Colourful autumn adventure in Oslo suburbs

I had another quality time with my wife on Sunday and of course I’ll share it with you. Quality in the sense of a nice, long and peaceful walk in our neighbourhood. It was a wonderful morning; partly cloudy, about 12C (54F) with crisp, fresh air. I brought my Nikon CoolPix camera with me so let me show you an example of the scenery – to get you into the right autumn mood (click all pics to enlarge and enjoy):

Autumn in Norway - Forest #1

My faithful readers know I love nature – to be out there and see, feel, smell and experience the beauty of the elements. Every season has its charm and for autumn, it’s the colour as the sign of the end of summer before nature goes into hibernation. Some feel its kind of sad – I think it’s a proof of the ecologic lifecycle and the fact that change makes an interesting variety in life.

So we walked and talked – about all and nothing. In the daily life with a hectic schedule, it’s important to have the chance to just be together, I think. To talk or walk in silence and to share moments of the beauty of natural elements:

Autumn in Norway - Forest #2

We talked about Blogsphere and our friends all around the world of course. As a matter of fact, this trip was also done so that we could show you our neighbourhood. We live in an Oslo suburb, just 15 minutes from the capital of Norway and here is an example from a street we passed:
Autumn in Norway - Oslo Suburb #4
Most of the houses are wooden as there is a lot of trees around you know.

The more we walked and looked around, the more interesting it got. We were thinking: We have to show our blog friends this and that. So as pictures say more than a thousand words, let’s start:
Autumn in Norway - Horses #1 Autumn in Norway - Horses #3
Horses at a farm.

Autumn in Norway - Bee House #1
Bee houses – honey is good and healthy you know!

Autumn in Norway - Cattles #1 Autumn in Norway - Cattles #4
Cattles in an open pasture – the same hill children learn skiing on in the winter time.

I can assure you; we had a wonderful time – really a great way to recharge our batteries – and took plenty of more pics too. I’ve found this way to share them all: A movee of how it is to walk around in the beauty of the golden fall one Sunday in Norway – enjoy:

Be sure your speakers are on – the music is ‘Morning Mood’ by the Norwegian composer, Edvard Grieg.