At the 11th of November, it might have been One small step for Blogsphere, but . . . A giant leap for me as a network evangelist; RennyBA’s Terella was born. My regular readers might remember it started after I gave a lecture at the Norwegian School of Management for masters grade students in marketing. The subject was ‘Technology, Business and the Society’ and I lectured about web 2.0, Wikipedia and Blogging. Nothing is as practical as a good theory, so after studying the subject for the benefit of my students, I wanted to experiment myself. It has been a fantastic and interesting experience, now more like a habit – yes, you might even say I’m addicted.

The aim of my blog has been to share about Norway and the Nordic countries; our culture, traditions and habits:

RennyBA's Terella

I will use this opportunity as a recap on some of my sayings:

Its a Givers Gain:
Never have a learned so much from others as from sharing about my daily life. This is my post #320 with a total of 8,825 comments. I’ve also received a lot of Awards for which I feel honoured and humbled. I will thank you all for taking your time to read and share your reactions, views and opinions. It really has enriches the subjects in my posts.

Blogging connecting People:
I’ve meet so many wonderful people out there (also in real life!), learned from them, got closer to them and made new and wonderful friends. The world to me has become smaller and respect and acceptance for the charm in the differences has increased.

Make Blogs not Wars:
As Blogsphere brings people together; it break down cultural, religious and other barriers. Fears comes from uncertainty while as facts and knowledge gives trust and confidence. I would say: Blogging empowering people – what do you think?

So all BlogFriends out there in the world, from the good old once from three years back to the newest once from my last post: Lets keep up the good work, go on sharing and make friends – for a better world. My contribution on this occasion, would be some link love. Below you’ll find a scroll box listing my blogroll. Pick out at least one you don’t know, pay a visit and make a comment saying your from Renny to say hi :-)

The Queer Chef -My blog designer!
An American In Oslo -Kristie from LA, US
A Changing Life -A in Europe
Al’s Time Out
A fish -Magnus Tangen in Norway
Backpacking Philippines Travel Guide -Tutubi Flight Chronicles
BackPackTourists -My son travailing the world
Blog -Blond -Kuanyin from Maui Hawaii, US
Blogging Sueblimely -English ex-pat, Australian webdesigner & blogger
Bloggin’ Outloud
Brykmantra -Mark in US
Sandee (Comedy +) -in California, Us
Correr Es Mi Destino -Zhu, French/Canadian teacher in Ottawa
Confessions of an Expat’s Wife
Dackel Princess -Maribeth in US
Dagboek -Thess; Her writings during stolen moments…
DianeCA’s Metamorphoses -My beloved wife!
Diane’s Place in US
Do It Myself Blog -Glenda’s inspiring autobiography
EastcoastLife -a lively girl in Singapore
eGuiden-Backstage -Gunnar in Norway -Media.HTPC.Mobile.Food.Travel
Excorcise my Devils -ShadowFalcon in Australia
ExpatTravels -From Switzerland to Canada
Espreson -Sarbarth, Expressing with words
Fleur de Lisa -From Indiana, US
Fruity from Fruit Spices
Gentle & Compassionate -Ghee in Japan + Ally And Allies
Genre Cookshop -Nancy Bea Miller in Philadelphia, US
Himalman’s Weblog -An Everest climber
House of Lime -Michelle in US
Here in the Hills -Naomi: OldOldLadyOfTheHills in LA, US
Humanyms -Pearl in Canada
In Soul -Ginnie in Georgia, US and Amsterdam
In Nederland -Thess from the Philippines
Insanity Prevails -Melli in US
Interesting observations -Pearl with various aspects of blogging
Iternational Blog of Food -I’m a Team blogger her!
Fresh Mess -Mark from the Philippines living in Oslo
Italian’s Insight to Travel Italy
It’s all about luck -Morten Lund from Denmark
It’s all about me -Teena in Toronto, Canada
Kladdeboka by Paal (Norwegian)
Ladybug’s Leaf
Laza83 -Claudie in France
Letters to the Universe
Life in the fast lane -Deborah Petersen in Alberta, Canada
Lifecruiser -in Sweden
Life, Humour and Recipes -Colin in UK
LikeTress -Kim, an award winning portrait artist
maremagnum -A Chilean expat in Barcelona, Spain
Max Coutinho -In Portugal
Miss Cellania -A funny single mom in Kentucky, US
Moderatlely Confused Pinay in Deutschland
Motivated Motion -Lynn Tucker in Canada
Much of a muchness -Diane, live in deepest, darkest Dorset
My insanity! -A Filipino living in Chicago, US
My life is murphy’s law -Ev Nucci in US
My Sarisari Store
mökkikunta -A blog friend from Finland
Olga, the Traveling Bra -A Globetrotter
Random thoughts on Norway -Kenneth from Norway in Prague
Speedcat Hollydale Page -Eric “Speedcat Hollydale” in Minnesota, US
Spilling Out -Mother of Invention in Canada
Sue’s Daily Photography
Susies The Boss in US
Tin-tin: What Makes My Life Pretty?
The Queen’s Rambles
~*~Tinkerbell~*~ -The magical journal of a Dutch
Through JoAnn’s Digital Eyes’-NL
TorAa Mirror -in Norway
Tricia’s Musings -A nurse, A wife living the Fun fun social life
Trails -Gisle in Norway
Traveler’s Tales -Traveller, Foodie and Gearhead
Wanderlust Sha -Wanderlust in Greece
Will Pate – Hugs not thugs
Wish I was there -Hexe in Florida
Word Strumpet -Charlotte Rains Dixon in Portland, US -Caledonia in Scotland


