I’ve been travelling around quite a bit lately and this time in Norway. All the visits and nice comments encourage me to go on reporting from my country. This time I’ll take you to Bodø; up north of Norway to the Land of the Midnight Sun. I always want my readers to learn something from my posts – that’s another great thing about blogging: I got to learn something new too, you know, so let’s take a look at this charming old town:

Nordic Countries Bodø, granted township status in 1816, is the administrative centre of Nordland County. With its 45 000 residents it is the second largest town in Northern Norway, with excellent communications and fully modern facilities. I got there by plane, a bit more than an hour trip from Oslo. Most of the city was destroyed during a Luftwaffe attack on the 27th of May 1940. 6000 people were living in Bodø then, and 3500 people lost their homes. However the town was subsequently rebuilt after the war, ended in 1959 with the completion of the new town hall.

The town is surrounded by nature’s beauty and since I had a window seat in the plane, I took the opportunity to shoot some of the scenery with my Nokia mobile phone. Don’t worry: In disconnected mode! – sorry about the quality, but they did not let me open the window :lol: . Let’s start with one of a glacier Svartisen (click to enlarge):


Norway’s second to highest glacier and has an area of 370 square kilometres. It is the lowest positioned glacier on the European mainland, just about 20m above the ocean. This makes it easily accessible for glacier trips and other adventures. The highest point on the glacier is 1594 meters above the sea and the Engen-glacier has a thickness of up to 450 meters.

Then the magnificent, wild island coast line before we landed:
Bodoe #1 Bodoe #3

Downtown, you find the most wonderful docks with some breath taking mountains in the background over the fjord:
Bodoe #11

At the harbour, I found another beauty: A ‘Fembøring‘ is the largest type of open Nordland’s boat. It is about 12 meters long and has 5–6 pairs of oars:
Bodoe #15 Bodoe #12
This very boat has even been sailed as far as too Istanbul (Constantinople) – talk about good old seamanship – and you might know that the North Vikings was there with their boats a thousand years back.

Bodø lies just north of the Arctic Circle where the midnight sun is visible from June 2 to July 10. Due to atmospheric refraction, there is no true polar night in Bodø, but because of the mountains south of Bodø, the sun is not visible from the city from early December to early January. Average temperature for January is -2C (28F), while July 24-hr average is 13C (55F). When I was there, we had the loveliest weather and around 20C (68F). To give you the proof of the pudding, I took some picture outside the University College. The semester had just started and the student was enjoying the art of a sculpture in the sun:
Bodoe #6 Bodoe #7

I hope you learned something new about Northern Norway and enjoyed as much as I did sharing this. Admit it’s a town with a beautiful nature and I can tell you the people are warm and friendly! It’s a perfect place to spot the Northern Lights too, mostly in the winter time of course. If you go there in the winter time, you get a bonus: lots of snow :-)

Next stop on my round trip was Bergen, the capital of Western Norway. I’ll take you there in my next post, so stay tuned!


  1. Oh the harbour looks beautiful as does the sailing boat! I think the dark winters would be a little hard to handle, but I would love the land of the midnight sun in the summer!

    I do agree with you about the boat! You’ll get used to the darkness and the long summer nights compensates a great deal!

  2. Gorgeous scenery, and the climate sounds lovely! I do love snow and cooler weather.

    I can’t believe they wouldn’t let you open a window on the airplane so you could get a better photo! ;-)

    Have a great weekend, Renny and Diane, and Happy Labour Day, USA. :-)

    Love and hugs,

    I’m sure you would do well in the Land of the Midnight Sun Diane.
    Me neither and they where so very determine about the window ;-)
    Hope you’ve had a great one too and have a lovely Labour Monday :-)
    Tons of hugs back to you.

  3. the flight attendant didn’t call your attention re your phone? hehehe.

    i think when i get a chance to visit norway, i’ll know my way already. hehehe ;p

    No: Lucky me hehehehe
    And I guess you know how to find me too and to claim your free lunch ;P

  4. Wow, what an amazing place. I’ve heard of the Land of the Midnight Sun and it’s something I’d like to see. We learnt about it in school.

    In New Zealand, they get the Aurora Australis here, the Southern Lights. They’re eerily beautiful as they flicker silently across the night sky…usually in summer, too.

