My wife Diane and I are invited to celebrate Anna’s 3*20s Birthday this weekend. A great honour for both of us, of course and my regular readers know that Tor is a good, old friend and has been a wonderful colleague for years. We met Anna a couple of years ago, and have been charmed by her ever since. To make it short: it feels like we’ve known her for years – a perfect match of chemistry, if you know what I mean :-)

Here is how we broke the ice at our vacation home in Sweden with a wonderful seafood dinner (click to enlarge & enjoy):

Sea Food Welcome
RennyBA, DianeCA, Anna and TorAa

The celebration will take place at Holmsbu Fjord Hotel a beautiful accommodation in the charming small old town. Built in the 1880s the hotel has style and old world charm, not to mention a breathtaking view of the bay on the city of Drammen’s fjord. The guest list reaches fare beyond the Norwegian boarder – in fact we will be picking up a Dutch couple in Oslo and bringing them with us to the hotel. An exciting chance – organized by Tor of course – to get to know some of the guests before the party!

During this week, TorAa has made posts presenting the guests – please go visit him for further introductions. For blogfriends, I might add that even Mr. and Mrs. Lifecruiser from Sweden will be there too! So you can be quite sure that some of YOU will be mentioned in the dinner conversation. All in glowing terms of course!

Both Tor and Anna can be described as fun, impulsive and adventurous people, so I am sure that the party will be full of action! We can honestly say we are looking forward to this with anticipation. I’m sure we’ll have a blast, so I can’t promise anything. I have a feeling though, there might be a wireless network available, so come back and check mine and TorAa’s blog during the weekend for updates and surprises!

Update #1: Holmsbu
We’ve arrived at the charming city of Holmsbu, have met some of the guest and just checked in to our room. It’s wireless connection here – yippppy – so once in a while, I might be able to share some from this weekend with you (click all pics to enlarge and enjoy):

Holmsbu-01 Holmsbu-02
The Holmsbu City

The dinner table with Tor and Anna

Update #2: Aperitif:

Aperitif #1 Aperitif #2
Left: The Aperitif is served at the deck in front of the hotel. Right: Blogger friends Unite! Does anyone recognise any of us?

Update #3: The Dinner:
Dinner Spech #1 Dinner Speach #2
Left: Anna & Ingelin (Toast Master). Right: Tor & Ingelin

Dinner Starter Dinner Main Course
Left: Starter: Scallops. Right: Halibut
Dinner Dessert Coffe Avec
Left: Dessert: Chocolate Mousse. Right: Coffee Avec.

The Three Musketeers
The Three Musketeers

Then we danced all night and if you like more details, please go visit TorAa‘s!


  1. Happy birthday to Anna!

    Thanks Teena, I’ll pass it on!

  2. happy birthday to anna. i hope everyone has a wonderful time!

    We will – keep following the updates to this post!

  3. Happy birthday to Anna, and I hope y’all have a grand time!

    Love and hugs,

    Thanks on behalf of Anna and we’ll certainly will!

  4. Happy Birthday Anna! It looks like a wonderful time!

    I am getting sooooooooooo excited about my visit Renny! :)

    Thanks again – we will!
    I’m counting down too Olga :)

  5. Gratulerer så mye med gebursdagen Anna. Ønsker dere allesammen en koslig aften.

    And remember, we want photos, lots of photos.

    Jeg skal gi Anna en klem fra deg til henne – takk for gode ønsker!
    Keep checking and you’ll see.

  6. Oh, I do wish I were with you all! Oh well, I will be there in spirit!

    You just have to come next time for an occasion!

  7. Here’s to having a wonderful time at the party!

    Thanks Lisa – I’ll pass it on to Tor & Anna – would have loved to have you here too!

  8. I will be with you as a ghost although it’s not yet Halloween. The table looks like dressed for THE QUEEN ! Wonderful ! I am sure you will have a lot of fun ! I am curious to see the first reports !!

    Your the most welcome ‘ghost’ Gattina and hope you like what you see on the updates too !!

  9. Happy Birthday to Anna. I hope that you all have a wonderful time at the celebration. It sounds like it’s going to be an “outstanding” event!

    Thanks Diva – outstanding is the right word!