  1. Happy Blogoversary, dear friend! And may you continue your network evangelism for a very long time!!!

    Thanks Maribeth, I will and you are one of them good friends who inspires me to keep on!!

  2. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY RENNY! WoW…3 years is quite an achievement! You and your positive attitude have truly enriched the blogosphere….thank you for all that you do! {{{HUGS!}}}

    Thanks Olga! You are an example of a fairly new friend who really are an example of Givers Gain!

  3. Happy 3rd, Renny! Your blog is an insightful and creative way of presenting Norway to all your readers. You have engaged many of us with your witty writing, healthy dose of humor and great photography. Kudos!

    Thanks Mark for your compliments and kind words – and you are one of this good old blog friends I’ve met in real life too!

  4. Happy Anniversary to your blog Renny! And wishing you many more blog anniversaries to come!!!

    Thanks Charles, another of my dear blog friend: Some of the first one I made friends with in Blogsphere, whom I’m met in real life and My great blog designer!

  5. Happy blogoversary, Renny!!

    Thanks Teena, always so supportive and one of the good old once too!!

  6. Happy 3 year blogiversary, Renny! My 3 year blogiversary is coming up in January, so you’ve only been blogging a few months longer than me. I don’t know that I ever imagined I’d still be blogging 3 years later.

    Hope you and Diane have a great weekend! :-)

    Love and hugs,

    I remember you as one of the good old once too Diane. Thanks for your support, regular visits and for sharing from your world and your wonderful Sunday dinners.
    Hope the same for you! :-)

  7. Congratulations Renny and thank you for being such a perfect example of what ‘connecting’ is all about. Blogosphere is a better place because of you!

    Thanks Caroline and thanks for ‘connecting’ with me as well and also because of you; I’ll meet a very nice person in Oslo tomorrow :-)

  8. Congrats on 3 years! Time sure flies doesn’t it?

    Yes I am off to go swim and be back where I was living. It will be odd not to be a resident this time.. :)

    Thanks! Yea, it sure goes fast together with good friends.
    Go Canada girl, Go :)

  9. Congratulations on 3 years of blogging! So, I have been living with this insanity for three years now LOL!! We sure have had a lot of interesting adventures, “quality times” and met a lot of nice people. Some of the fun times which stick out in my mind are when you were nominated for blogs of summer and we ran all over Mariastad collecting votes, our trip with Olivia Delayla, our picnic at Kongsberg, that time you made a U turn in the middle of the highway in March to get a sunset picture of “Jernsjö” (Sweden) at sunset, and the time you used my head as a tripod to take a slow photo of sunrise in Oslo (fire in the sky I think the post was called) on our way to work!!

    I am glad that I am along for the ride much of the time, and even have been encouraged to develop my own blogging interests. Keep up the good work! Your blog is still high quality and well worth reading!! And of course your photos are first class….and your famous Nokia mobile phone photos will soon be getting even better….

    Thanks for being so supportive my dear and also for encouraging me and for being my proof reader!
    For sure we’ve had some great time together and it has been great to blog about it and memories it afterword – you really have listed some of the highlights!
    Of course you are with; your my life road companion you know and I’m happy and proud of you as you have started your own too! You have your own style and you know I really respect you for your opinion and the way you express yourself.
    I’m glad we can share and explore Blogsphere together!

