Hunting the Nordic golden beauty of Fall

Oppppsss, its fall already and hosting a blog about the significant four seasons in Norway and the Nordic countries it’s about time to mark the change in the weather and nature. We’re passed equinox already: this year it was the 22 of September where the Sun passing over the Earth’s equator, in its annual cycle with the day and the night equally long. That is one of the significant changes in seasons in Norway. At summer solstice the sun rise in Oslo at 3:53AM and set at 22:44PM and at winter solstice the similar time is 9:30AM and 15:30PM. So we are soon going into hibernation or at least its dark when you go back and forth to work.

I like this change: you learn to appreciate the lovely light summer nights even more after going through fall and winter. However, it’s hard to tell which season is the best as all four have their charm. Of course you learn to appreciate the warm summer in Oslo when we last July had a whole week with temperature around 30C (86F). At fall we are more likely to be around 5 to 15C (41 to 59F), not to mention winter from 0 to -20C (32 to -4F).

But now it’s the end of September, the first month of fall and what is great then: Well, my wife and I were at our vacation home in Mariestad this weekend – in mid/south Sweden – approximately at the same latitude as Oslo and with mostly the same climate, fauna and flora. There I went photo hunting to show you and try to describe:

The clear, blue sky – the crisp fresh wind, and of course the golden beauty in the leaves of the trees. It was 15C and at this same beach we were swimming and tanning in 30C less than 3 month ago.

On Sunday we had a nice walk around in the city. There you find the same atmosphere and spirit:
Fall2008-09 Fall2008-04
Left: At the Tidan river. Right: At the old town square (if you click to enlarge you also see an old traditional Swedish phone booth on the right side).

This weekend there was their yearly Harvest Festival (click to read all about it from my post last year!) and in the beautiful tree lined alley in the middle of the city, they had an art exhibition:

Let me show you some more to exemplify what I mean:
Fall2008-02 Fall2008-03
Fresh crisp air and the artistic beauty of fall.
Fall2008-06 Fall2008-08

On our way back to Norway, we passed this farm which also reminded me of fall as the time of harvest:
(taken with my Nokia mobile phone – the others with Nikon CoolPix) In the middle you see the white marshmellows on the field and then you know its fall.

Soon we’ll have frost (well there has been a couple of a frost nights already) and snow and I’m looking forward to that too. But first we’ll enjoy the fall season – in all its freshness and beauty.
So there you have Norway in a nutshell, from the land of the midnight sun to the winter wonderland….and all the beauty in between!

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  1. We just drove through the Catskills of New York on Monday and the colours were just lovely and bright. I love Autumn!

    You know my FIL drove me around in your national park, The Adirondacks a couple of years ago and it was breath taken – I almost felt like home you know.

  2. Our trees and foliage have just the slightest kiss of color, but we could have frost in the next week or so. I love the cooler weather of Fall, and of course Winter is not too far off.

    Lovely tour of photos, Renny!

    Happy Fall weekend!
    Love and hugs,

    What a promising start to the season for you too then and I know we are two of a kind in favouring winter too.
    Wishing you the same with a bunch of hugs back!

  3. We have a very similar landscape in Canada right now with the fall colors. We are just missing the crisp blue sky… it’s been raining for a few days now. But at least, it’s still relatively warm.

    I know I would felt at home in Canada too – that’s why I would have loved to go there one day – hope you’ll have better weather soon to enjoy fall the fullest.

  4. Absolutely beautiful. It is so pretty there and peaceful. I loved you pictures, you did some really good work. I am impressed.

    I have a little something for you at my site.
    Love and Blessings,

    Glad you liked it and got the spirit..
    I’ll be over later – thanks!

  5. I love how Norwegians know so much about their sun, their mountains, their land, and their seasons. They are so close to their nature – it’s a part of who they are.

    I enjoy your blog ;)

    I think you really caught the Norwegian soul there L-Jay.
    Great to see you and thanks for the compliment ;-)

  6. The fact that autumn announces winter and a dark season ahead, I don’t appreciate these colorful trees at all ! I prefer them green !! lol !

    BTW if you want to see a very old Abbey not so far from Brussels I visited one Villers la Ville Abbey

    But don’t you think you appreciate green trees even more when they really are so then?
    I’ll catch up on your blog later.

  7. The colour of the leaves looks amazing. I have yet to visit a country during fall. And its great to hear that snow is coming, hahahaha. I have experienced snow before but not a snowfall. Do you guys get a white Christmas every year?

    Glad you liked it too and your welcome to a personal experience any time.
    In the good old days it was always white Christmas, but not 100% and regularly the last 10 years.

  8. I like fall – I just don’t like all the rain. Lovely photos Renny!

    You can’t have one without the other you know – at least in Norway :-)

  9. Hey Renny,

    Beautiful fall in Norway! Beautiful indeed! Your pics perspire this immense peace: well done :D!

    I also love the beauty of four seasons, but I must confess that I love summer (cold weather is too much for me, but then again I was born in Africa lol)! I shouldn’t complain much because here in Portugal, winter is extremely mild (in comparison to your country, well, many countries in Europe) and sunny; but still our summer is better!

    Renny, thank you for sharing fall with us :D!


