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Olga the Travelling Bra clothing statues at Oslo Vigeland Park

Resent visitors know we have a distinguished guest; the one and only; Olga the Travelling Bra (scroll down to previous post and read the introduction and background of this globetrotter!). This gives me the opportunity to fulfil one of the primary goals of my blog; to tell about Norway, our culture, traditions and habits. In the last post I’ve told about how she was charming His Majesty the King’s Guard. This time will be about Olga going crazy in one of Oslo’s most known tourist attractions: The Vigeland Sculpture Park. Olga is a regular reader of my blog of course and she was so very eager to see the statue shown in my blog’s banner above (click all pics to enlarge and enjoy):

Olga at Oslo Vigeland Park #1
Olga greets to ‘Sinnataggen’ (The Angry Boy). Typical for Vigeland’s statues he expresses his mood and phase in the cycle of life.

Olga was actually a bit shy at first, walking around these naked sculptures. When I started to guide her around and told about Gustav Vigeland however, she warmed up and was fooling around with the tourists and statues:
Olga at Oslo Vigeland Park #2 Olga at Oslo Vigeland Park #3

The park covers an area of 80 acres. The 212 sculptures are all modelled in full size. Vigeland also designed the architectural setting and the layout of the grounds. The sculptures are placed on an 850 metre long axis divided into 5 main units: Main Entrance, The Bridge with the children’s playground, The Fountain, The Monolith Plateau and The Wheel of Life.
Olga at Oslo Vigeland Park #4
The rose garden between the bridge and The Wheel of Life – fountain in the background.

On the highest point of the park, on the Monolith Plateau, rise circular stairs towards the Monolith. The figural part, with 121 figures, is 14.12 m and the total height, including the plinth, is 17.3 m high.
Olga at Oslo Vigeland Park #5


Olga at Oslo Vigeland Park #6The Monolith was carved from one single granite block, hence the name (mono: one, litho: stone). Whereas the melancholy theme in the fountain is the eternal life cycle, the column gives room to a totally different interpretation: Man’s longing and yearning for the spiritual and divine. Is the column to be understood as man’s resurrection? The people are drawn towards heaven, not only characterised by sadness and controlled despair, but also delight and hope, next to a feeling of togetherness, carefully holding one another tight in this strange sense of salvation.

In 1947 the installation of the 36 figure groups on the Monolith Plateau began. Vigeland started the work on these granite groups around the First World War and finished them in 1936. As in the Fountain, the principal theme is the cycle of life in which Man is depicted in a variety of typical human situations and relationships.

Eagerly exploring the many figures, Olga stumbled across a lot of friendly Norwegians, and as a network evangelist like me, she made the acquaintance of three charming girls who were fascinated by her travelling background. They wanted to be famous too, and happily posed together with her. One of these girls found a statue that was just the right shape to try her on too:

Olga at Oslo Vigeland Park #7

Let me end this adventure with a scenery from the plateau. In the background: The Wheel of Life and The Bridge:
Olga at Oslo Vigeland Park #8

Olga is very happy about her stay and how much she has learned about Oslo and Norway so far. She has a lively appetite and wants more of course, so stay tuned for new adventures. You should also visit her own blog, greet her and acknowledge her courage of exposing herself in the land of the Vikings!

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  1. Yes it is so much fun having a tourist in the house, because we get to meet so many lovely people and go so many places!! Fantastic photos!

    Actually I did not know one could have so much serious fun with a bra! Thanks for playing along my dear and for your support. Looking forward to keep on fooling around with you and Olga ;-)

  2. I like the second to the last one best! Where Olga the bra is on the statue! LOL! That is too funny!!!!

    That was actually the most fanny picture to shoot too – when this girls first got the idea of Olga the globetrotter!

  3. Olga certainly looks like she is having loads of fun over there with you … great photographs .. and great reaction to Olga ‘showing;

    I will pop back and see she is behaving (the posse are green with envy at her exploits) :-)

    Hi 70steen and welcome – always great to see new visitors and how nice when from Olga’s posse then!
    Yea we have great fun and I do love the reaction too :-)

  4. Oh you Europeans and your naughty statues ! (Oh wait I could say that about where I originally come from too hehe)
    Olga would be right at home there !

    The interpretation if the The Fountain, The Monolith Plateau and The Wheel of Life is quite interesting – is that your interpretation ?
    Do you know any other interpretations ?

    Yea, I guess there is a bit of European in most Northern American and Olga fits in perfectly!
    Yea, that’s my interpretation too and of course you can find a lot wandering around in the park – I do it often – and I would add: Dominant motifs that are the relationships between man and woman, adults and children.

  5. I was telling hubby about Vigelandparken just the other day, now I have some really nice photos to show him (your link) – thank you!

    Always great to give you new things about Norway to show your husband – your welcome!