  10. Renny, I had NO idea what I was in for when I started blogging, For months I was just a small voice that was not found often, and I new nothing about code, templates, or even how to make a link.

    Your feelings about blogging and how important it can become are mirrored by myself :-)

    Congratulations my friend … I plan to be here next year for number 4 !!!!!

    Shaking your hand and tipping my hat,

    Well, I had an idea, but not that is has gone so fare and become what it was – a life time learning project I think.
    I knew we where tow of a kind in this Eric :-)
    Thanks – see you around then !!!!!!

  11. Happy blogoversary! I’m so thankful for having a wonderful blogger & a blogfriend like you!:)

    Keep up the good work! take care!

    Thanks, you know I’m so glad I’ve met you and made friend with you too!:)
    You too CheH!

  12. Happy blogaversary x millions!!!!! Yes, it has been wonderful years! Keep up the good work :-)

    *opening the Dom bottle*
    *spraying the whole blog with it*


    Thanks dear Swedish blogfriend as a start and this year we finally met and made friends in real life too!
    Thanks party girl – always with a Dom bottle ready!
    Skååååååååållll :-P

  13. Happy blogaversary RennyBA! It’s been wonderful watching your blog grow over the years. To many more years of blogging and friendship!

    Thanks for the greetings and compliments Tricia – you know I love reading yours too. Yea; to many, many more!

  14. Happy blogoversary, Renny!

    I know I am late, But I am your loyal reader. I love your posts, and I love the optimistic, insistent, comprehensive and created spirit inside your posts. I can feel the sunshine of Oslo where you live when I read your posts.

    keep sharing! And Best wishes!

    Thanks iWalk, I know you are a regular and I do appreciate your visit! Thanks for the compliment too – its encouraging you know!
    I will keep on and hope You’ll do the same!

  15. Happy blogiversary! You are a year older than me ;-) And so much wiser, no doubt…

    Thanks Zhu, I think we started to make friend about the time of my second Anniversary and I remember you was on of those who won a prize too!
    Me Older?!?!? ohhhh yea, my blog you mean :lol: Wiser I don’t know – alternative competence maybe :-)

  16. hello Mr. Renny, how nice of you including my blog on that list. thanks so much. now its time for me to visit one of your friend :)

    Your welcome Scart and we’ve been blog friends for long you know.
    Hope you’ll have a great time and make a new blog friend :)

  17. oh btw, happy 3rd year blogversary to your blog :)

  18. Happy 3rd Blog-a-versary Renny! I thoroughly enjoy every post. I’m off to visit some friends on your blogroll. Congratulations and keep it coming!

    Thanks Balou and for another encouraging compliments. You know I love to read yours too so you’ll have to keep up the good work too!

  19. Happy Anniversary Renny.. time does fly when we are having a good time, doesn’t it? :) I’m glad to have “met” you and found your blog and thank you for sharing so many inspirational pictures and posts with us,

    Here’s to many more years of blogging and friendship!

    Thanks Pearl….. yea it really does :) The pleasure is on my side and I’m so glad I’ve made friend with you too!
    See you around in the coming years then!

  20. a very happy blogiversary to you renny! i am so delighted to have this space and ability to have met you and diane. it’s really such an amazing thing that we can connect like this. i’ve learned so much from you and enjoyed every visit here.

    here’s to many more happy years of blogging and building connections!

    Thanks Lime, and you know its always delighted to see you around and read your comments – always enriching the subject of the post!
    I do agree, its amazing and you know I’ve learned a lot from you and your blog too.
    See you around then!

  21. Happy blogiversary and many more happy returns!

    Thanks Tinsie – great to see you at this celebration too!

  22. Happy blogoversary, blogiversary, blogoversary!!! I learn always a lot reading the different comments and here a question the three possibilities are OK?
    When I discovered the blogosphere and your blog after this of Mrs Lifecruiser, I enjoyed to learn a lot about your respective Scandinavian Lands. So I red your two blogs since the beginning and it was a lot of fun and the knowledge about your countries and culture! Now I am addict and stay tuned each week to know always more about my North Europe blogfriends!

    Thanks dear blog friend from France!!! I so much remember we met through Mrs. Lifecruiser too, with a lot of great Blpgsphere adventures.
    I’m glad you’ve learned a lot about Scandinavia too and its always a pleasure to see you here and read your comments!
    I’ll stay tuned to your blog too!

