I had another quality time with my wife on Sunday and of course I’ll share it with you. Quality in the sense of a nice, long and peaceful walk in our neighbourhood. It was a wonderful morning; partly cloudy, about 12C (54F) with crisp, fresh air. I brought my Nikon CoolPix camera with me so let me show you an example of the scenery – to get you into the right autumn mood (click all pics to enlarge and enjoy):

Autumn in Norway - Forest #1

My faithful readers know I love nature – to be out there and see, feel, smell and experience the beauty of the elements. Every season has its charm and for autumn, it’s the colour as the sign of the end of summer before nature goes into hibernation. Some feel its kind of sad – I think it’s a proof of the ecologic lifecycle and the fact that change makes an interesting variety in life.

So we walked and talked – about all and nothing. In the daily life with a hectic schedule, it’s important to have the chance to just be together, I think. To talk or walk in silence and to share moments of the beauty of natural elements:

Autumn in Norway - Forest #2

We talked about Blogsphere and our friends all around the world of course. As a matter of fact, this trip was also done so that we could show you our neighbourhood. We live in an Oslo suburb, just 15 minutes from the capital of Norway and here is an example from a street we passed:
Autumn in Norway - Oslo Suburb #4
Most of the houses are wooden as there is a lot of trees around you know.

The more we walked and looked around, the more interesting it got. We were thinking: We have to show our blog friends this and that. So as pictures say more than a thousand words, let’s start:
Autumn in Norway - Horses #1 Autumn in Norway - Horses #3
Horses at a farm.

Autumn in Norway - Bee House #1
Bee houses – honey is good and healthy you know!

Autumn in Norway - Cattles #1 Autumn in Norway - Cattles #4
Cattles in an open pasture – the same hill children learn skiing on in the winter time.

I can assure you; we had a wonderful time – really a great way to recharge our batteries – and took plenty of more pics too. I’ve found this way to share them all: A movee of how it is to walk around in the beauty of the golden fall one Sunday in Norway – enjoy:

Be sure your speakers are on – the music is ‘Morning Mood’ by the Norwegian composer, Edvard Grieg.


  1. That was most enjoyable. Thanks for allowing me to go on your walk too. I loved the video and the music was awesome. I really liked the house with the big balcony. Great place to have dinner and some good wine with friends. Have a great day. Big hug to you and Diane. :)

    Glad you liked to walk along with us as well as the vid and Norwegian classic music.
    Diane and I was thinking the same when we saw the red house too :)
    Wishing you the same – tons of hugs back!

    We just had the warmest sunniest Thanksgiving ever…it was 28C for 2 days!

    Thanks Ruth and I do agree: Norway and Canada are twin countries!
    Belated Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. That was just lovely, Renny, and the music was just right for the video. But I love Greig’s music anyway. I am fascinated by where people live and love seeing around the various neighbourhoods. Thank you for that, Renny. It was most enjoyable

    Glad you liked it Robyn and of course you are welcome too.

  4. That is beautiful, Renny! Thanks, I really enjoyed it.

    I knew you would Maribeth :)

  5. It doesn’t get any better than this, Renny. Thanks for sharing my favourite season of the year…as YOU see it there in Norway!

    Awwww Ginnie, it my favourite too you know!

  6. Wow! The yellow leaves look lovely!

    Yea, they really do!

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  8. I enjoyed “our” walk. What a lovely thing to share. If all these photos are from a walk in your neighbourhood you are very fortunate to live where you do. Tulsa, Oklahoma is in a warmer climate so our leaves are just beginning to turn but we will have nice colour before long. I will post them to my blog.

    I think a cloudy day is best for seeing colourful foliage. It makes the colours more intense. These are really wonderful pictures. Thank you.

    Glad you could walk along then and I’m looking forward to your post when the time comes.
    Maybe your right: we was hoping for more sun, but it turned out quite nice after all.

  9. As autumn makes me rather sad, I avoid to walk in the woods. I love these wooden houses, wood is such a good isolation against cold or warm.

    Sorry you feel it is sad, but happy you liked the houses then.

