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Olga at the New Oslo Opera House

My regular and recent readers know I have a distinguished guest, a real globetrotter – the one and only: Olga the Travelling Bra. As a network evangelist, I met her at her blog, invited her to Norway and now she is here with us. It gives me the chance to show Olga around – as well as the theme of my blog – and of course I’ll invite you along for the trip. So far we’ve been to The Royal Castle and The Vigeland Sculpture Park (scroll down to explore our adventures and read more of the introduction of this travelling bra!). This time we took her around Oslo’s New Opera House. The only Opera in the world where you can walk on the roof! Olga just loves to get high you know ;-) She also thinks it is fantastic to meet fellow bloggers! So since he was free, I just had to invite our good friend TorAa along too (click all pics to enlarge and enjoy):

Olga at Oslo New Opera House #1

This architectural masterpiece is located on the Bjørvika Peninsula overlooking Oslo Fjord. The government wanted the Opera House to be a landmark for Norway as a cultural nation, highlighting the Norwegian Opera and Ballet, and also the foundation for the urban redevelopment of the area. The design by Snøhetta won the international competition in 2000. Let’s take a closer look:
Olga at Oslo New Opera House #2
I guess some recognise the handsome gentleman to the right, holding Olga too: My colleague and blog friend, TorAa.

It also have been named winner in the Culture category at the prestigious World Architecture Festival Awards (WAF Awards) 2008. This picture might give you an idea of the reason for this award:
Olga at Oslo New Opera House #3

The conceptual basis of the competition and the final building is a combination of three elements, the ‘Wave Wall’, the ‘Factory’ and the ‘Carpet’:
The Wave Wall:
Opera and ballet are young art forms in Norway, art forms that evolve in an international setting. The Bjørvika Peninsula is part of a harbour city, historically the meeting point with the rest of the world. The dividing line between the ground ‘here’ and the water ‘there’ is both a real and a symbolic threshold.
The Factory:
The production facilities of the Opera House are realized as a self contained, rationally planned ‘Factory’. This ‘Factory’ is both functional and flexible which was very important during the planning phase where a number of rooms and room groups were adjusted in collaboration with the end users.
The Carpet:
To achieve monumentality the architects wanted to make the Opera accessible in the widest possible sense, by laying out a ‘Carpet’ of horizontal and sloping surfaces on top of the building. This ‘Carpet’ has been given an articulated form, related to the cityscape. Monumentality is achieved through horizontal extension and not verticality.

For the Opera House three main materials were specified at the competition entry. White stone for the ‘carpet’ (marble), timber for the ‘Wave Wall’ and metal for the ‘Factory’. As work continued glass was introduced, allowing the underside of the “carpet” to be visible.

While listening and exploring, Olga was more and more interested and really got a kick when we finally reached the top roof:
Olga at The Oslo Opera House

Showing an American guest around was an attraction to other visitors too of course. They where kind of sceptical and shy at first – but when I told them about this globetrotter, showed her passport and business cards, then more and more people where flocking around her:
Olga at Oslo New Opera House #5

In fact when Tor had some errands, and I still wanted some more pics to be taken, it was easy to find volunteers:
Olga at Oslo New Opera House #6 Olga at Oslo New Opera House #7
Left: Olga exploring. Right: An eager photographer.

So now you’ve seen the ‘Carpet’ (horizontal and sloping surfaces on top), so let’s go inside to see the ‘wave wall’ (seen from the outside at the right picture above):
Olga inside Oslo Opera House

Oak was chosen as the dominating material symbolising the ‘Wave Wall’, which has a complex organic geometry made up of joined cone shapes, it has a light and varied surface.

I do hope you enjoyed this exciting trip as much as Olga did. If so, go visit her and tell her in comments yourself!

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  1. Well, that is an architectural treasure for sure and I’m happy that Olga had such good time – with sunny weather too! YEAY!

    I’m sure she loved walking around with two gentlemen at her side….

    Yea; Olga and Opera is actually a perfect much – there is always sunny when Olga is around!

