Since my blog is about sharing my daily life and adventures from Norway, I might as well share this ‘official secret’ too :lol: I feel I am a man in my best age – I mean, the alternative is much worse! Even more: I’ve had a rich life so far and this is how I looked like a while ago:

RennyBA Ski Jump
Renny, the ski jump champion!

This small turning point in life, calls for a review of the passing year:

#1: The family is growing in a prospering way: I received an early BD present from my oldest son – A Nokia N82! It shows that he’s really grown up and wants to make Dad happy. Today he left for at least a three months stay in India, working on an ecological farm. He is a champion of fare trade and the environment and gave me his one month old mobile phone since he does not wish to be tied down by technology while he is exploring India.

#2: I love Blogsphere more and more as I keep in touch and learn from others all around the world and constantly make new friends. Remember my saying: ‘Make Blogs Not Wars’ as I feel sharing through Blogsphere, break down cultural, religious and other barriers. The development on my blog is overwhelmingly and there are more viewers than ever. I’ll celebrate three years anniversary the 11th of November and will get back with more facts and figures then.

#3: My wife and I have made new local friends in Sweden at our vacation home in Mariestad. We’ve also had some good times there with my colleague Tor and his wife Anna. Even more, we finally met our dear blog friend Mrs. Lifecruiser and of course Mr. Lifecruiser too this year, while celebrating Anna’s 3*20 anniversary in Norway. I’ve also received a BD card some days ago from my blog friend Dackel Princess – thanks Maribeth!

This list could be endless of course, but let me end up the review with my dearest and lovely wife Diane. I know I am a bit head in time compared to some of my regular visitors, but technically, it’s actually the 4th of November in Norway now. So I post this just passed midnight, since my wife has a very mysterious surprise planned: She will pick me up at the office and she emphasised that I had to be well dressed. That means that after a good night sleep (I’ll go to bed in 10 minutes) in my new year, I will have a busy day at work and then everything can happen in the evening.


  1. I saw it first on FaceBook that it was your birthday and followed you here !

    Wish you a very happy birthday and many many happy returns !

  2. Great gift from your son. What a nice thing to do for dad. Sounds like you are going to have a great birthday. So, since it’s already the 4th in your neck of the woods here goes:

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday Dear Renny,
    Happy Birthday to you.

    Big hug to you and Diane. :)

  3. i just passed by to greet you a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

  4. Ah my dear Renny, what an adorable picture of you in your ski gear! You said once that Norwegians are born with skis on their feet!
    I wish for you, dear friend, a very Happy Birthday and a happy and healthful year ahead!!

  5. Happy BD Renny. Hope the next year unfolds with more of the best parts you liked from this year and greater skill and ease with more of the lesser liked parts from the year that’s leaving.

  6. I wish you the very HAPPIEST of birthdays today Renny! Hey – why don’t you strap me on & let’s go dancing! :)

  7. Renny, Happy Birthday for you + your terella. :)

    I was so curious to know what ‘terella’ means and I found the answer over the About page. Moreover, it’s great to pause a little bit to take a look over your life as many people are just rushing.

    p.s. as much as I’m aware, Women stop aging @ 21 ;)

  8. Happy Birthday, Big Guy! ^5!

  9. 祝你生日快乐!

    Love your childhood picture, a true kid from the North!

  10. Happy happy happy happy birthday, Renny!

  11. Happy happy birthday Renny !!!
    you were certainly a cutie…but then you still are :)

  12. Have a good one! Hope the coming year is filled with good fortune as well. I love the pic of you with skis! You were born with them on right? My Finnish friend was too!

  13. Hi Renny,
    I wish you the a Happy happy Birthday! And also more to come.


  14. Happy Birthday Renny! In Oklahoma boys are born wearing football cleats. We have to go out of state to use skis. I hope you and your lovely wife Diane have a wonderful celebration.

    Cheers, Bill

  15. Happy Birthday Renny – may you have a wonderful day with your beautiful wife and may every day be as good.


  16. And a happy one form me as well!

  17. Happy birthday, I love the photograph – you haven’t changed a bit. Apart from the beard….
    It’s my birthday today too so let’s have a glass of champagne later! :-)
    Have a great day.

  18. Hello Renny!

    Happy Happy Birthday to you!

    Wishing you to have a great today and all the years to come!

  19. Gratulerer så mye med dagen! Og ha en flott “surprise”-kveld!

  20. Happy Birthday Renny and wish you more candles to blow, more articles to write and more pics to show about your nice country… Keep safe and have fun! Hugs to Diane!!!

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  22. Happy Birthday Renny! Hope you have a great time tonight! I’m sure Dianne has something wonderful planned.

  23. Happy Birthday Renny! Hope you and your family have a wonderful time celebrating and wish you all the best!

  24. have a very happy birthday, renny. i am sure diane has a wonderful surprise for you. wishing you the very best and most lovely day!

