Hosting a blog about Norway, our culture, traditions and habits, it would have been a shame not to post about the Summer Olympics. Yea, I’ve been watching, from the very beginning, including the almost surrealistic opening ceremony – an impressing guided tour through Chinas 5000 years of rich cultural history. However sports is in focus of course and I take it you watch the ones that are most popular in your country – or where you have a chance of winning a medal. In that way, this Sunday, has been a thrill for all Norwegians: 2 gold and 1 silver medals in one day:

The Viking: Andreas Thorkildsen, Gold in Javelin Throw, just like in 2004!
Photo: ScanPix

Handball Taekwondo
Left: Handball, won against Russia. Right: Nina Solheim (blue), Silver in Taekwondo
Photo: ScanPix

Allow me a bit of Norwegian facts and figures from Summer Olympics:

2008 participating with 84 sportsmen and women – Totally 10 medals:
3 Gold Medal: Rowing, Javelin and Handball
5 Silver Medal: Swimming (Men 100m Breaststroke), Taekwondo, Shooting (Skeet), Kayak and Women’s 20km Walk
2 Bronze Medal: Horse Jumping Team, Women’s 200m Breaststroke

Norway’s best Summer Olympics ever was in 1920 in Belgium with 31 medals and maybe the most famous was in Amsterdam in 1928 when Crown Prince Olav won the gold medal in sailing.

China will be this years number one of course; So far (I mean there is still one competition day left), they have 48 gold and next is US with 31. Quite often the host is close or on top of the list. That was the matter in the 1994 Olympics too; Norway on top with 26 medals, but that was in winter sports of course :-)

Like I said I have followed the Olympics quite tight – actually all my life (literary!) – so you might ask: What is my most exciting Olympic moment? Well let me put it this way: I was born in November 1952 and that year in February the Olympics were in Oslo. I wonder if I was conceived after Hjalmar Andersen had won three gold medals in speed skating :lol:

What is your most exciting Olympic experience then?


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  3. Congrats Renny ! It was a great great day for Norway! We had a great day with VTT too!

    Thanks Claudie – the French did pretty good too :)

  4. My most exciting experience was just hearing how addicted my friend was to the television! She planned her work and life around it while it went on. Talk about crazy. Her favourite sport was swimming but watch a bit more..

    I didn’t watch much of it. Not so interested at the moment unfortunately as I’ve got waaay too much going on to stop or even blog for that matter. :)

    But I’m here now… No I can’t go to Norway… Wish I could!

    Well, I must admit I saw some at the office too – on my laptop you know :)
    Good luck moving to Victoria, BC!

  5. congratulations to norway on her fine showing at the olympics.

    my most exciting olympic moment? hhmm…

    well, i do remember the thrill that was the 1980 usa hockey victory. the opening ceremony for the athens olympics too gave me chills too. seeing the joy of the games return “home” and the ancient alongside the modern…that was a very moving thing (probably enhanced because i am half greek).

    Thanks Lime!
    I remember US hockey victory too – at that night my daughter was born! The opening ceremony was great too!

  6. Hi, Renny. Congratulations to Norway on her fine showing in the Olympics!

    Actually, I don’t care much for the Summer Olympics. I like the Winter Olympics better. I think when they were held in Lake Placid, New York several years ago and when they were in Lille Hammer were my favorite years.

    Have a great Sunday! :-)

    Love and hugs,

    Thanks Diane!
    Of course I agree, and you know I’ve been visiting Lake Placid two years ago – Lillehammer where great too.
    Wish you a good one two and a bunch of hugs back!

  7. Yay. Congratulations to Norway. That’s a terrific medal tally for only 84 people. Well done to all the athletes.

    Thanks Robyn – The Australians did well too!

  8. Well, you know Renny, I don’t think any of us can top your exciting moment! Being conceived must be just about the most exciting moment in anybody’s life :) :) Personally I think the Jamaican bobsleigh team has been the high spot for me but I suppose you mean the Summer Olympics.

    I guess you hit the nail on the head there :) :)
    The Jamaicans did real well in this summer Olympics too: 11 Medals!

  9. Besides the opening ceremony I haven’t followed the Olympic games at all, I only heard this morning that Belgium had finally got one gold medal.

    If you and Diane want to have a look, I put pictures of the flower carpet in Brussels on my travel blog.

    1 Gold and 1 Silver to Belgium – congrats!
    I’ll be right over.

  10. Congrats to you guys!

    My country got SO close to winning its first gold medal ever! And had to settle for silver. But still the guy got Rm 300, 000! AHhahah….getting even one medal is a big thing for my country.

    Thanks and congrats with the silver to Malaysia – Go for the gold in London next time!