  10. Oh, wonderful pre-views!! can’t wait to hear/see more, I am sure it was a wonderful celebration.

    Hope you like the rest of the post too then – and You and all Others are welcome to another comment!

  11. Oh, it looks such fun. I hope you all have a fabulous time. I’m going over to wish Anna a happy birthday now…

    We did – hope you really can see that in the updates.
    Nice of you to greet Anna at TorAa’s blog….

  12. OMG, Can’t believe I was there too. :lol:

    But you was Tor – just watch the pics :lol:

  13. What a fantastic celebration! So wonderful to be with so many old (and new friends) I hope Anna had a very, very happy birthday.
    Great photographs as usual, Renny!

    I knew you would love it Diane and I can tell you it was a blast.

  14. Oh my goodness, just look at that table! What a wonderful celebration. It looks as though you all had a wonderful time.

    A perfect table to celebrate Anna you know and we had a blast.

  15. It looks like a wonderful evening was had by all – just look at the size of that table – huge. The 3 muskateers look very dashing.

    Well, almost 30 guests you know.
    Thanks for the compliments ;)

  16. Oh, the food, it looks so good. What a wonderful vacation. It looks like you are having a great time. The pictures a wonderful. Tell Tor to have a very Happy Birthday!

    Love and Blessings,

    Well, it was more like a weekend, but felt like a vacation. I will pass your greetings to Tor’s wife.

  17. Ooops, I forgot I have a little something for you at my site.

    Love and Blessings,

    Thanks, what an honour – its collected on my Awards page.

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  19. Happy birthday to Anna! Looks like you’ve had an amazing time this weekend! The photos look amazing.

    Thanks – I’ll pass it on – we had a jolly good time!

  20. I’m very happy to know that you had an incredible time. The photos of the evening are just incredible. One thing to note: I actually think that harbour looks so much like a tiny harbour here in Victoria. The houses are quite similar as well. Odd? or not?

    Anna looks absolutely stunning on her night and I laughed as Tor and Ingrid made Anna blush in one of the photos. What a night you must have had!

    I knew you would like this and your so observant: I’ve told you at your posts and pics from Victoria that there is a similarity and Yes: Anna blushed at that picture – it was an unforgettable night!

  21. What could be better than Good Food, Good Friends and Good Fun??!

  22. Lovely party…Happy Birthday to Anna….and so glad you guys had such a good time.

  23. How lively to see all the good wishes flowing in even now. I had a wonderful time and wish to thank you, and of course our hosts Tor and Anna!!

  24. Oh it looks like a FABULOUS time was had by all! It is so much fun to see these pictures because it makes me feel more of a participant though I wasn’t actially there! Thanks for this Renny!

  25. Hey Renny,

    Happy Birthday to Anna! – first of all! :D

    Whoah…you guys had a lot of fun! The table looked beautiful, and yes I recognised you, your wife, Anna and Tor: you all look extremely happy :D!

    Thanks for sharing the photos: they look great!
    Now, I will visit ToraAh’s blog and check it out more…


  26. YES! The Baron and the Baroness (lol) says: It sure was a blast! ALL the guests were such nice guests and we finally could meet you and Diane too in real life! wooot!

    I can’t believe that it already is in the past. Lovely memories…

  27. Looked fabulous! What a sweetie Tor is for making it so special for Anna! And you guys are so lucky to be such good friends!

  28. Happy Birthday to Anna!

    Oh wow! how awesome! That is one great party and the lovely opportunity to meet all of you! I should have been there!!! Anna is so lucky!

    You look so handsome in the last photo. :)

  29. :lol: I love the musketeers pictures! :lol:

    You guys look like three kids sneaking out to smoke.

  30. You all had way too much fun, Renny! I wish I could have been there! :)

  31. It was really a great great fest! I enjoy watching at your blogs! I can fast hear people around the table, the speaks and laughs. I smile watching at Mr and Mrs Lifecruiser’s costums! I am sure Tor’s friends had a such surprise when they saw some nice people of the XVIIIe century at the party! Anna has a such chance to find the nicest viking it can be! Lot of love and happiness in Norway this day!

  32. Really enjoyed the alternative perspective of this event with other photos – what an inspired menu. Cheers to Anna.

  33. i have been to Holmsbu. lovely place.. oh mrs lifecruiser looks so grand with her baroness outfit…..

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