Networking with whisky at Dr. Jekyll’s in Oslo

I’ve had some magic moments tonight and of course I’ll share them with you. My regular readers know I call myself a network evangelist and as board member of LinkedIn Norway, we throw a net meeting three of four times a year. The last couple of times we’ve called them Magic Moments as we invite people with different backgrounds and experience to share their passions in a 10 minute short speech. In between there is of course plenty of time for mingling and networking. Tonight we were at Dr. Jekyll’s Pub in downtown Oslo. Since I always have my Nokia 6680 handy, I like to document my posts with pics, you know. Even if the lightening was a challenge, I hope you get an idea – lets start with tonight’s host, Mr. Amund Arnesen (click them to enlarge and enjoy):


This bar has a special atmosphere and a unique collection of whiskey and of course Amund is passionate about it. His contribution tonight was to talk about and serve us a 25 years old one – 1982 Berrys’ Own Selection Caol Ila – Scotland:
DrJekyll-01 DrJekyll-02
Caol Ila (Gaelic for ‘the Sound of Islay’) is considered to be one of the lighter of the Islays. Medium bodied with a rounded flavour as well as pale in colour with a greenish tinge. This malt has a peaty nose, with distinct floral notes. It is described as tasting slightly of seaweed/iodine, lightly medicinal, smoky, salty and sweet with a dry peppery finish.

We did not ended there, so let me share some more Magic Moments with you:
Linda Elen Olsen shared some findings from her Master Paper: Professional Networking Online – A qualitative study of LinkedIn use in Norway

Ole Peder Giæver & Martin Gudmundsen from Itras city share with us a surrealistic role-play.

My very good friend and serial entrepreneur Truls Berg, talked about his last written book: ‘The Information Ocean

and then at last, but not the least – another good friend:

Rune Semundseth, Inspired us to some good thinking about Life Mastering and how to ask the right questions.

Its not easy to give you the full atmosphere and fully explain an evening like this, but it was a good time for us and I at least gave you a glimpse of some of the highlights. I met some good old friends, and made some new and even got some business appointment for next week. As a network evangelist; who can ask for more? For those of you who want to network with me professionally, here is my LinkedIn profile.

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  1. Yes, I am truly beginning to understand how the Internet World of Blogging has changed my life. I now speak of my friends in Norway, Belgium, Germany and England. I feel so close to you all even though we have not met in person.
    Blogging, sharing our lives, our homelands and hopes for a better future, is such a wonderful way to grow in this world!

    Very true Maribeth and it goes with my saying: Blogging Connecting People‘ and is an important part of my network too. Blogshpere is a great place to build down cultural, religious and other barriers you know!

  2. I have yet to attend a meeting with people I met online (not that many bloggers here in Ottawa!) but I’d definitely love to follow in your footpath. What a network you have!

    You will get your chance too Zhu and when so: Carpe Diem!
    I’m proud to count you into my network and I’m sure one day we’ll meet!

  3. First off, I’m so sorry I ended up not coming, I really wanted to, but having a cold is not the best way to enjoy such an evening…

    I trust Ole-Peder and Martin were their usual inspiring selves?

    Sorry you could not come too – it was a blast. Get well and see you next time!
    Ole-Peder & Martin really was inspirational!

  4. No rest for the wicked I’m afraid, I’ve packed my days both saturday and sunday, not to mention I’ll be back at work monday so…

    hmm, sounds busy – don’t forget to have fun too then!

  5. hi renny…

    ron (my hubby) would have loved to visit that pub if he had longer period of stay in oslo. we’re thinking of visiting before our schengen visa expires on nov…

    btw, here’s something for you:

    i played the classical cds and not only Mr. Troll is happy, i had a wonderful sleep as well… =)

    Wish you could have been there too – tell me in advance if your coming back to Norway!
    Thanks for your Award – how sweet of you – I’ll pick it up later on during the weekend.
    Glad you like Norwegian classic music and yea: it can be relaxing too =)

  6. That looks like so much fun Renny!

    I am sending hubby to Norway for a week in November. My friend – Monica – planted the seed (what am I doing in the UK when I can be in Norway). It’s just important for me to know that hubby could live there because he wants to and not because he is trying to please me.

