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Nature adventures in Norwegian wood

Nature never stops fascinating me – nothing compares with being in, around and within the natural elements. I was fortunate enough to grow up in the country side; Climbing trees and mountains, making cottages of pine branches and of course bows and arrows as well as flutes of willow trees. Sitting around the campfire with friends made us feel like Indigenous : -)

I don’t know if you follow me in my excitements, but let me show you with a pic from a hike my wife and I had last Sunday (click all pics to enjoy!):

NorwegianWoodCreek #2
This scenery has magic attraction to me.

In a quiet creek like this, I could stay for a whole day, explore and investigate; What stuff is floating, what sinks? – making bark boats and of course fishing or catching crayfish. That’s how we learned about the laws of nature and to appreciate the fresh, clean and magnificent nature experience.

So when my wife invited me on a hike, I was thrilled and glad I had my Nikon CoolPix S2 cam with me, thinking: I have to share this with my blog friends! Less than an hour walk from our house brings us into the woods and a popular path to a charming little lake. Just before we reached that lake, we found a little creek. Let me share a couple more pics:

NorwegianWoodCreek #1 NorwegianWoodCreek #3
Right: Nothing tastes as good as fresh water.

At the lake we saw others doing things that also took me down the memory lane about what my parents taught my sister and I:
Grilling hotdogs over the fire.
NorwegianWoodPicnic NorwegianWoodFishing
Left: Picnic after a swim in the lake. Right: Fishing.

Of course there are more temptations in the nature than wind, earth and fire: Berries. Here are a couple of typical Scandinavian types:
NorwegianWoodBlueberry NorwegianWoodCranberry
Left: Blueberries. Right: Lingon- or Wild cranberries.

I so much remember when Mom and Dad dragged us out in the woods at this time of the year to pick those berries. The best memories was from when we were put in the bath tub afterwards – we where red and blue all over of course – and eating pancakes with blueberries and then fresh made cranberry jam with dinner the day after :-)

After all this excitements, we ended up sitting by the lake enjoying the scenery and it’s always exciting to open the back bag for the treat. This time it was something that really brought up another memory from my childhood:


“Quick Lunch”: A candy bar created by the Norwegian chocolate brand Freia in 1937. It consists of a thick bar, composed of wafer covered with milk chocolate, and divided into four fingers. Each finger can be snapped from the bar one at a time. The confection is almost identical to Kit Kat in shape and composition, but I will swear to that it is a Norwegian invention!! Here you see the chocolate set on a cushion with the brands print – its nice to have something sweet to sit on you know. The box at the bottom holds the berries – just a few left after our lunch break you see, but we filled it up again on our way home :-)

Maybe you will share some of your childhood’s wood experiences in comments with us?

Update: Read my wife’s mountain climbing adventures the day before!

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  1. This time I’ve decided not to reply in comments on this particular post. It’s because I think they are interesting and substantial to the subject and I won’t prolong them – thanks to all who share your thoughts and personal experience!

  2. How fun. I too love a nice hike in the forest. I grew up on a dairy farm and being the oldest I got to milk cows among many other chores. One thing my sister and I loved to do is pack a lunch and head through the forest to the power lines.

    There was a large swath of the forest that had been cleared so they could run the power lines (electricity) through. These of course were the main lines. It was about a mile or so through the forest and this was indeed a great adventure for a couple of young kids. I always remember that so fondly.

    Thanks for sharing your great day and yes, the chocolate looks like a Kit Kat bar. Big hug to you and Diane. :)

  3. Growing up there was a large wood between our house and my grandparent’s home. I was in 5th grade and often I would run through the forest to their house to spend the night. Up and over the hill, down and across a stream and up another long hill to their place. I loved that run because at the other end was my grandma, who made me wonderful treats like warm milk with honey and a dot of butter. She would serve this with a cookie or two. How wonderful!

  4. What a beautiful place, Renny, and so close to your home! I love the little creek and the woods, then the view over the lake is magnificent!

    I just discovered lingonberries here in the States and I love them! IHOP, or International House Of Pancakes, is a popular restaurant chain here. They have Swedish crepes with lingonberry jam and butter. They are delicious and now every time we eat there I always order the Swedish crepes for dessert. As a matter of fact, we ate there today and I had the crepes with lingonberries.

