This is the largest annual celebration of contemporary art in Norway, this year for 121st time. Each fall the exhibition takes the temperature of contemporary art scenery, and shows the width as well as new trends. The exhibition is still young and healthy, and full of young débutantes. It’s just as relevant for art-oriented as for those who want to become acquainted with the art for the first time. Invited by Norwegian MBA Society for a private guided tour, my wife and I had another quality time and we’ll gladly (better now then never) take you along (click all pics to enlarge):

Autumn Exhibition #2
Opening speech by the exhibition’s executive; Ingrid L. Lystad in front of paintings by Pushwagner (Terje Brofos)

The very first item which caught my eye was this multi installation; ‘Collaborism’ a joint venture by 10 artists:
Autumn Exhibition #1

This piece was really modern, with a combination of graffiti art, sculptures (which actually were life size copies of Lego men dressed as graffiti gangsters), and comic book type painting. There was also a video inside which is an example of modern video art. You could go inside of it and on top of it to get an idea of the different artist’s impressions.

Throughout the exhibition there were a total of 114 works by 90 artists this year. Some more interesting or easier to capture than others, so let me give you an idea of the variety:
Autumn Exhibition #3 Autumn Exhibition #4
A car made of hundreds of shoes.

We really liked this piece. The shoes were donated by friends and acquaintances and eventually even the Salvation Army was called in to get enough. The shoes and the car are a symbol of the lifetime road we all travel, as well as reminding us of the many products which we use, outgrow and throw away along the way.

Autumn Exhibition #6 Autumn Exhibition #7
‘Transformation games’ (by Mona Nordaas)

This was another fascinating piece made up of thousands of small colourful items. Everything from buttons to small toys, beads, bottle caps and even disposable contact lens holders and one Viagra package!! It was amazing to gaze upon in the whole pattern which is breath taking and then use a long time walking around looking at what this was actually made up of. It was a great combination of an overall impression and an up-close look at things we see in everyday life.

Autumn Exhibition #5
‘Dimension of Dialogue’ (by Ragnhild Ohma) and our personal guide who showed us around with artistic insight, enthusiasm and pride.

I’m not a connoisseur of art, but we really do enjoy letting ourselves take in the work, and having our own opinions and impressions of it. Afterwards it gave us a good atmosphere and quite a lot to discuss on the way home. This was an artistic adventure and an interesting tour into Norwegian contemporary art. I hope you enjoyed this show too.


  1. Oh how fun! I love going to art galleries. Thanks for sharing your experience. Love the shoe car.

    Your welcome – glad you liked it – the shoe care was very original.

  2. Wow – I love the shoe and the mosiacs! So beautiful! Looks like something we also have in Victoria, but such a great thing to see!

  3. a car made of hundreds of shoe … that’s creative


  4. I love that it’s all so colourful!

    I do agree Teena!

  5. Thank you for the birthday greetings! I haven’t opened the card yet, I am having some computer problems soooooo….I will hopefully be able to look at it tomorrow….

    I hope you and Diane had a wonderful Thanksgiving and you are so awesome to have remembered my birthday!
    Thank you RennyBA!

    Your welcome Susie – hope your able to open it soon.
    We had a nice TG, celebrated with turkey on Sunday.

  6. I like the car made from shoes and “Transformation Games”. I like modern art and it, too, will eventually become “Old Masters” to future generations. Thanks for the tour Renny. I hope all is well with you and Diane.

    I do agree; going from modern to settled goes fast nowadays.
    Glad you liked the tour and yes; we are fine.

  7. I love that! It’s so interesting to see what the individual artists come up with and how differently people interpret the artist’s work.

    Lovely photos Renny.

    I do agree and it was interesting to discuss the pieces with the guide and others in our group too.

  8. i also, don’t know much about art other than i enjoy looking at it and considering it. the shoe car is an interesting idea. i love transformation games. that one i think i could enjoy doing just what you did for a long time. thanks for taking us along.

    I think we are to of a kind Lime, but we enjoy it while its a chance.
    Glad you liked the tour too.

  9. Very interesting – thanks for sharing Renny!

    Thanks – your welcome !

  10. Such an interesting and thought provoking exhibit!
    I like the car and the symbolism attached to it. The Transformation Game seems fascinating!! something to stare at for hours.
    Thanks for sharing, Renny :)

    Thought provoking was a very to the point expression Mar – it really was!

  11. You seems to have a great moment at the art exhibition. Love the fact to use our usual old products to create art! A new life for them and a pleasure for the eyes. Love “Transformation games” very colourful!

