IFIP World Computer Congress 2008 in Milan

This might not be a typical post for this blog, but after all RennyBA’s Terella is about my daily life and since I had a blast this week, of course I’ll share it with you – with a personal touch as well. Some might say it’s an odd way to describe it as a blast, but for an network evangelist working within the field of IT skills and professionalism, it was a thrill to attend WCC2008 for four days in Milan together with almost 2000 participants from all over the world. A short description:

IFIP_WCC2008-01 This was IFIP‘s – International Federation for Information Processing – 20th congress, excellent hosted by The Italian Computer Society AICA at MIC (Milano Convention Centre – the picture). The subject for the opening session was ‘Globalization on the Digital Scenario‘ and the closing session: ‘Towards an inclusive information society‘. There was even interesting Hosted Conference on ‘Woman & Technology‘ as well as ‘e-Inclusion

IFIP of course had their own Technical Conferences and there was Cross Sessions as well as Industry Oriented Conference. I was one of the last on the agenda, titled: ICT Professionalism & Competences where I gave a presentation:

If anyone wants to know how EUCIP (European Certification of Informatics Professionals ) Norway (where I am the CEO) is driving competence, let me me know in your comment and I’ll send you my presentation.

Enough of these technical things (hope I haven’t lost your attention!) and back to my personal twist and the phrase, A Blast: You see at the Gala Dinner on Sunday, AICA provided us with the most wonderful concert that went straight to my heart: The ‘Eight’ Season. Let me explain (from their program): The roundness of the terrestrial globe implies two hemispheres, consequently the seasons duplicate so we have twice four seasons. This was demonstrated by two wonderful composer – at a distance of 300 years: Vivaldi (Italian) and Piazzolla (Brazilian), drawing their inspiration from the colours, sounds and sensations which the seasons are able to evoke in their own hemisphere, creating true and immortal masterpieces (click the pics to enlarge and enjoy):
Milan State University Orchestra with the solo violin and conductor: Antonio Aiello

Since my blog is about Norway’s significant four seasons and I can easily picture all four in my head, you must understand this was a thrill for me and of course it helped with some pics at the screen behind them:
Left: Vivaldi’s ‘La Primavera’ (Spring). Right: ‘L’Inverno’ (Winter)

Oh yea: there was of course a most delicious dinner:
Italians makes the best pasta & lasagne as well as wonderful white and red wine

So this was a ‘short’ introduction to my week in Milan, but of course there is more. Its a wonderful city with great architecture, culture, fashion, food and a lot of other traditions. So stay tuned for more adventures experienced through a Norwegians enthusiasm for networking and tourist exploring!

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  1. I knew you’d been absent on the blogging scene more than usual, Renny.

    Vivaldi I’m familiar with, but the Brazilian composer I’ve never heard of that I can recall.
    I’ll be looking for more posts about your Milan experience.

    Right now we’re dealing with the remnants of Hurricane Ike; gusty winds, rain and occasional tornado warnings.

    Hope the remainder of your weekend is a good one, Renny and Diane. :-)
    Love and hugs,

    Yea it has been a very busy week – I hope you and the rest of my blogfriends understand and not feel neglected!
    The other composer was new to me too!

    We hear about Ike on the news – hope you don’t get blown away!
    Wish you a good one too with big hugs back to you from both of us :-)

  2. Oh, that’s why you went to Italy! I got your email with the answers to my question (very well explained) and I was waiting for you to come back to discuss them. Thanks for taking the time to write as you were busy packing!

    My favorite thing is, as usual, the yummy dish above :lol:

    Yea, and have been very busy but try the best I can to answer (glad you find it interesting).
    The food was delicious, yes :lol:

  3. You know I am very proud of you, and happy that you enjoy what you do as a career. That is so important when you spend so much of your life at work. I am happy you do something engaging to you. And its always a bonus when you get to travel to someplace so rich in tradition as old Italy!!! The food looks delicious and I know Vivaldi is one of your favourites!!

    Thanks my dear, your a wonderful supporter and its always so lovely to get home to you and share all the details – your such a great listener!
    Wish I could bring home some leftovers to you and also to hold your hand while listening to Vivaldi’s four seasons ;-)

  4. Renny – I’d love to see your presentation! This does sound exciting in so many ways. You are there to learn, to take in, to study, to listen to others and to observe.
    I bet the four x 2 seasons dinner was incredible. And yes it is great when you love what you do when you spend so much of your life doing it!

    Thanks for asking – the presentation is in your mailbox! Your right: Sharing Knowledge and Networking is my cup of tea you know.
    I do love my work and know I am fortunate!

  5. There seem to be a lot of “Conferences” and “Meetings” in other city’s for the Computer Comminity! You know what I think Renny? I think you all LOVE getting together and “partying”, and these Conferences are just an excuse to do so…lol! And what a GREAT way to get together—Good Food, Great Music, Fantastic company and some Exchanging of ideas….! PERFECT!

