Olga Cruising from Norway to Germany

My recent readers know we have a distinguished guest visiting: The experienced globetrotter Olga The Traveling Bra. Guiding her around has given me the chance to fulfil the theme of my blog; to tell and share about Norway, our culture, traditions and habits. Always a good host, we had a bonus surprise for Olga this week! Actually we gave her a clue while visiting Norway Maritime Museum last weekend when we took this picture (click all to enlarge and enjoy):

OlgaKielCruise #1

See the ship to the left in the background; Color Line Magic!

You see she really looked forward to visiting Norway, but never imagined that she would be taking a luxury cruise to Germany along with us!!

Diane and I were invited by TorAa who wanted me to hold a lecture for the organisation Datateam in a conference on the boat to Kiel in Germany. Sailing out Oslo Fjord in the sunset gave a perfect sunset scenery:


Color Line is a cruise company which sails daily from Oslo to Germany and Denmark. The cruises are usually just a couple of days, but the quality is good and always fun to take a short trip. On board there is a variety of good restaurants and bars, movie theatre, swimming pool, spa, a variety music and dance show as well as a disco on the top floor and of course a whole floor of tax free shopping:

OlgaKielCruise #3

We also had the chance to tour around in Kiel on Saturday and Olga had heard that the Rathaus (the town hall) was nice, so we went there. She fell in love in a nice little fellow sitting out front and wanted us to take a picture to share with you all:

I will tell more about this ship and why Norwegians do conference trips like this in my next post. This post is done for all who have been wondering about how Olga is doing and she was so eager to share this adventure immediately :lol:

Having Olga as a guest is such a pleasure and we’ve had such a great time showing her around in Oslo like to The Royal Castle, Vigeland Sculpture Park, The New Oslo Opera House, Norway Maritime Museum and of course for Norwegian Seafood Delight in our kitchen. However there is a time for everything and now its time for Olga to move on. We’ll miss having her around of course, but Olga is a globetrotter and its time for her to go trotting along. I’ve promised her to keep her next destination a secret, but she will tell in due time on her blog. So go visit her and tell Olga how much you have enjoyed her visit around Norway and even Germany!!

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  1. When I grow up I want to be like Olga! Hahaha! She never runs out of destination and has friends all over the world.

    Hurry growing up then! Hahaha! I know you have a lot of blog friends all over too.

  2. Oops, I forgot to ask you Renny. Do you have a picture wearing her on you??? That’d be so cool to see! Just kidding! :P

    But of course I have!!!! – Just kidding! :P

  3. Ah, a lovely cruise! Wooot! That would have been nice – luckily not right now though because we have storm warning along the Swedish coastline! Snowstorm! And to think about that Mr L and I almost booked a cruise now…. Phew, I’m sooo glad we did hesitate, knowing how it went the last time – snow storm and sea sickness….. *giggles*

    I heard about that snowstorm at your east coastline on TV today – glad I wasn’t there although I love snow.

  4. What a lovely cruise ! From the comment by @Lifecruiser it looks like you were fortunate to have good weather !

    I hope you have more pictures to share from the cruise, from around the ship and the sea.

    It has been a lot for fun following your adventures with Olga ! She may be leaving you but you have captured my interest !

    Eagerly awaiting your next post !

    It was and we had the most beautiful weather.
    I’ll post more as soon as I find time.
    Glad you’ve liked to follow Olga in Norway and yea: We have a lot of great memories !

  5. Renny, you are a master. Your posts with Olga were REALLY GREAT. I could only dream of going to and seeing all the places on the Olga roster.

    Looks like quite a “boat” .. I am used to the kind with a plug and ores ;-)

    Thanks Eric – that was a very nice compliment from one gentleman to another!
    The boat was just amazing so stay tuned for more!

  6. Boy, did you show her a good time! Will you do the same when I come to visit?

    We had and of course your welcome over too – any time and for the same treatments! Tell me in advance as we need some time to prepare.

  7. I hope she wasn’t see sick! :lol:

    The sunset picture is beautiful… quite a trip.

    Not at all – Olga can handle most any situations and just love it when life goes a bit up and down :lol:

  8. You did a marvelous job showing Olga around! I’m sure that she can be a handful. And I’m so glad that you kept her way from those sailors before. I will have to try your Norwegian Seafood Delight recipe. It looks yummy!

    I’m glad you’ve liked how we’ve treated Olga too. Yes, she can be a handful, but in the sweetest way.
    Wish you good luck with the seafood recipe and please keep me posted!

  9. oooohhh, did you mention a spa? i think i’d have spent all my time there! and what a funny little friend olga found in germany. happy travels to her as she goes off to her next adventure.

