Nordic Golf in the Golden Autumn Beauty

We are still enjoying the golden beauty of fall in the Nordic countries. Nothing can make a more colourful painting than the nature itself and running a blog about the significant four seasons, I just have to share another nature adventure with you. It happened last weekend in Sweden where we have our vacation home. This summer my wife and I met a very nice local couple at the golf course and now we play together as often as we can when we are in Mariestad. Let me start with a picture to give you an idea – you don’t need that much passion for golf to appreciate I would say (click all pics to enlarge and enjoy):

Autumn Golf in the Nordic #1
Colourful with crisp, fresh air!

Even when golfing, I have my Nokia mobile phone at hand and with this wonderful scenery, I shot a lot of pics and almost lost track of the score :lol:
Autumn Golf in the Nordic #7 Autumn Golf in the Nordic #2
Nice, quiet, relaxing and refreshing – 12C (54F) – If you have the right clothes!
Autumn Golf in the Nordic #7 Autumn Golf in the Nordic #6

Golf is a very social sport and an perfect setting for a network evangelist like me. With our new friends, Maggan and Åke, we found the tone at the first tee and we where chatting, playing together and enjoyed each others company as if we’ve known each other for years. Some of my regular readers have asked how communicate. Well Swedish and Norwegian (as well as Danish) is very close so with understanding and an open mind, mixed with a bit of imagination, there is no problem. Of course there might be different words for the same thing, and the pronunciation is a bit different, but that don’t hinder the dialogue. Besides, we share the same passion for golf and also the breath taking view:
Autumn Golf in the Nordic #5 Autumn Golf in the Nordic #4

The golf course was very well prepared with nice fairways and greens even if we’ve had a couple of frost nights already. As you might have noticed there are a lot of leaves in some areas, but thats not a handicap, just a reminder of the wonderful season – even when concentrating on putting:
Autumn Golf in the Nordic #8

Some might ask about the score: Well, I made no whole in one this time and I think there was more boogies that birdies. Who cares though – we had a relaxing and jolly good time. Is there a better way to charge batteries?