    You have a point here Naomi, but also networking means knew knowledge, inspiration, new contacts and the possibilities for business you know – like you say: A perfect match!

  6. Well, if I still had been working, it would have been a small chance that we would have met at that conference in Milan :-) Sounds like you really had a great time. Milan is a wonderful city and I’m looking forward to read your upcoming post too!

    Would have been great – lets go for WCC2010 together then :-)
    Just stay tuned for more Milan adventures!

  7. Houahhhh! I would want to be there to hear you! Speaking in front of so many people in a such atmosphere!!! Italian food seems so delicious! I stay tuned for more adventures in Milano!!!

    Maybe you want to go with me next time :-)
    See you for my next post then!!!

  8. My dinners never look like that! (why I steal fruit)

    If anyone wants to know how EUCIP (European Certification of Informatics Professionals ) Norway (where I am the CEO) is driving competence, let me me know in your comment and I’ll send you my presentation.

    Well, normaly mine does not either!
    The presentation is in your mailbox.

  9. Wow, You were a speaker, I am impressed. I know someone famous! The food, oh the food. I was married to an Italian, I know about the food, yum. I can’t wait to hear about the fun part of this trip!

    I tagged you so come by and see.

    Love and Blessings,

    Famous I don’t know, but it was fun anyway.
    Italians are great chefs you know.
    Thanks for tagging me!

  10. I’m wondering what the Viking did in Milan. hehehe….

    I would love to give you the 60″ Plasma TV but the shipping fees to Norway is too much! :P

    Wander no more – especially when you see my next post heheheh
    But you could deliver it personally :P

  11. What a joy to do something that you love and travel to exotic locations as well. I’m glad that you had a successful conference (and some delicious food and wonderful music).

    I do agree; A smashing combination!

  12. Wow! Milan! Now that is someplace I have never been, but for sure one day, will!

    Have a lovely week, RennyBA!

    Lets go together then!
    You too Susie!

  13. Milan…sigh. Oh well, I only have to wait a year or two and I’ll see it then. I adore Italian food and cannot wait to sample it in Italy…oh bliss.

    I like the concept of the eight seasons, only I have to shatter the illusion of eight seasons. You see, the Australian indigenous people have six seasons in their year and that’s in one hemisphere only. I have heard what they are, unfortunately, I can’t remember. Doncha hate that? Lol.

    Glad you had such a blast, Renny

    Hope you’ll have a grate trip to Italy too then!
    Thanks for enriches the subject with updates from Australia – very fascinating!
    Thanks Robyn.

  14. Can’t wait to try the pasta – just under three weeks! Can’t wait to read about the rest of your trip as it appears the first part went rather well. Bravo!

    I know you’ll soon be there too – hope I can give you some tips in my next post!

  15. Oh man,
    in the past you have posted from the very North of Europe, and here and there, and the from Milano or Milan or Mailand.
    Your a travelling man.

    One thing I would like to hear more about: Woman & Technology

    I will not comment on the fabulous meals. I even did not want to read about it. Do you hear me? Here we need hot soups an alike for the time beeing.

    btw. But on Saturday – Indian Summer

  16. hahaha ~ boring people on the technical details, when that women & technology one really raised my eyebrows. {grins} You inspire me to become a hardcore network evangelist. By the time i reach your age, i will probably be one ~ and will always remember you because of it. My husband’s been working with some wood that arrived from Norway ~ which makes it even more special for me because it feels like there’s a part of your spirit living in my house at the moment. Oh you know, all those trees, bushwalks, BBQs and seasons. Enjoying the turn of spring over here for another round while the weather would be turning again for you over there. Wishing you well in Milan, and hope you have enough right-kinds-of-clothes for the winter ahead ;)

  17. “If anyone wants to know how EUCIP (European Certification of Informatics Professionals ) Norway (where I am the CEO) is driving competence, let me me know in your comment and I’ll send you my presentation.”

    Oops, i forgot to add this bit. Yes please! :D

  18. Oh Renny this is so great! I am gonna tell my Son Al and have him have a look at this page. He will be sooo interested.
    You know my whole family is web dedicated through our businesses. My husband is an IT exec. My Son owns his own Web Developement Company and is currently in University getting his Software Engineering, and my youngest Son is in Corporate media production and heading toward film. Plus little ole me, the blogger turn web craft guru…
    Like you, our lives are run by our life of Web.
    I would really like to see your presentation too! Maybe in future years we will all be attending these conferences together :)

  19. Hey Renny!

    Madonna mia: non ci credo…sei in Italia!!! :D
    You are in the capital of Fashion: fantastic!

    Please allow me to start by the end: delicious plate (what is it, exactly? I can see you made a bit of a mix there)!

    I gather that the conference is going well for you, there; and you looked really nice during your presentation…very professional!
    I am not an IT person, I confess…but I always find these things interesting…

    And do not get me started on Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: I absolutely love it! No, I adore it!!! I listen to them (the four) all the time…do you have a favourite?

    Renny, thanks for sharing this with us: loved it!!


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