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  12. I watched it as a slide show on your flickr and it was so stunning – the colours just jumped out at me. England has got different colours – not so strong I feel. Or maybe it’s just the imagination……

    Anyway, beautiful.

    How nice and you are so sophisticated in using Flickr. If you hunt for it, I’m sure you’ll find some in your neighbourhood too.

  13. Thank you so much Dear Renny…

    The universe is so good and great,
    God is made of love and faith,
    The stars will shine day and night,
    See the flowers, see the light..

    The water and the pure fresh air,
    The wind that you cant touch anywhere,
    The sky so green or blue,
    Please we care about you…

    The true love of our dearest God,
    Doesnt go against anybody,
    Please look at the waves in the sea,
    Believe in you, God and me,,,,

    Thank to the ones that can see the light… i dont post so many things about God because im not and expert about God!
    I just love God and every single creation made my God, the whole universe…

    God bless you all.
    Victor Marques

    Your welcome and thanks to you too.

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  15. Loved that. Thank you.

    I can see how Edvard Grieg got inspired to write music the way he did. Makes me look look forward to visiting next month even more.

    Your welcome.
    Grieg was a very nationalistic composer you know.
    Your welcome to Norway and I hope we can meet!

  16. Hey Renny,

    Beautiful! Just beautiful! :D
    And I must confess that I admire your relationship with your wife…it’s so cute, and love pours all around you two :)!
    I too love talking with my husband about everything and nothing…and I do cherish those precious moments of silence!

    Autumn in Norway is gorgeous! And thanks for sharing your neighbourhood…it is beautiful!

    Have a great week, dear!

    Thanks :D
    It ad an extra dimension to experience this with the one you love you know!
    Wishing you a great one too!

  17. Such beautiful colours at this time of year. I love them! As someone said to me, it’s just summer changing its colour. I love all the different seasons, and I consider myself fortunate to live in countries where I can experience and enjoy the differences.

    Thanks A. I think we are two of a kind in a lot of ways.

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  20. Beautiful, Renny! I think I recognize that stream in the woods from a Winter photo with snow on the ground, don’t I? I think you posted it back in the Winter….

    Your blog feed isn’t updating in my Bloglines to show you have new posts. I’ve even deleted your feed and resubscribed to it. There are a few more blogs that aren’t updating for me as well. I hope they fix the problem soon!

    Hope you’re having a great week, Renny. :-)

    Love and hugs,

    It’s not the same stream Diane, but the landscape is very similar – your so observant on all my posts.
    I use Google Reader instead and find it very useful.
    Hoping you have the same – bunches of hugs back to you :-)

  21. Thanks for sharing this lovely Sunday trip in our local area. It was a fun date just wandering around and remembering what a really nice place we live in. Thanks for inviting me here.

    Its for me to say thank you my dear – sharing these kind of adventures with you gives extra dimension you know!

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  23. Very beautiful fall photos! Love the top photo. 15 minutes from the city center is a perfect distance, that way one can both have the city and the nature to enjoy :-)

    Belated warm and heartly congrats to your and Dianes anniversary!!! May you get many, many happy year together!

    Cheers to your happiness :-P

  24. Love the photos! And happy anniversary… They look quite a bit like it does here….

  25. Sorry it’s taken me so long to return here…but glad I did today to view the beautiful autumn photos. I miss the Fall season living in the tropics, and sometimes we travel off island just to visit and admire the beauty of the season.

    You live in a beautiful area of the world.

  26. Dear Renny I felt so relax just by taking a walk here and it is wonderful for my soul.

    Next, I just wanna wish you Happy Anniersary and just popped over from Diane’s blog, both of you have this radiant smile that it never fails to brighten up my day :D

    Once again, Happy Anniversary to both of you :D

  27. oh what lovely surroundings. i knew you lived close to oslo but i did not realize you were also so close to such a pretty rural area. thanks for taking us along for the walk and showing us a little more.

    also belated happy anniversary to you and diane. may you enjoy many more happy years together. :)

  28. Thank you for sharing “your walk” with us. These are beautiful photos – but the words you share about taking the time to be with our loved ones in this busy life of ours is just as beautiful. Thank you :)


  29. Oh, I hit submit right away – i wanted to say
    Happy Anniversary!


  30. Absolutely fantastic!! what a delight, thanks so much for sharing. Loved the video and the lovely music, what a feast for the senses!
    And happy anniversary to you two!!

