adorned with more swiss gifts. CAn you read my grin yet? And I’m sure I will have a photo or two to show! :)

  26. Beautiful fairytale castle!

  27. It certainly is a magnificent place, Renny. I particularly liked all the outside pictures showing everything surrounding the Castle itself….A Beautiful setting, too, isn’t it?

  28. It seems that castles have two things that make them grand: Sweeping views of the land (and water) and lush gardens. I’d be happy to have about 2 square meters of those flowers for our garden…

  29. Sorry haven’t been by yet…I have been so busy!

    Beautiful castle….and flowers…and water…just WOW!

    Love it!

    Have a wonderful week!

  30. What a magnificent castle. Those beds…wow! They sure believed in the best of everything back then, didn’t they? I don’t think I could sleep in a canopy bed…too claustrophobic!

    I love the gardens…actually the whole thing is just beautiful. Thanks for that very interesting post.

  31. wow…spectacular Renny…
    I wonder if there are any ghosts living there…
    magnificent artworks….
    enjoy the rest of your hoilday :)

  32. The castle was really lovely, we have visited it many times and always see something new. Very inspiring, just wait till I start renovating at home hehehe!

  33. WOW! What a wonderful opportunity to visit this beautiful castle! Thank you so much for telling us about it, and for the awesome photos, Renny!

  34. Wow! I love castles. This is definitely one I’d like to pay a visit!

  35. beautiful pictures. definitely going to have to check out this castle. swedish history is hard to beat.

  36. You guys should go to Himalayas someday. Its really breath-taking. Shimla, Kulu and Manali are really beautiful places.

    I have’t been to Europe yet.

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  39. Nice one, it’s look must visit place once in lifetime. How to go from airport?

  40. this is a very interesting castle Renny. thanks for sharing.

  41. wish to visit this castle someday…wink! i always love visiting castles like this..the surroundings around is also very nice!

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