  6. About time they got some clothes on – it’s getting chillier by the day!

    oh no! They looks great as is in the Winter Wonder Land too!

  7. I can see that Olga had a really good time there :-) No wonder, Vigelandsparken is such a wonderful place with so many remarkable statues!

    Olga is easy going and very openminded you know :-)

  8. It was for sure big fun, Renny… I can see that in the pictures. :)

    I can do the same then in Switzerland: blog people are very warm welcome visiting us and we can show them around and they will have a place to stay… people don’t forget this offer, just announce your visit early enough :)

    Yea, they tell more than a thousand words :)
    Why don’t you ask Olga herself if she can go to Switzerland. You’ll find how to contact her on her blog!

  9. Oh wow – now I’m just curious to know if people were asking, what is that man doing with that bra? And yes I know that some of those girls joined in and it looks like a lot of fun. WE try to do that too here with my girlfriend..


    People are a bit shy at first, then curious and after I’ve told them about the concept, they are thrilled.
    If you do the same; keep me posted!

  10. Have you seen the movie “Amélie Poulain”? It reminds me of the traveling garden gnome :lol:

    I haven’t, but looked it up on the net and do understand what you mean :lol:

  11. Because we have visited this Vigeland Park, Renny, I am in heaven looking at these pictures. It’s as though we were just there yesterday, that’s how well I remember these statues. It’s an amazing place but having Olga there makes it even better! :)

    Glad I could bring back some good memories from your stay in Oslo Ginnie – of course Olga gives an extra kick :)

  12. Renny…. I still need to get used to see you walking around with a bra!
    I admire your guts… not sure I would dare to do that !

    Olga takes tourism to a new dimension you know and I love to show off my part of the world too ;-)

  13. I enjoyed the guided Oslo park tour especially with Olga the Travelling Bra, funny! hehehe

    Hi Asian Traveler – always great to welcome new readers and especially a great travel blogger like you. Glad you enjoyed and welcome back any time!

  14. What fun! I think the best shot is when Olga is on the statue. :)

    Hope you and Diane had a wonderful weekend.

    At least that was the funniest pics to shot :)
    We have and hope the same for you!

  15. great photos! and the traveling bra looks so sexy hehehehe

    hope you had a blissful weekend!

    Thanks! Don’t you think I looks sexy to hehehehe
    We have and we hope the same for you!

  16. What a great day out in Vigelandparken and I see both of you were lucky with the weather. Thank you for the story and the beautiful photos.

    Wishing you a great start this new week.

    The weather was perfect to taking out The Bra!
    Your welcome – its always nice to see new readers – hope to see you soon again.
    Wishing you a good one too!

  17. It looks like Olga enjoyed her trip to see Vigeland’s statues – and what a lovely day for it too!

    She was thrilled and of course the sunny weather made her bloom.

  18. I knew Olga would have a great time. I would love to visit the two of you. Have a great day. Big hug to you and Diane. :)

    Olga is very easy going you know.
    Your welcome for a visit any time Sandee!
    Wishing you a great week ahead and a bunch of hugs back to you :)

  19. Hi Renny – I have finally posted about this on Olga’s blog….I’m sorry for the delay – but even Blog-Mistresses need a vacation too! (I had a great time in Nevada!) I am home now and BACK TO WORK! :)
    ~Olga’s Blog-Mistress (Shawn)

  20. Some adventure really!! … Looking at your last two blogs it’s evident that you & Olga are going to give us an interesting tour of Oslo.. Looking forward for more :)

  21. I must admit Olga is an unusual guest:) …! I would love to see the faces of those people looking at you while you were taking pictures! what fun.
    Such a lovely park, Renny, very beautiful and meaningful statues.

  22. Hehehe this is hilarious! I would love to meet Olga when I am back home and visiting Oslo. “sigh” Everytime I see your photos and read your blog makes me teary eyed because I just miss home and everything Norwegian. I am definitely homesick!

  23. what a perfect place to take olga. i was so hoping you’d find a statue to put her on. it made me giggle to see which one you chose.!

  24. I love the traveling bra concept! What a fun way to show everyone the highlights of “your neck of the woods.” I look forward to seeing more of Olga’s adventures.

  25. I really love this Vigeland park since i read your posts about! How hilarious it was this time with Olga!!! Don’t pull to much on the poor BRA! Ha! Ha!

  26. Hi Renny!

    You really had a great time showing Olga around especially in that park. :) For sure she had a great time having a good tourist guide like you.

    Have a great week!

  27. What an excellent way of showing us Olga in Norway – wonderful photos. I am sure Olga appreciates seeing the sights too. I imagine you got some strange looks until you explained Olga’s story.

  28. What a lovely crowd you were. No wonder you had fun..

    This makes me feel like I should learn some more about Norway. I also get the sensation that Tenerife’s island sky is falling on top of me. That happens from time to time. When? When I read about destinations I don’t know.

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