    Spa, yes! Diane meant to try, but she run out of time.
    Olga has en eye for funny details you know :)

  10. A short cruise sounds like so much fun, even if you have a conference or purpose for the trip. I think I want to jump in for my first that way, possibly to Alaska, but maybe not.. Lovely photos! And yes I was curious to see how this would turn out.

    Actually it was a great combination – I’ll tell more about it later.
    Keep us posted if you make it to Alaska!

  11. I bet you and Diane get some really great looks and questions when you pull out Olga to take pictures of her/with her! Too funny! You know… a great adventure would be to bring her all the way to the US and visit us!

    Have a great week.

    Yea, Olga always draws attention – that is some of the fun you know.
    If you like her to visit you, just go visit her blog and tell her!

  12. Hey, ya’ll been having TOO much fun! The cruise and Olga together–what a blast! Mahalo for being so sweet to your distinguished guest and for showing us all around your world.

    It might be a bit overwhelmingly, but there cannot be too much fun with Olga around ;-)
    Thanks for the compliment and I’m happy to share you know.

  13. ooh she’s enjoying much fun huh? :)

    did you feed her with german sausages there? Haha!

    She was and especially liked the size of the spicy sausages Haha!

  14. Olga’s really getting the royal treatment on her visit with you, Renny! And a cruise too!

    Bon voyage, Olga. Have a safe journey to your next destination.

    Hope your week is good, Renny, and Happy Thanksgiving to you, Diane and your family. :-)

    Love and hugs,

    That’s really what Olga deserves you know!
    Hope the same for you and yours and Happy Thanksgiving too :-)

  15. Hi,
    Your site is one of my favorites seen around blog explosion. Keep up the good work.
    I enjoy reading your blog. It is great to find someone who can find the fun things in life!
    I wish you all the best in all years. I look forward to developing a friendship and networking with you. Let me know if there is something I can do to assist you with your business free.
    With Regards,
    Karoly Domonyi

    Thanks Karoly, what a great compliment and very inspiring to me!
    I wish you the same and looking forward to get to know you and network with you too!

  16. Lucky olga! haha btw,wondering if you get some kind of oddly giggling look from the people seeing you with olga during photo shooting?lol It must be fun with olga! btw,love all the shots! stunning view!

    Ohhh Yea, there is some oddly reaction until I tell about this special globetrotter – then its all fun and people are impressed.
    Glad you liked the pics too!

  17. What a lovely ship and a fantastic journey. My husband hates boats so alas I will never cruise away but isn’t it so much nicer then flying. Something elegant about it.

    Well, we love boats, so why don’t come along with us! :-)

  18. Hi Renny!

    I’ve been watching your and Olga’s adventures and I can tell you two have been having loads of fun! Thanks for sharing your experiences with the rest of us.

    Oh, and I too want to become just like Olga when I grow up :P

  19. Oh, my dear friend, how can I bee so late commenting Olga’s Cruise from Oslo to Germany and back?
    It’s work. Yea, that simple.

    How could I put Olga’s travel as 3rd priority? I’ve seen her my self. Even touched her. In Oslo. At the roof of the Oslo Operahouse and Cafe Bellevue – Kafe Utsikten.

    I’ve written a new Opera: Olga (Not Carmen) – but need help to compose.


    I think Olga had a wonderful cruise with you and Diane as careful companionship and hosts. All the Photos are brilliant evidents of that fact.

    btw. Did you serve Olga champagne or peanuts in the Cabin?

  20. Olga sure does get to have all the fun! Renny, I have given you an award (yeah yeah, I know you get lots of them all the time). Happy traveling to Olga – I’m sure we will all keep an eye on her future travels.

  21. I want to be Olga and get to see Norway. I am a bit jealous can you tell? It looks like Olga, You and Diane had a great time. I love that boat it is just beautiful. Now, I have to see where she is going next.

    Love and Blessings,

  22. imagine olga with me on my work.. tor told me about olgas trip so I know i will find more details here …. everyone wants to be olga now…

  23. Hey Renny,

    I can see that Olga was all happy! ;D

    So, you do conferences in boats? That is rather interesting!
    I am not much of a fan of boats, I must admit (and I should be ashamed of myself, since I have Portuguese blood: the conquerors of the seas), but it was a pleasure to read your adventures, as always :D!

    Have a great week!


  24. Renny, it cracks me up everything I see your photo carrying OLGA around ;)

    Looks like you’re having fun showing her around – LOL!

    Mele Kalikimaka (that’s Marry Christmas in Hawaiian).


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