    Your blog just keeps reminding me what a special place it really is.

    It was Caroline – I wish you and your hubby could be there too!
    Please let me know if you want me to meet your hubby in Norway – I’ll gladly show him around in the Oslo aria!

  7. My hubby would have loved to be there, he loves whisky! :) I like it that you included blogging here in your LinkedIn profile!
    Have a great weekend!

    Great – hope you would have liked to be there too! :)
    So we can connect at LinkedIn too?

  8. What a fantastic and fun way to network! Thanks for sharing what is certainly an enjoyable evening you had.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    A great way to combine business with pleasure you know!
    Wishing you a great one too!

  9. I have to admit that you Norwegians are so creative. Networking is fun in that kind of setting, and giving everybody 10 minutes is a wonderful way to get acquainted.

    Funny and American says so – your suppose to be networking experts you know :)

  10. looks like a very stimulating and informative evening Renny..
    I like the atmosphere and the lighting….it looks like the bar has a wonderful ambience :)
    enjoy your weekend :)

    Your right Kim and in a great combination.
    The lightening was great for anything but photo shooting :)

  11. Yes, I remember these kind of events from my working time. It’s a great way. Love the pub interior too.

    Well, we all know how important networking are, both in work and free time!

    I know you are a great networker too – it shows a lot in Blogsphere.

  12. Ah thanks Renny! That is very generous of you, I would appreciate that very much. He loves meeting people and I’m quite sure the two of you will get along well.

    Sounds great and please tell me in advance as I have a busy schedule.

  13. That sounds fascinating…I like the name of the bar, too. You do have a lot of fun, Renny.

    I like the name too: creative and original.
    Nice to combine business with pleasure you know.

  14. You are the person that are everywhere both in person and mind all the time.
    By accident, well it seems I know some of the persons here presented.
    PS. Whisky helps – in small portions.

    have agreat rest of this weekend.

    btw. yes, we recover from last weeks 3×20 event and hard work at job.

    I do the best I can – for sure you would recognize some of them.
    PS: Your right: we had only 2cl
    I wish you a good one too – the last one was unforgettable.

  15. Looks like a great place to have a lot of fun. I just don’t see that happening here. I think the only thing which could occur that way, is a meeting between just a few people, but maybe I’m just not networked enough yet. ;-)

    And by the way, are your meetings mostly in Norwegian or English?

    It was a perfect place and why don’t you start with a few, based on the same concept and it’ll grow!
    Our meeting is mostly in Norwegian, but if there are English speakers, we change.

  16. Cool idea of physically networking with LinkedIn members. And I also like the name, Dr. Jekyll…does it change into Mr. Hyde after midnight? :)

    Its the combination of physical meeting and LinkedIn gives great business opportunities.
    I think it stay Dr. Jekyll al night through :)

  17. You really are an evangelist, Renny, in the best sense of the word. I love your passion! :)

    Thank you dear blog friend – how nice of you to say so :)

  18. Dr Jekyll’s Pub seems a very intimate and comfortable place! And the best whisky at the entry… This must have been a real magic moment!

    Yea Claude, in Norwegian we would say cosy and just perfect for magic moments.

  19. Renny your enthusiasm is catching! How wonderful that you have found a way to mix business with pleasure.

    How nice of you to say so Hexe – I’m flattered!

  20. As a co-member of the board at, I can only add that we are very lucky to have Renny with us. He’s an inspiration for all of us, as we are trying to get the grip on professional networking. Thank’s Renny!

    What a nice endorsement from the board leader – thanks Morten!

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    See you at SlogBite

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