    Hope the rest of your week is great, Renny. :-)

    Love and hugs,


  5. Your pics remind me of my camping days. We have some extremely beautiful places here in India, somewhat similar to the place that you have shared with us. This post was nostalgic for me because it reminded me of all the fun and long echoes among the woods. The funniest used to be sleeping at night ,and sometimes you could her the hoots of wild animals. Once there was a fox roaming in the area where we were camping. But all in all it is always fun to go to such places and the memories that you collect never seem to fade away.

    Now I’d like to help myself with some chocolate and of course you deserve a bite or two for clicking such wonderful pictures.:)

  6. Hmm my woods adventures….how about Mom catching horse flies and scaring me to death…. or playing with doodle bugs…. and then there’s fishing with pitalpha worms.

    Ya the memories….love the picture of the creek!

  7. I grew up living in the woods on a lake. As kids we built “clubhouses” in trees and hung tire swings from the highest branch we could reach. We’d pack peanut butter crackers and have our snack in the trees. When I go home now, I show my kids the the trees I used to climb and we wander through the same woods together.

  8. Thank you for your lovely pictures of the little creek and the children roasting hot dogs. We have such places here in Eastern Oklahoma too. Some years ago when my kids were younger we hiked and swam and camped in places like this. How wonderful to lie on your belly in ice cold water and drink the sweet water like a wild deer. I had a Boy Scout troop for years and we haunted many places like this. I will have to re-visit some of them and add some photos to my blog. Thanks again.
    Tulsa Gentleman

  9. What beautiful countryside and so close to your home, too. We used to pick wild blackberries as kids…and come home with our faces and hands stained with the juice. Mum would stew them up and we’d have them with ice cream or custard. Lovely.

    You certainly evoked childhood memories for me, Renny. Thank you for that.

  10. what a beautiful spot! it would make for a wonderful hike.

    my favorite memories of childhood hikes were with my grandparents. and yes, this time of year we’d pick berries. we’d wear caps until we came to the berry bushes then take them off and fill them up with blueberries and raspberries and blackberries. mmmm, yummy. in the spring we might catch salamanders by the creek. my grandfather would tell us the old local legends from the native americans and then we’d make up our own stories as we went along pretending he was the indian chief and my brother one of the loyal braves. of course, i was the indian princess (and i only tolerated being an indian princess because they wore buckskin instead of scratchy ball gowns, and they got to run in the woods.) if my grandmother took us she taught us the names of the wild birds and flowers we saw along the way. when i was old enough to go on the hikes alone (since my grandfather became very ill and could not hike any more) i had my strawberry place along the old, familiar paths.

    thanks renny, i so enjoyed this.

  11. what a wonderful day you have had out in the bush! by the creek…….it is a lot like the high country here in Australia but at the moment it is covered in thick snow here but when the summer arrives and we all go out to camp the camp fire is a most important part of the day and evening.

    I love the creek (river) and yes the water is so beautiful to drink

    It was lovely visitng you today.

  12. Hey Renny!

    I had been away on a mini-break; but now I am back!! :D

    Such a magical forest, and that creek…man, I could drink that water, I swear!

    Well, when I was a kid we used to go to Alentejo (a country-side, South of Portugal) every weekend; but I confess that I am a city girl (can’t live away from it lol)! It was rather interesting to see the cows, learn how cheese was produced (and bring some home too lol); see the pigs (I hated this part cause they stink; but hey it was part of the learning process), the horses (my favourite part) and some other stuff too!
    I remember that we used to go to the beach and compete in the water; we would split in two teams: my mom and my brother; my dad and I…and row, row, row lol. Ah, we played voleyball too!

    Renny, thanks for having shared your hike with us, I loved it!

    Have a great week!


  13. A very nice hike! Thanks for sharing this beautiful walk with us! It makes me think to Anaïs my daughter who is actually in center of Finland near Kajaani and I realise you have in North such a wonderful nature! So we haven’t here such beautiful memories in full nature because summer the temperature are so hot we don’t walk and never do BBQ in the forest (too dangerous) but of course I have memories at beach in creeks. I hope to taste one day Quick Lunch, this candy bar!!! Creating a kit kat in the forest! what a chance! I am so jealous I go immediatly in the fridge to find sweeties!