  23. Hi Renny,
    Happy Annivesary… wow…three years already !
    Time flies, isn’t it?
    Even if I am an European and I am supposed to know the basics of your homeland I learned so many things in your blog… and that in a fun way.
    I admire your dedication to share with us the beauty of Norway.
    And most of all I thank you for your friendship ! It is nice to know I have a friend like you in Norway.
    Keep going… Renny… you do a wonderful job as an internet evangelist!

  24. Happy 3 Year!!! Congrats and crack open the champagne!!!

    I really enjoy your blog..keep on keepin on

  25. Hey ! Congratulations on your third year ! How does that feel ?!
    And who knew two people can be connected via a piece of lace ! ;)

    By the way, I have something for you on my blog. (Bring Ice !)

  26. Congratulations Renny, for your fantastic Terella 3rd year!!!

    All the best!!!

  27. Oh, well done, Renny and congratulations on a milestone. I’ve been going in stops and starts for about 2 1/2 years now, but I have no idea of the date I started blogging without looking it up.

    Anyway, I hope we are still reading your posts for many years to come.

    Best of luck for the future and here’s to blogging!

  28. Congratulations Renny ! You are right this is a medium which helps us all build bridges. Good luck.

  29. Happy 3rd blog anniversary Renny. I’ve learned many things about Norway here.

  30. Happy Anniversary Renny! I hope you are blogging for many more years!

  31. Congratulations on your longevity. Three years is a very long time in the blogosphere, and an excellent blog at that.

    How can I win a coveted spot on your blog roll?

  32. Congratulations with your anniversary!

    You’re doing a fantastic job with your blog, and it is always interesting to read what you write! I must say, you do really deserve the awards that you have received. Keep up the good work! :)

  33. Happy third year blogoversary! I’ll have that occasion coming up in December.

    BTW, I was very interested in your comment about your lecturing on the Web 2.0. I was just shocked to find out that a lot of my 3rd year business school students DID NOT KNOW WHAT THE WEB 2.0 WAS! I mean we are in rural France, but still…they didn’t know what the term meant.

    I would like to do some teaching and discussion about that in the context of an English class; do you have any suggestions or material you could send my way? I mean obviously I can find texts about it and I know how to do an Internet search! Thanks Renny, whenever you have a minute.

  34. HAOOYT HAPPY ANNIVERSARY dear Renny…..Long May You Be A Blogger…like, for maybe at least another 100 years! (lol)

  35. Oh Dear, Oh Dear.

    THAT SHOULD READ: HAPPY HAPPY…lol…..Once again. my one finger typing has been really bad…..!
    CONGRATULATIONS, my dear on this Very Very wonderful Anniversary!

  36. A very happy third anniversary, Renny. I hope you have many, many more. Your blog is always worth reading!

  37. Congratulations on three years of blogging. I visited and commented on SwordMama’s site Yours Truly. How fun. Have a great day. Big hug to you and Diane. :)

  38. Happy Blogiversary Renny! I have so enjoyed learning about Norway from you. I look forward to another year of “coming together” through blogging. Wishing you and Diane a lovely week!

  39. I’m a bit late but what the heck. I’m here now and am wishing you and the Terrella a belated but a very happy 3 year blogoversary, kiddo! ^5!


  40. Happy Blogaversary (better late than never!)
    and many, many more!!!


  41. Hello Renny!

    Happy Blog Anniversary! It’s never too late, right? :)

  42. is it three years already since we’ve met online?
    happy blogsary renny!

    and thank you for the bday card :)

  43. I found your blog just a few months after you started it and I must admit I like some of your posts, especially those entries about you and your wife. Unfortunately, I could never be one’s regular visitor due to my irregular work schedule. But when I get online, I most of the time take time to get to this site…

    I especially supported your realization of “making blogs and not wars”…

    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary…

  44. three years ? congratulation !I found your blog when i was googling for tourism in europe :)

  45. 3 years already? good on ya.

  46. You’ve just reminded me, Renny, that my FOURTH anniversary is coming up soon in February, so I totally know the feeling. CONGRATULATIONS! You are one of the best reasons why Blogsphere exists!! And I mean that sincerely. I’m very lucky to know you.

  47. I’m a little late, but congratulations Renny :D

    I hope Olga is behaving herself.. she does have a habit of being a bit wild at times.

  48. Congratulations, Renny! Great going…wish you many more years of blogging.

  49. happy blog anniversary, Renny!

    you are definitely a great find in the blogging world :)

  50. Nice post.

    Thanks to you too.

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