  25. Happy birthday, Renny!! have a wonderful day

  26. Happy Birthday Renny, have a pleasant birthday with your family, many happy returns.

    God Bless,


  27. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Renny, all the best and stay how you are! :)

  28. That picture of you is too precious!
    Sending you much love on your birthday, Renny! xxoo

    That’s wonderful news about your son, by the way. I hope he has the BEST time in India.

  29. Happy, happy birthday to you !!! I wish you all the best and have a nice birthday celebration !

  30. Happy Birthday Renny!
    Make the next year be full of adventures and joy!

  31. Wahhoooo! Happy Happy Birthday Renny! Annnd MANY more. ((()))

  32. Happy Birthday from a new reader – it’s all Olga’s fault ……..

  33. Happy Birthday Renny!! ((hugses))

  34. Hoopy birdy! Address jotted down, will arrive at your quarters when least expected! May have a bottle in my poach for immediate sharing! ;)

  35. Gratulerer med dagen Renny! Vi håper at du få en fin bursdag. Hils fra både meg og Odd.

  36. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my friend.

  37. Renny,
    my dear friend. Happy B D.
    We were supposed to meet this afternoon, but, my new job challenges took all the afternoon and evening.
    At least I hope you had a positive meeting with the group and that your beloved Diane did make a great surprise for you afterwards.

    btw. I justed finnished working.

  38. A VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Renny…!
    And, I just had my 3rd Blog Anniversatu….(It was the post before my election post—Come Back, and take a look, if you have time…..)

    You have a WONDERFUL full life, my dear, with good friends, a dear dear wife and some special children…..And a very interesting Blog!
    Bravo, my dear Renny….!

  39. OH, did I miss the party? I thought you were supposed to be away from blogging celebrating your birthday so I just sent you birthday greeting in Facebook :-)

    Singing again: Happy birthday to you…..

    *bang* *spraying Dom all over you*

    Cheers to the rest of your happy life – together with your lovely Diane!

  40. Hope you have a great birthday, Renny! Sounds like Diane has something very mysterious, fun and possibly a little naughty arranged to celebrate your special day, LOL! ;-)

    Love and hugs,


  41. Funny, Renny. I dropped in yesterday and left a message wishing you a very happy birthday and it didn’t post, I see. [drats!]

    Anyway, you have a wonderful day, fella. My wish is that the whole year will bring you much happiness and joy until this time next year.

    Here’s to you, Big Guy- a toast!

  42. hey renny,

    we know it’s your birthday! happy birthday to ya! have a great birthday year.

  43. Hi Renny!! here is wishing you a very happy birthday!!

  44. Belated Happy Birthday Renny.

    I posted a comment a couple of months ago here and found this post. Sorry I didn’t buy you a gift. :)

  45. Hello Renny,

    Belated Happy Birthday, my friend :D!
    I hope you had a fantastic day, and night!! You deserve all the best life can give you, for being such a delightful communicator!

    Nice photo, by the way: how old were you?

    Thanks for sharing with us the list; and I wish your family all the best :D!


  46. Well I was lucky enough to wish you happy birthday in person and am very glad that you liked your surprise. I won’t tell anyone because then you will have the option of blogging on it. I noticed you took some pictures along the way of course ;-) I love that picture of you, there is a definite “Renny quailty” I see even then, you have an aura of self confidence that is hard to resist :-) At least for me it was…and still is.

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  48. Happy birthday, Renny! I wasn’t on the blogsphere since yesterday and miss this event. Zut I am late and don’t like that!
    ( a lot of work because school begins tomorrow) But be sure I think to you from France and stay tuned! Love the little snow’s boy on the picture!!!

  49. Happy Birthday To You. :)

  50. Belated happy beer day! LOL! Cheers!

  51. Wow 52 comments but I don’t want to be left out. I, too wanna wish dear Renny a ‘happy birthday’. Be happy…

  52. Many happy returns of the day. Wishing you good health and happiness, always!

  53. better late than never…

    happy birthday, dear Renny! May you be filled with peace, love and joy always…

  54. Hope that you had a wonderful Birthday full of happiness and joy!

    I’m sorry I haven’t been by in a bit….had tons of stuff going and i just wanted to visit and catch up.

    Have a great end of the week

  55. Belated Happy Birthday…

    I totally agree – Make Blog, Not War ;)

  56. It’s never to late to wish you a Happy Birthday, Renny! I just found out another of my bloggers also shares the same day. I LOVE that you were born! You are one of the best reasons for all of us to be alive in the blogging world. And I mean that sincerely! :)

  57. Better late than never I suppose – a very happy birthday to you Renny, and I’m so sorry to have been late. It’s been an eventful week for me.

  58. I am so sorry that I am late for your birthday. Happy belated Birthday. I hope it was wonderful. :-D

    Love and Blessings,

  59. Happy Birthday Renny! Maybe blogging helps keep us young?

  60. Were you really into ski jumping back then? Oh look I’ve signed your page, a little late but the thoughts were definitely there either the day before or on that day! :)

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