  11. The Viking is named Andreas!

    Shame on me to name him wrong (Morten) – Thanks for telling me – Its updated of course!

  12. How wonderful for Norway! Congratulations!!!

    Thanks Maribeth and may I return the favour: After all US got most (110) medals in total!!

  13. Great Blog! Congrats to you and the victorious Vikings!

    Thanks David, always nice to welcome new readers and thanks for the compliment!

  14. Congrats to Norway!
    Singapore won a silver medal for table tennis. Just one.

    Wonder if Diane’s going to have a baby ten months later after this haul. hahaha….

    Thanks and congrats with the silver medal ECL!
    Not a chance – the Olympics has to be in Norway for en excitement like that ahahaaha

  15. Congrats to Norway!

    I caught bits and pieces of the Olympics.

  16. So you are very much a part of the Olympic spirit back in 1952 Renny hehehe…so cool :)

    Congratulation to Norway and also to the spirit of Olympic too :D

  17. I think Andreas Thorkildsen can throw so far because of his aerodynamic hair!

    Congrats to the Norway Olympians :-)

  18. Congratulations to Norway on their medals. Of course I am proud that USA won so many but just to attend as an athlete is to be an Olympian and a great honor. It was a beautiful Olympics and the Chinese are to be congratulated as good hosts.

  19. Congratulations to Norway on those medals!! you have every reason to be proud!!
    Being a Chilean native, we have no Olympic experience …almost!! the most exciting one was in Athens when Massu and Gonzalez won gold for the first time for Chile, men’s doubles in tennis. I watched the match and had to celebrate afterwards, it was such a glorious feeling of pride and happiness!

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  21. that’s an amazing medal tally indeed. My country won her first silver after the longest time. Cheers.

  22. Re – visiting for the olympics.. Well that might not be that hard. I think the north vancouver area will be very crowded but I could have a place to visit or stay. Pflight is now lucky enough to have visited the sites and to have said he went to where the Olympic city will be… Victoria could be a great change with a lot less people… :)

  23. I remember one year before my high school graduation in 1984 when Mary Lou Retton won the first women’s gymnastics gold medal for the USA at the 1984 Olympics. Her picture was every where and all us girls at that time wanted to be like her. Her moves were amazing!

  24. Guess what?! I have had wonderful champagne and white wine! All in one weekend….had the champagne at a wedding and the wine at home! Such goodness! Had to share with you the news!

    Hope you have a wonderful week….and good post.

  25. well, I did carry the torch from -52 at the Lillehammer Games in -94, and I also had a good chat with some of the “old” boys who presented the medals to the winners. I must say that the gold winners from earlier days where very nice guys.

    And yes, I had a press pass for the 50 km final, and was there when Smirre won :) If only my camera had worked properly :(

    All in all, it was quite an experience to be there in -94.

  26. Oh my dear, young friend:
    I did watch, with my parents, men’s cross country skiing during the Winter Olympics in Oslo 1952, when Hallgeir Brenden won is Gold Medal. I remember all the excitment and joy. My father even bought me a Hot Dog – the best ever. We watched the competion at Frognerseteren, could not afford tickets for the Stadium. (Remember this was only 7 years after WW 2 – and Norway was still a very poor country).
    I did not know, at that time, that hot dog would result with you – *giggles*.

    The Olympics are great. Hope the “everyman and -woman” in China will benefit positivly post-olympics. (Sic)

    Next event – the Winter Games in Vancouver BC, Canada. We Norwegians, well, that’s our Olympics as we are born with Skies. Right.

    btw. Now I’m looking forward to your 4 seasons project. A bloggerfriend has allready started (Minnesota):

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    I hope you’ll follow me!
    The Dackel Princess

  28. You guys did well in a variety of events. Canada didn’t do too badly either. We will really try to gear up for 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver!!

    Summer is pretty well over this coming weekend and kids go back to school next Tues. It got down to 3C last night and we still slept in out summer bedroom under many blankies!

    Just got back from our trip to the cabins and it was lovely. Come look at pics when you have time. Thanks for all your encouraging thoughts re:my health issues, Renny.

  29. Hey Renny,

    Congratulations are in order then! I congratulate the Norwegian Olympic team for its amazing achievement *clap clap clap*!

    You must be so proud!!

    Thanks for having shared the facts with us :D!


  30. Congrats x millions to Norway – an amazing achievement considering Norway is such a small country, just like Sweden is too!!!!

  31. You SHOULD be darn-tootin’ proud, Renny! And I think you’ve nailed it about when you were conceived! :)

  32. I saw the javelin live and I thought of you! The guy was quite amazing… we were watching both the run and the javelin at the same time (both happening on different side of the stadium) and everybody cheered when he broke the record. He was a funny guy too, joked about it a lot.

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