I was at a fabulous party last week – A review of 25 years of Norwegian Information Technology history – which really took us down memory lane. As a network evangelist, you know I love those kinds of gatherings and met a lot of good old friends as well as making new ones. I even met the Minister of Government Administration and Reform, Heidi Grande Røys, and that’s some of what I like about Norway: They are present, available, good listeners and easy to talk to and take part in gatherings like this as peers. We did put the world to rights of course :-)

But let’s start with an introduction of the birthday child ( År = Year ):

Computerworld 25 Year #1

They are what I would call a respectful representative of an IT magazine (both a paper and an Internet version of course). Computerworld Norway is owned by IDG Magazines Norway, a subsidiary of American International Data Group (IDG) – the world’s largest publishing house for IT-related publications.

Every one of the 300 guests where warmly welcomed by Chief Editor Henning Meese and Vice President Thomas Bergerskogen:
Computerworld 25 Year #27
Front: Edgar Valdmanis, Marketing Director at Norwegian Computer Society and Mr. Bergerskogen. Behind: RennyBA and Mr. Meese (Picture from CW).

To make it short, since a picture is worth a thousand words (click all pics to enlarge):
Computerworld 25 Year #4 Computerworld 25 Year #25
Left: The Evenings Speech by Ahlert Hysing. Right: The party party!
Computerworld 25 Year #26 Computerworld 25 Year #20
Left: The food – delicious. Right: The Birthday Cake.

There were Awards given out too, of course – The one of Honour was equally shared by The Norwegian Computer Society (NCS) and ICT Norway:
Computerworld 25 Year #7
Left side: Per Morten Hoff (ICT N) – Right Side: Tone Dalen (NCS)

The most spectacular and breathtaking performance however, was by Thea Blossom (12 years) in a trapeze – famous from Norwegian Talents:
Computerworld 25 Year #8 Computerworld 25 Year #10

Thanks all you folks in Computerworld: It was a hell of a party and I’m already looking forward to the 30 years Anniversary! Anyone want to join us then?


  1. Happy Birthday Computer World Norway. Looks like a good time had by all. The food looks delicious. The cake is awesome. I would love to come to Norway. One of these days. Thanks for inviting the rest of us to the party. Big hug to you and Diane. :)

  2. That looks like one fun party. And the food, you always have such wonderful food. :)

  3. It looked like a great party! Happy Bday to Computer World.

  4. Cool party! That’s the way – I hope – we celebrate all techie events…with lots of food. :)

  5. WOW! Must’ve been awesome rubbing shoulders with all those well-known people =)

  6. i really like your suits! and looking at the food made me hungry again! :) cheers, renny!

  7. RennyBA, I know CW’s party’s. They are allways of high standard.
    have not been, even invited, for the last ones. Think I have not funded them enough with ad’s. hehe. But I will allways remember both their 10th and 15th celebrations.

    But, what fun to meet and see so many of the local “IT-pioneers” once again.

  8. Oh it looks like a lot of fun. Will your blogger events in 2010 be so lavish? You know I am coming and if possible I wouold love to speak as well. Blogging, bringing people together inthis world, has truly changed my life.

  9. Computerworld has a magazine on the shelves right? That looks truly like a very glamourous party with chandeliers and all. Cheers!

  10. Hi Renny!

    Wow!What a fab party!computer,food,nice folks and entertaining shows!you cant ask for more!!

    Well,just keep up being the network evangelist :)
    Happy Wednesday!!


  11. I love a good party and that Computerworld one looks like a good one. Congratulations to them on their 25 years.

  12. Hey I must say this is so cool and I do know some organisation go all out to celebrate and all the more for 25 years!!! Happy Birthday to Computerworld Norway :D

  13. Happy B-day and here’s to another 30 :) Gosh, just think, we wouldn’t be able to communicate if it weren’t for these little thingies. We’re off on Friday to the mountains of Colorado again, so have a great week, weekend and enjoy the next one as well. CU soon. *lovies* to you and your wifey.

  14. Hey Renny!

    Happy Anniversary Norwegian IT :D!! 25 years: it is a big boy now lol :D!

    The party was nice, and that b-day cake seems delicious!! So, was it?

    I admire your propensity to network, my friend! There should be an Oscarette of life just for you :D!


  15. WOW! That looked like a WHOLE lot of fun!

  16. Thanks to share with us this important event in the Norway public life! I am a little jealous reading you when you speak about politics who are so easy to talk when in France we can’t expect a meeting like this with our ministers who are always So VIP in a ultra protected environment! All the food sounds so delicate and yummy!

  17. Looks like a heck of a party…and thats a great picture of Edgar hehehe!! The food looks fabulous, and I sure would love a piece of that cake!!

  18. Definitely looks like it was a great party… All of those business perks! ;-)

    And of course great pics. I just don’t know how you manage while doing a business thing… Ok – I just love summer because of the sunshine. Sunshine makes me so happy.. But you are right, the other months have their perks, just different. :)

  19. That looks like a wonderful party which I would have love to attend! Good food, good company, good entertainment.

  20. Hi Renny!

    How does it feel rubbing elbows with the top honchos? hihihihi…. Congrats!

  21. You social butterfly you! Good to hear (read) about people having fun – thanks for the photos.

  22. Renny, my dear, this looks like it was a WONDERFUL Party with great food and some delightful entertainment as well as a few Awards! Thanks for sharing this with all of us!

  23. Just think how much YOU have contributed in 25 years, Renny, to the computer world in Norway! I’m proud of you.

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