Oktoberfest blows into Oslo

The world is getting smaller as we all swap traditions, habits, celebrations and feast from all over the world. Blogsphere is one place to pick up ideas as we get aquatinted with other blog friends and learn their habits. The tendency to a more global economy is another way to share and obtain the same. Last week I was invited to an Oktoberfest and of course I’ll share it with you – again with some pics as I had my Nokia mobile phone handy.

We were invited by Netprint, our printing services provider and the evening was well planned in every detail. To get us in the right mood, there was a brass band playing in front of the building (click all pics to blow up and enjoy!):

OktFestOslo-2 OktFestOslo-3

Here is a video I took with my mobile phone if you would like to get in the spirit (click and enjoy while you read on!):

You know I enjoy digging into the details and learning something new as I post and as always, I love to share some with you:

Oktoberfest? Notice the word, the spelling and the meaning:

The first Oktoberfest was held in Munich in the year 1810 in honour of the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. The festivities began on October 12, 1810 and ended on October 17th with a horse race. In the years that followed, the celebrations were repeated and later, the festival was prolonged and moved forward into mid September.

Moving the festivities up, allowed of course for better weather conditions. Because the September nights were warmer, the visitors were able to enjoy the gardens outside the tents and the stroll over “die Wiesen” or the fields much longer without feeling chilly. Obviously, the last Oktoberfest weekend was in October and this tradition continues into present times.

With a bit of adjustment and local creativeness, our excellent Netprint hosts, brought us this celebration:

OktFestOslo-5 OktFestOslo-10
Entering the party room (the buildings garage!) we where greeted with servants in traditional German (Update from Gattina: Bavarian) clothes and each got a Seidel beer glass. (Me left –Edgar to the right).

In the beer cellar: Me and colleagues: Irene our receptionist and our Marketing Director: Edgar Valdmanis. (taken by the host CEO with a pro camera).

OktFestOslo-6 OktFestOslo-7
Nicely set up table with appropriate decorations including wall posters of the German countryside. Let the party with lots of “cheering” begin:

OktFestOslo-8 OktFestOslo-9
Left: Snaps and Beer. Right: Real Oktoberfest food: Bratwurst, Sweinehaxe, Sauerkraut and potatoes. It all tasted deliciously good!

I assume most of you have heard about Oktoberfest and now you know a bit more of the background. We are talking about the results of the growing season ending in the autumn. The grain is harvested and its time to make beer – a lot and of course its time for a big celebration. Just like the Vikings did thousands of year before. Remember that centuries ago this was a way of preserving the grain and putting it to good use. Although rumours say they played real tough; Don’t believe all of them – ‘When the going gets tough… the tough get going’, you know :lol:

So have you been to an Oktoberfest or taken part in a celebration or tradition that comes from another part of the world? I’d like to hear about it.