  2. Don’t forget to tell the world that I am the mysterious photographer behind the camera in MOST of the shots…but to be honest the roof was quite icy that day and I only came half way up before I decided it was madness…at least for me. It was however a lovely time and the Opera is exciting every time I visit!

    I’m so sorry Darling, I should of course remembered to mention my very best supporter!
    Every thing is exciting while sharing with you ;-)

  3. A couple of my favourite guys having fun with Olga. It doesn’t get any better than that. Glad Olga liked it too. Big hug to you and Diane, and Tor and Anna too. :)

    Good to know your not jealous then – hope one day to be able to show you around in Oslo too you know!
    Thanks for the hugs – tons of the same back at you. :)

  4. Yes, that is a very nice hat Renny…but I like mine better. (…just kidding….Speedy made me say that!)

    Thanks Amanda….. did you mean your hat or your bra? :lol: (don’t listen to much to Eric!)

  5. WoW! That is such a COOL building…and I know Olga was very excited about seeing a fjord….and meeting your friend Tor too! Renny, you and Diane are taking such good care of Olga….we’ll be lucky if she ever leaves Norway! ;)

    Yea, Olga went crazy: jumping up and down, fooling around, meeting new people and of course loved to get close to Tor too!
    We love to have Olga around you know – we feel very fortunate too! ;)

  6. Looks like you, Tor, Olga and Diane had a lot of fun! Great pictures, although I must add, you look very cold!

    We had great fun and you know Tor: so nice and gentle.
    Glad you liked the pics – it might look cold from the outside, but once you get inside….. the building I mean :lol:

  7. What a beautiful building. I’m sure it’s a great attraction. Olga seemed to enjoy it and hello to TorAa. So, does Olga REALLY have a passport and business cards? Too fun!

    It is – and even a greater attraction when Olga was there!
    Olga is fully equipped as a globetrotter you know!

  8. I can’t stop laughing while looking at pictures of the two gentlemen showing off a piece of women’s underwear in public !
    You guys are awesome !

    There are many beautiful elements to this opera house – I’ll need to re-read this post again after I get some sleep !

    It might seen a bit crazy, but Olga is very inspirational!
    Hope you sleep well and like what you see when your back too :)

  9. You and Tor and Olga…you certainly seem to have had a good time, and the cold didn’t deter you at all. It’s not nearly as cold here as it is there already. Soon enough, though…

    Have a great weekend, Renny!

    Love and hugs,

    Olga always keep us hot you know!
    Wishing you the same with a bunch of hugs back!

  10. Look at these two grown ups having fun with a bra! :lol:

    Diane, please, stop them! :lol:

    Never too late you know!
    Hope Diane don’t read this one! :lol:

  11. Really a beautiful piece of Art this building is.. the designers have done real justice to it provided its purpose was to show case Art.

    And yes Renny thanks for the comment on my blog.. Looking forward to more of your adventures :)

    Glad you liked the Opera – I just love it.
    Your welcome and welcome to mine – hope to see you back again soon :)

  12. I must say, you look very Australian! It looks like you are wearing a traditional stockman’s coat and a dundee hat! lol.

    I watched the opening of the opera house on TV and there was this famous comedian/musician (I don’t know her name but I think she had her own music TV show) and she did a skit on what singing at the opera house would be like in a hundred years thanks to global warming – with a mouth full of water she gargled opera. :D very funny.

    I have been in Australia you know and the outfit is very useful in Norway too!
    I did not saw that show, but heard it was a great opening of our new culture house :D

  13. I was just thinking that (Renny looking Australian). If I didn’t blog and knew about Olga – I’m not sure what I would do if 2 men had to walk up to me and ask to have a picture taken with them and Olga. So I’m pretty impressed that people are so cool about it.

    Viva Olga

    Glad blogging has opened your mind then – everything for a good course you know – after a while and some explanation, they where all very keep.

  14. Hello Renny!

    You two guys were really having fun with Olga. It shows in the photos.

    That Opera House looks so interesting. I’m so interested in seeing that Opera House. The design is indeed quite different.

    I guess pictures says more than a thousand word.
    Your always welcome to visit – I’ll gladly show you around like with Olga.