    Thank you for that interesting post, Renny. I’ve always like geography and your posts are most illuminating.

    I’m so pleased to hear that you learn something from my blog – that’s what I’m aiming for you know.
    I know you have the same phenomena down under too – didn’t know it was in the summer time though.

  5. Oh it is beautiful! I love this blog!!

    Hope you two are having a wonderful weekend!

    Thanks for the compliments Monica!
    We have and I hope you’re having a good one too!

  6. Fin reportasje fra Bodø – en koselig by. Ser frem til neste post ;-)

    Tusen takk – du har jo en fantastik flott blog med bilder og reportasjer fra Norge også!

  7. WOW! Neat! I’m surprised though that the average Jan. temp is only -2C which isn’t very cold! Why is that? I would love to see the Northern Lights there! I’ve seen them here in July, the best ever! Cool old Viking boats too.
    You’re lucky you get to travel so much and see things, and I’m lucky to see them via you and your posts! Thanks.

    The relative warm winter temperature is due to the coast climate and The Golf Stream – otherwise it would have been more like -20C.
    Yea, the Northern Lights is a nature beauty.
    I know I’m lucky and glad to bring you with – your welcome!

  8. land of the Midnight Sun! First time I’m hearing this. The harbour with the boats are lovely! I would love to travel in those boats. How do the women of Vikings feel? hmmm…

    Glad I could introduce you to this beauty of nature then.
    I guess the Viking woman stayed home and was happy for that :-)

  9. And it surprised me to hear about how low level that glacier is! Our glaciers in Switzerland start way over 2000 m or even more, higher. Very nice post, Renny!
    Thank you also for your comment on my blog.

    Well, we are above the Arctic Circle you know – its actually amazing that it goes down almost to the fjord.
    Your welcome Susanne and thanks the same.

  10. I especially liked the image you included of the wild island coast line. And, by the way, thanks for letting us have the option to enlarge the maps and pictures. It really helps one get a better sense of things … like the size of those islands. Being able to zoom in and see the the house and out buildings helps me realize those aren’t just mud flats there!

    The landscape is typical for the aria you know and I’m glad you took your time to enlarge and study the pics too – it gives a better impression of course.

  11. WOW!! Wow x 10 times all over and over again Renny. Such peace and tranquillity all over I just love it! I bet you have experienced the midnight sun I only know the days are so much longer when I was back in St. Petersburg & Finland back in 1995.

    What is the total occupation in this place Renny, just curious. Thank you for sharing.

    Thanks Shionge – glad you liked it. Yea, I’ve experienced the midnight sun and last time was in Kirkenes.
    I don’t know in details, but an important occupation is fishing and fishing industry of course.

  12. Renny Dear…Thank you for another trip to a place that I will never see….You continually introduce me to the wonders of your country through your vivide descriptions and your always Beautiful pictures!
    I LOVE the pictures of the outdoor sculpture….!

    Your welcome Naomi, its always a pleasure to guide you around in Norway.
    I knew you would like that sculpture :)

  13. Great shots from the plane!

    I just could not resist capturing that nature you know!

  14. Renny, the view from the plane is stunning! I love the picture with the cluster of islands.

    Glad you liked it too Stanley – the islands is one of my fave too.

  15. i love that shot of the mountains through the clouds. how majestic and rugged and beautiful.

    That pic wasn’t that good – glad you got an idea of its beauty anyway.

  16. Oh you travelling man. You seems to go all over beautiful Norway. Your blog is like a travelling magazine with lot’s of interesting facts.

    PS. Thank’s for have inspired me to start blogging. On August 31, it was 2 years since my first post.

    Its not that big of a country you know – thanks for the compliments!
    Happy Anniversary dear blog friend!

  17. Thank you for the tour of Norway. I can’t believe a year has passed since we were actually there. Looking forward to your view of Bergen as I really enjoyed our visit there. Have fun!

  18. Beautiful post Renny … this blog always has something grand!!

  19. The nerve of that airline, not letting you open the window for a better shot! Why, I never!

    Lovely shots, RennyBA….your country is truly amazing.

  20. You did only publish this yesterday! Gosh so many comments you have! I think your pictures are great and I am so much looking forward to experiencing the midnight sun someday with you. We will have to take a road trip and stop a little here and there and take in all the sights!