  10. me and family have been staying in Finland for a year now and the way you describe Nordic fall is very descriptive of how it is. today is a rainy autumn.

    I envy your warm summer at 30C? it was less than 20C here most of the time.

    warm regards from Finland,

  11. Beautiful pictures Renny, of a Beautiful time of year! And would you believe it was 100 degrees here yesterday and it feel like maybe it is around 96 degrees today…..Los Angles has this strange weather at times….Late Summer Heat…OR Early Fall Heat….take your pick. Very Very Different from Norway, I know!

  12. Hi, Renny!

    Hope you still remember me.

    I’d like to request your assistance in promoting my cousin’s entry in a scholarship contest sponsored by Converse. She needs more online votes and I thought it may be possible thru a blog post, considering the diversity of readers you have. For the link, you can check my blog.

    It’s a request, so you may grant it or not. :)

    Thanks so much!

  13. Marvellous,
    it’s so beautiful and charming in and around Mariestad.
    And now our dear friends – I think we have been there in your wonderful leisure home at all the 4 wonderful seasons we have here in the Nordics.
    You know we have the most sensational memories from our visits.
    We will come back.

  14. hi, renny! i envy you guys in europe! those trees and all those beautiful colors and flowers are things i don’t see or can experience here in the philippines. beautiful pictures. i really enjoy your stories. :D

  15. oh you already have some beautiful autumn colors peeking through. to me there is nothing so beautiful as a blue sky day against the blazing leaves with some evergreens in there too. i just love all those vibrant colors together.

    it’s hard to imagine the vast changes in the amounts of daylight over the course of the year. for that reason alone i think it would be fascinating to spend a year in norway and get to see all of the changes.

  16. Hi Renny,
    Oh these are simply wonderful pictures. They are just beautiful.

    Please forgive my long absence it was not due to not wanting to visit. I simply was not able to blog for about 5 months.

    I am slowly but surely making my rounds again to all of the wonderful people that I have missed so much.

    I hope you have a grand week and please please keep taking pictures!!:-)

  17. Thanks for taking these amazing shots! Out of all the seasons, I love fall the most. And it has truly set in here in Oslo. It’s much colder, and the air is crisp. Have a great weekend to you and your family!

  18. i always love to see pictures of trees with different colors of leaves, some deciduous. nothing like them here in this tropical country

  19. Your photos are beautiful, Renny. Norway is certainly a lovely country and I love looking at your pictures.

    We really don’t have the seasons as well defined as you do. There’s two months of cold weather with the six months of the year delightfully temperate as it is right now, then about three months of the Wet season, lots of rain, very high, sticky humidity. Not pleasant, but I prefer that to the cold.

  20. Beautifully captured, all these photos, by a man who truly appreciates nature! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos Renny!
    May you have a fantastic weekend :)

  21. Such beautiful, colorful pictures, Renny!
    I’ve been in denial about the change of seasons. I just don’t want to let the summer go, but alas – we have no choice. :)
    Pretty soon I’ll be taking some fall shots, too.
    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend! xxxooo

  22. lovin’ the fall season! very colorful, and the trees look great against the blue sky. i can imagine how it’s like over there whenever you describe the seasons, coz no matter what season it is in norway, i think everything’s magical. :)

  23. You captured so well the nordic automn’s beauty! I can say automn begins now only and I appreciate it too. Have a lovely Sunday, Renny!

  24. Very pretty! Renny, have the seasons been changing at all in Norway. In many places around the world, I have noticed unusual weather changes. For example in Pune, the winter has gotten colder than before.

  25. oh what beautiful photos Renny!!!
    the colours…the beaches…the towns and the outdoor art exhibition…lovely :)
    the marshmallows have me intrigued..they are huge!!!
    ps I’m a marshmallow addict ;)

  26. Thanks x millions for your birthday greetings, both the card and the nice comments!

    It’s warming my heart a day like this when the rain is pouring down… Funny how it’s almost always bad weather on my birthday… *giggles*

  27. Nearly a week late but that’s okay.. It seems our leaves here only turn colours for a very short while before they turn brown. Your leaves seem to stay yellow until they fall. Of course we do have those super colourful trees at the top of your photo which turn every colour. I just love that!

    I must work on going out for a hunt with trees in mind…

    We do get much of the same temps as you (not 30 at all 14 or 16C), just a bit simpler and more mild. We had one crazy day of rains and winds, but we dodge most of the Vancouver weather which makes me sooooooooo happy! We get more winds and off and on rain as it seems. :)

  28. The coming of fall is always so welcome to me, Renny, because I don’t do well in very hot weather like we get here in Atlanta. But we are way behind you and my family in Michigan who are already seeing the beautiful autumn colors. It will come soon, however, and I’ll delight in it all.

  29. Hello Renny!

    I just love the colors during Autumn. I have not been taking photos of the Autumn colors. Not yet. :) But soon! :)

  30. I hope you don’t mind – I just made that picture my desktop background! I can’t believe that last one came from your cell phone.

    I think I told you before, but my old roommate was from Oslo, like a lot of other students here. I might even be going to visit her, this summer. I think I need to win the lottery first, judging by prices. Here in Hungary, we are experiencing a minor heat wave – up to 71 degrees today! Not bad for October, eh?

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