    Yea: Kind of a recycling or maybe we should say artcycling :-)

  12. Oh I love going to events such as this. I really admire people with artistic talent. Oh how I wish my talents lay in that direction. Sadly I cannot even draw a stick man!!!

    I admire them too, and are in the same category as you when it comes to stick man (or woman for that matter :lol: ).

  13. Love the car! It would appeal to urban shop/shoesaholics ! :lol:

    I knew you would love it :lol:

  14. hi, renny! the mossaic is very beautiful! thanks for sharing this. norway must have beautiful views in autumn.

    Hi Acey!
    Glad you liked it too!

  15. We’ve been frequent visitors to this yearly exhibition og Norwegian Contemptoary Norwegian Art.
    But in the past years, when large installations have, to our mind, have been given the most space and attention, well – it’s not longer as interesting as it used to be.

    It seems like Norwegian artists, most of them with State Stipends, hope to have their installions bought by Public Institutions and Buildings. Not buy “you and me”.
    They are simply to big to have in a normal home.
    I hope the Financial crises can bring the artists back to “everyman and to bring culture into every home”..

    Understand me right my dear friend:
    This post is eminent and gives a good picture of what Norwegian artists are doing right now.

    Have a wonderful weeekend
    hugs from
    Tor and Anna and the Cats
    to you and D and both the boys.

  16. Colorful and funny art…it is nice when you can play like a kid and then sell it for money….

  17. I love “Transformation games”! The Collaborism is a bit too much for my taste. ;-)
    Have a great weekend!

  18. Oh, I love the collaborative art work! You’re always so busy here! Thanks for not forgetting about my little universe :-)

    heart, missy

  19. I love the collaboration idea. Many people with varying ideas of a final product come together to produce a unique piece. Thanks for sharing!

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  20. I’m not a connoisseur of contemporary art to much, but still enjoyed to read your post and to look at those partial interesting works. :)

    Sue’s Daily Photography

  21. looks like a marvellous exhibition Renny !!!
    the car made of shoes…amazing…and what a concept too ..
    enjoy your weekend :)

  22. Art exhibitions always are such a treat and this one was obviously no exception! I loved the shoe car and the transformation games piece.

    The shoe car reminded me about the shoe installation that used to be at the shoreline at Fårö – lots of old shoes and some other objects found in the nature there made into art, but outside in the nature. Very cool indeed.

  23. A car made of shoes! Wow! that’s pretty innovative and amazing!
    I enjoy looking at the beautiful patterns made with small objects. It’s amazing what we can do with used things around us. I’ll remember not to waste.

  24. I have been visiting the museums in my country often and seeing this Norwegian art exhibition through your post, makes me learn about the art scene in another country.

  25. Wonderful. I love visiting art exhibits! I have never been to Norway but my husband and I always talk of one day touring the Nordic countries. I will have to share this with him. Perhaps it will inspire him to finally plan the trip.

    I love the car made from shoes – and the message it sends. Transformation Games was so colorful. Collaborism was a bit overboard for my tastes, but then that’s what makes an art exhibit so fascinating – being exposed to so many different forms of expression.

  26. Norwegian contemporary art seems to be alive and well.
    Many thanks for sharing your pictures! I enjoyed them.

  27. Some very interesting, provocative pieces here…mahalo for sharing them with us!

  28. Hei Renny! Is it the same museum we went to during the first time I met you in Oslo? Anyway, lovely art pieces indeed!

  29. I was interested to hear you say that you’re not a connoisseur of art, Renny, because I feel the same way about myself. But I do still like to see it and be inspired by it when I do take the time to look. Thanks for sharing this very intriguing gallery.

  30. Wow what a conglomeration.. I mean they are all so unique. I really enjoyd this! Did Olga attend as well?

    Have a great week

  31. Interesting stuff! Sadly I am not a great admirer of abstract, contemporary art. Give me the medieval art forms any time. :)

  32. Hello Renny!

    Yes, very creative indeed and quite interesting! I like art but sometimes I can’t get what the artists would like to achieve or relay in their works. :)

  33. Hiya Renny,

    This is so creative and very interesting…I love the idea of the shoes too :D

  34. It’s a very nice art gallery!

  35. As they said, have shoe will travel! Very interesting and creative

  36. cool. I decorated a truck once (well i had a team of
    neighborhood kids who helped… really fun).

  37. Hi!
    I made “The transformation game”, I just googled my name, to see what is given information, and found your blog… Thanks for the nice words!

    Mona Nordaas

  38. Bonjour Ingrid
    Magnifique ce salon automnal

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