  15. I couldn’t believe my eyes, seeing you holding up the bra! hehe… and TorAa! So sporting, you two fun guys!
    I was looking for a lady called Olga… hahaha…..

    I wonder if I go to Norway, would you two hold me up? :P

    Love your hat, dude!

    Knowing me, I did not expect you to be that surprised.
    By all means: Olga is a Lady!
    Of course – we will hold you up and carry you around in the whole Oslo town. Do you want us to hold your bra too? :P

  16. Renny and Diane – I have really enjoyed watching Olga tour Oslo with you. I can’t help but laugh at the thought of the faces of the people who walk by when you are photographing Olga. You must receive some interesting stares :)

    Glad you enjoyed it too Hexe – we had a lot of stares you may say and of course Olga loves that :)

  17. That Ms. Olga is really getting around, Renny. You guys are having way too much fun with her. :D

    Its fun you know and I don’t believe one could have too much – Olga is endlessly demanding new adventures :D

  18. Wow, Olga does get around. Shouldn’t she have a coat on….it looks cold there.

    BTW, this post has been linked at SlogBite.

    I think it would be a shame dressing her up. Besides she’s too hot!
    Btw: I know – SlogBite is so supportive and love good stories you know.

  19. Your friends Ginnie and Mel took the words right out of my mouth!
    I’m so glad you all had such fun! The architecture you’ve shown here is amazing!!
    Have a great weekend, Renny! xxoo

    Olga is very sophisticated you know and love pieces of art!
    Wish you a great one too Lisa! xxoo

  20. Oh Renny I am trying very hard to concentrate on the lovely Opera house. But, I can’t stop laughing. You are doing a terrific job. Olga is certainly have a grand time.

    Please don’t worry that the other people thought you were out of your mind. All of us Olga OOglers understand!!

    Great trip so far :-)

    Great to meet Olga OOglers and glad you have a proof of that’s she is doing just great.
    I don’t worry at all – with Olga, everything is fun and natural :-)

  21. I just want to say that Renny is not only a GREAT tour guide and Chaperon, but a true gentleman!

    And he has a nice hat too! ;)

    Renny – I think you really do understand me AND my mission….we make an excellent team!

    Thanks Olga, what a compliment. I’m blushing and that’s the first time…… in front of you!
    I do understand your mission and it fits perfect to mine too…. we’re nothing but a smashing team!

  22. What a cool building, Renny. No small wonder that it won numerous awards.

    Have a great weekend!

    Glad you liked it Deborah – I’m thinking the same.
    Wish you a wonderful one too!

  23. My Dear friend Renny,
    we had a wonderful Sunny Day in Oslo.
    Only 2 persons missing: The real owner of the BRA and Anna (she had too much to aftere our Womens Party the evening before).

    The Photos is excellent. It’s great history.
    Summarized: It was a great experience (as allways when we are together)

    See you and Diane soon, both as Speaker and Guests on the cruiseliner from Oslo to Kiel.

    have great weekend.

    btw. I’ll post TOGETHER on my blog tomorrow. You may be there and see the photo by a click away (until WP)

  24. I never saw oslo opera house before … a magnificent building …The government wanted the Opera House to be a landmark for Norway as a cultural nation ..

    hmm … I agree.. it is representatives building to national landmark :)

  25. this is my second visit at the Opera house on Terella and I begin to know very well Oslo!!! What a nice weather you had! Here we had a lot of rain this time. Today it was a little better.Love your hat and coat! sounds you had all good time with the Bra!

  26. nothing like seeing two handsome Vikings with a sexy black bra…..and the Opera House doesn’t look too bad either…very impressive Renny :)
    a great weekend to you and Diane :)

  27. Olga certainly seemed to like the experience of seeing the opera house amd made a lot of friends. I love the place and I am very pleased to have more photos
    in the Oslo Opera House pool in flickr.

  28. Norway is such a beautiful country. I just love the pictures, they are just beautiful. You and Olga do make a terrific team, I must say! :-D

    Love and Blessings,

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