  14. Really beautiful!

    My little English rose tasted blueberries for the first time today and she just couldn’t get enough. It was a delight watching her – reminded me so much of my childhood when we used to pick berries in the woods….

  15. beautiful photos Renny…the place looks idyllic!!!
    I remember…eating mulberries and cherries by the barrel full …hehe…funny ..but I don’t eat them now…
    strawberries and blueberries…that’s a different story…yummo..
    enjoyed reading about your trip down memory lane :)

  16. Oh my dear friend,’the wonder of wonders is that this nature is so close, more or less right out door. Unbelieveable for most people living in Cities.

    Stay on with these wondeful reportages.

    PS. My fever is slowing down. Felicia helps me. She is very caring. Anna goes by bus – have since last week. I feel a little bit better.
    hugs to
    D and U

    I did post a short, but I believe an important one tonight. You may consider to broadcast it or not. The content. The Message.

  17. You and Diane seem to have mirror posts, talking about nature! So I’ll post the same comment here. It’s one of the charms of living in Oslo, we are surrounded by so much nature that every weekend could turn into an adventure. :)

  18. Most of my youth was spent in or near creeks like that. There’s nothing like it!! I saw this photo on the other site and I had to come and tell you that. When I was about 10, I helped a group of older kids to dam up a creek like that, so we could swim. We only got it to about 2′ deep, but it was heavenly on a hot day, floating on our backs in the water, leafy canopy overhead and nothing to hear but the rustle of the wind through the trees and the occasional cricket!

  19. mmmhhh….wild berries….they are soo good. As a kid we collected a lot of them up in the Swiss hills and mountains.

    The photographs are nice, special the first one of that nice creek scene!

  20. My mom is a native and her family lives in the woods 6 hours in the jungle! Its more like a tropical forest and they live in long houses. It was really exciting being there, experiencing life without the usual commodities. I think that really spark off the adventurous side of me. Thats my childhood experience in the woods =)

  21. I love taking a hike in the nature too. It’s beautiful and serene. Time to relax and enjoy my tasty blueberries. Guess I am still dreaming :)

  22. I’m totally with you and am always up for getting out. We’re going to Lake City, Colorado next week…I. Can’t. Wait. Have a great weekend, my friend. I’m gonna do some more writing….

  23. Ah… yes. How refreshing. The creek is just wonderful. Yes, it brings back many memories – and a gratitude for us that have had the fortune to grow up like this!!! I hope there will be something left to the youngsters….

  24. Wow, that first picture is amazing! It makes a beautiful desktop wallpaper! :)
    We don’t have real woods near, my childhood memories involve dunes, beach and sea. I still love to ge there (but love woods too!).

  25. This brings back memories of camping. I used to love to ride the rapids in the river on my raft. Boy, was that fun and exciting too. Of course we were in a forest, Yosemite National forest. We had to watch our for the Bears and other wild life but it was great fun to camp there.

    Love and Blessings,

  26. A stream, big trees, a lake and an outdoor fire. Who couldn’t relax with this! Even tho mosquitoes couldn’t detract from this idyllic scene.

    However, cranberries are a bit tart off the plant, bur fresh blueberries and pancakes (cooked in or on top), well this is a perfect mix.

  27. I remember spending many happy summer days at the creek near my Grandmother’s house in Glen Ellen, California…in particular there was a rope swing that we’d play on and drop off into the swimming hole…but the “crawdad hole” was right next to it, so I was always afraid of the crawdad’s “getting me!” :) I also received my 1st kiss from a boy at that swimming hole….Jackie Brown, 4th grade. (It was just a peck on the cheek, playing “Truth or Dare!”)
    ~Olga’s Blog-Mistress

  28. I grew up in the country, and like you I ate so many wild blueberries from the bushes that my face became stained with blue…my nickname was the Blueberry Kid! And like yourself, I have remained a person who communes with the wild things and cherishs long hikes in Nature and marveling at the beauty. Mahalo for sharing some of your beauty with us.

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