  31. what a beautiful season in Norway! And the slide with this beautiful music! Ienjoy to hear it! It was a long time I didn’t hear it! And really I love the wood houses! Life in Norway is very healthy!

  32. I did another bike ride today and thought of these photos and how similar it looked on the bike trail as it does in your pics! :)

  33. I guess this is what they mean by ‘picture perfect’. Amazing! I hope we can retain all our forests…

  34. What beautiful photos, Renny. I think it’s so wonderful that you and Diane spend quality time together like this.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  35. What a beautiful neighbourhood! I love wooden houses, but how about fire safety? The colours of nature are wonderful, amazing…
    Have a great weekend, Renny!

  36. Thank you show me around the Oslo suburbs, Renny. I am really enjoy the golden Autumn in Oslo. You know it’s 32 centigrade here in day time!

    I just back from the suburb of Shanghai, The country life is really relax!

  37. Hi Renny,
    Norway does look beautiful. I do envy the seasons. In California we have 5 seasons: Spring, Summer, Fire, Floods and mudslides and lets not fogret Earthquake season.

    You really need to join the “Norway Blogs” category at SlogBite as well.

    Don’t forget that you need to add a badge and I also need a 125×125 px graphic to display.

    I am really glad you decided to join up.

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  39. What beautiful photographs, Renny. Thanks for taking us with you. I also came to say…

    Your peace globe from June 2008 has been placed in The Peace Globe Gallery.
    You are officially peace globe #970.
    BlogBlast For Peace ~ November 6, 2008 is going to be awesome! Please grab a badge and spread the word! Hope to see you there.

  40. Beautiful pictures! I as was saying to Diane, I’m used to the leaves colors since we have the same here but it’s still amazing.

    The countryside looks like a peaceful place… I’d love to spend a WE there!

  41. What beautiful landscapes! I love the music too :-)

  42. i love the pictures!

    they’re really nature.
    there are horses in your neighborhood?

  43. It’s a wonderful autumn walk. Serene, peaceful with nature at its best.

  44. oh, renny, this is such a beautiful place to live in. you are so blessed to be living with all this beauty on your part of the world! :)

  45. Renny! I wanted to tell you I was all over your Flickr and I just loved the photos you had!!

    These photos were wonderful, I could just picture myself curling up in a ball next to the water and just napping!

    You and Diane are so awesome. :)

  46. Very beautiful! The first shot, in particular, I found to be really stunning. :)

  47. hi I am from Indonesia I love that house, Oslo is so beautiful …

  48. Wow it is so beautiful and awesome, the beauty of nature during autumn and freshness of its colour rejuvenate ones mind.Lucky for you REnny to be living in such environment.I and my wife have been to Oslo in early June ’08 on our Scandinavian Tour .Its was hot during the day but cool in the evening.Anyway Oslo is a beautiful clean city, vibrants and interesting.I am from Singapore

  49. wonderful I was is Bergen and Oslo Aug 2009. We have just had confirmation , just this morning, that my husband and I and my daughter, are moving to Oslo in the spring march/april 2010. I am looking for property in the suburbs it looks fantastik

  50. hello there.
    i admire your autumn images.
    i live in sweden and planning to visit oslo this october during the autumn period. could you please advise me which week is the best where the plants, leaves, flowers and all change its colors. likewise some historical places to be visited.
    thank you very much . . .

    • Sorry I’m late replying!

      It’s hard to say, but normally the change of colours happens the first two weeks of October – if not close to the fjord, so at least up in the mountains.

      Oslo and the aria around have a lot of historical places, so it’s hard to pick out one or two. You can check around in my blog and also I recommend to brose around at http://www.visitoslo.no

      If you decide to come and visit, please send me a note and maybe we can meet up.

      Renny :-)

  51. What luscious colours! You live in a lovely quiet neighbourhood – just like me, outside Stockholm.

  52. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your time.

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