Happy Birthday to RennyBA at his Terella

Since my blog is about sharing my daily life and adventures from Norway, I might as well share this ‘official secret’ too :lol: I feel I am a man in my best age – I mean, the alternative is much worse! Even more: I’ve had a rich life so far and this is how I looked like a while ago:

RennyBA Ski Jump
Renny, the ski jump champion!

This small turning point in life, calls for a review of the passing year:

#1: The family is growing in a prospering way: I received an early BD present from my oldest son – A Nokia N82! It shows that he’s really grown up and wants to make Dad happy. Today he left for at least a three months stay in India, working on an ecological farm. He is a champion of fare trade and the environment and gave me his one month old mobile phone since he does not wish to be tied down by technology while he is exploring India.

#2: I love Blogsphere more and more as I keep in touch and learn from others all around the world and constantly make new friends. Remember my saying: ‘Make Blogs Not Wars’ as I feel sharing through Blogsphere, break down cultural, religious and other barriers. The development on my blog is overwhelmingly and there are more viewers than ever. I’ll celebrate three years anniversary the 11th of November and will get back with more facts and figures then.

#3: My wife and I have made new local friends in Sweden at our vacation home in Mariestad. We’ve also had some good times there with my colleague Tor and his wife Anna. Even more, we finally met our dear blog friend Mrs. Lifecruiser and of course Mr. Lifecruiser too this year, while celebrating Anna’s 3*20 anniversary in Norway. I’ve also received a BD card some days ago from my blog friend Dackel Princess – thanks Maribeth!

This list could be endless of course, but let me end up the review with my dearest and lovely wife Diane. I know I am a bit head in time compared to some of my regular visitors, but technically, it’s actually the 4th of November in Norway now. So I post this just passed midnight, since my wife has a very mysterious surprise planned: She will pick me up at the office and she emphasised that I had to be well dressed. That means that after a good night sleep (I’ll go to bed in 10 minutes) in my new year, I will have a busy day at work and then everything can happen in the evening.