Brilliante Weblog Award to RennyBA’s Terella

I have received the Brillante Weblog Premio 2008 Award; First from Puss-in-Boots at Kat’s Cradle, then from Sandee at Comedy Plus. Of course its an honour to receive this! Really a great inspiration and a recognition that inspires me to keep putting out quality articles, holding on to my theme and style. I have of course collected it on my Award page.


The rules for this award are:

  • The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.
  • Link to the person you received your award from.
  • Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
  • Put links to those blogs on yours.
  • Leave a message on the blogs of the people you have nominated.

So I’ll obedient pass this award on to at least seven blogs:

Correr Es Mi DestinoBlogging SueblimelyDianeCA’s MetamorphosesLifecruiserColin at LifeTorAa MirrorSpeedcat HollydaleEastcoastLifeFoster Me Up

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  1. Thanks for playing along Renny. I really did try to find the originator of this award, but ran into a wall. You so deserve this. I did award this to your lovely wife and Tor too. Have a great weekend. Big hug. :)

    Your welcome and again, thanks for passing it to me Sandee!
    I think its a pity the originator don’t get credit, but decided to play along anyway.
    With bunches of hugs; have a great one too :)

  2. Thank you for your nomination! My post is up as well as my own nominees. Have a great weekend and keep on posting!!

    You really deserved that one my dear and now I’m looking forward to enjoy this weekend with you – and keep on posting!

  3. You deserve it and much more. Your blogs always informative, fun , readable, and I know you spend much time, effort and creativity to make them so!

    Thanks a lot Jane for your warm words – that’s really an encouragement to keep up you know!

  4. OK. Now I know you were at my place, ’cause you kindly and graciously left me four comments all at once, so then you know….that I’m writing and can’t get out of my computer ’cause I’m stuck….and yet you still play this sweet revenge game on me – oh my goodness!! seriously though, *smoochies* (sorry, Diane, I can’t help myself – he’s such a charmer)!

    you are a true bloggy buddy. i just had to stop in and let you know it means a lot that you thought of me. i’m really honoured too and just josh’n about all the other stuff.

    and, it doesn’t bother me a bit that i gave this award to you too and you didn’t mention it above – *laughing* Yep. It was in the “fine print” so you didn’t see it. *still laughing*

    Love ya! (now, i’ve gotta get back to my writing b4 Sandee (Comedy Plus) sees that I’ve gotten distracted…)

    Awww Chuck, I’m overwhelmed, but also good to see I can distract you too ;-)
    Yea: If an award from you have slipped my mind, I’m soooo sorry. I think I’ve collected them all at my Award page though.

  5. Thank you so much Renny, it is the first award of any kind I have received in a while. I thought they had gone out of fashion :-)

    Your welcome Sue and at my age, I can afford being a bit old fashion you know :-)

  6. I am thinking now, as Diane has nominated me. I think my post on Sunday will be all about that!
    Have a great weekend!

    You deserves it too Maribeth!

  7. Renny,
    I’m flattered you honoured me this Reward.
    But, at Vacation, I can’t find time to do anything but post and give some comments.

    See you soon at Aker Brygge

    You deserves it Tor, but I do understand – thanks for keeping us posted about your trip to the US!
    See you next week.

  8. Thanks for thinking of me every time! Such a lovely award, suits me well. hahaha….

    Wow… I imagine so many people watching Beijing Olympics opening ceremony and sharing my Chinese culture with the whole world! It’s awesome!

    Your welcome and yea: it suits you perfect hahahahah….
    The ceremony was an amazing history journey!

  9. Congratulations! You are quite deserving of this award!

    Thanks Scarlet – great to have that support from a quite new blog friend too!

  10. I shouldn’t have given you a hard time. That’s just wrong. Anyway, the post was too long — I don’t normally put out such lengthy babble and by the time anybody got to the bottom (probably not a lot of folks did), they were looking for the “post comment” so they could get out of there HA On top of that, all I said was, “If you visit, you get the award.” I say that because I like to give gifts to those who go out of their way to come see me. I just love that. So, there it is. No worries. *lovies ~ snoochies*

    Sorry then, but thanks for not giving me a hard time and for enlighten me – lovies ~ snoochies

  11. Ahh! Congratulations.:) I’m glad to meet you as well! And your header image will definitely bring me back to your blog. lol

    Thanks:) Always great to welcome new readers – glad you like the angry boy :lol:

  12. Congratulations, Renny! You deserve it!

    I got one too, but I can’t find back who gave it to me (*blush*) and I don’t remember (*BLUSH*)…

    Thanks Tink!
    Sorry you lost yours, but congrats anyway :)

  13. Congratulations! I’m so glad I found DianeCA’s blog and yours. Wonderful read! Oh and the photos the two of you have of where my ancestors are from. Bless you bless you for sharing the beauty around you!

    Have a GREAT weekend the two of you!


  14. I never new I was smart …. let alone Brillante`

    I will take this home to my blog with pride. “Hey wife of mine, LOOK what I just recieved!!” That’s what I’ll say I might even gety a victory chicken dinner :-)

    Thanks Renny, I’ll have this up tomorrow. My tux with the blue cumberbun will be out of mothballs. ha haaa!!!

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