  21. Wow! These picture are just awesome. What a beautiful place. I have to go to your country for a vacation sometime, it is so beautiful.

    Love and blessings,

  22. you certainly would make a great travel agent Renny :)
    I’m glad that they wouldn’t let you open the window!!!!
    beaut photos.. :D

  23. Loved the pictures, esp Ariel shots, totally outta this world

  24. What a beautiful post Renny. Really, thank you for that. You make Bodø sound really interesting and I am wondering whether you should not perhaps be writing for the visitnorway.com site!
    I would love to go some time.
    Congratulations on a well written and informative post.
    Can’t wait to read about Bergen…my new home of the past 2 months! :-)


  25. How beautiful!!! I would love to visit your country one of these days…I still have 3 months to use up my Schengen Visa before it expires…yey!!! Btw, I have something for you here:


  26. Thank you for the interesting post. The midnight sun has been an intriguing phenomenon; I visit another Norwegian’s blog to check pics out from the different seasons. BTW, the picture of the dock with the seagull in the front is very good!

  27. I didn’t think that anyplace that far North would be colder than -2C in the winter. Looks great in the summer. It would be interesting to see a glacier, you just don’t see these in Connecticut or even after a one hour flight (Maine, for instance)!

  28. A very very interesting reportage, Renny!
    And you had a beautiful weather this day! I can say i learn a lot here and you make us very curious to know more about life and people living in the land of the Midnight Sun! And so fabulous in one hour only you arrive north of the Arctic circle!!! And I suddenly realize this part of the world, north of the Arctic circle, was attacked during the WW2 too! You did a super job here Renny and I stay tuned for the next post!

  29. Amazing photos! Especially the ones taken from the plane! An average of 13C in summer is too cold for me though.

  30. A wonderful tour. This just makes me want to visit more than ever. Beautiful, and yes, I learnt a lot too :)

  31. Beautiful photo, norway is cool
    if be likely , I want to try tour see wash time :)

  32. Clearing my throat; I guess you forgot to read the memo that clearly stated you were to bring the extra large cargo suitcase on the flight containing a very special companion. ;-)

    Renny this is the place I want to visit when I go to Norway. Ultimately, I would like to visit with the midnight sun as well as the northern lights. Two things I’ve yet to experience. This city looks like a mix in between North Vancouver and Victoria all in one. There is culture and life to the city, which is wonderful. I’m so happy I’ve moved back to that. I’ve missed that for a long while now!

    And please email me, I need to know the approx cost of a flight to Bodo. This would be comparable to Victoria to Vancouver in flight, or just a bit longer. By the way, I hope Pflight reads this. This is what he did on his flight in Vancouver, took photos. Too bad you couldn’t open the window… laughs.

  33. Beautiful! The scenery, and just the idea of being that North… I’d go for a visit!

    By the way, following our trip to Beijing/ Finland, I have a couple of questions for you… I know they are about Finland but I was wondering if by any chance, you knew!

    Anyway, Feng and I were wondering why:

    1) Accommodation in Finland was so expensive (population is small and there is room, right?)
    2) Generally speaking, why was the country so expensive (food, transportation was more than in France, which is already expensive!)
    3) What was the relationship of the three Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden and Finland) with Russia.

    If you have any clue…!

  34. Hey Renny,

    One thing to say only: absolutely spectacular!!
    Loved the pictures: I must say that you, my friend, live in a gorgeous country! :D

    I am convinced: I am travelling there next year :D!

    Thanks for sharing your trips with us; and in case you leave again: bon voyage :D!


  35. wow such a wonderful pictures and the views are awesome! your nokia mobile phone has a pretty nice quality :)

  36. I have a close friend who comes from Bodø but I’ve never seen any pictures from his hometown. Thanks for sharing these! The aerial photos are absolutely stunning! And what a thrill seeing them from your plane window

  37. Cool to see the glacier from above like that. And those boats, a treasure! Glad you had such an opportunity to go there within the work!

  38. Nice photos ! I would definitelly love to visit this country …

  39. Norway is a beautiful country. I’m from the very northern of Norway, a small town called “Lakselv”. It’s in the center of “Finnmark”. You have to visit it! In the winter you’ll see the fantastic northern lights, and in the summer you’ll se the midnight sun which is much better than i Norland. Sorry if my english is a little bit bad, I’m only fourteen years old you know.

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