In all Scandinavian countries you are allowed to make your own fireworks display on New Years eve. For the last 6 years we have been at our vacation home in Sweden for the week between Christmas and New Years (Romjul) and always spend the New Years eve at a neighbourhood party with our friends. This is the highlight of our trip, with good friends, a little bubbly, a seafood dinner and then of course starting the New Year with a big bang!!

I have bought my own fireworks all of my adult life, and so much remember setting up the display when the kids were small. When they got a bit older they helped to make a launch pad out of snow and a bottle to put the rocket stick in. Today we usually buy a case of fireworks which only have one fuse and they go off one after the another…new and modern, pretty but not quite as challenging. But then even I can be a bit old fashioned I guess.

The fireworks are not available the whole year. Primarily they have stayed legal in the Scandinavia only on New Years when there is usually snow on the ground, or at least frost, which helps to prevent accidental fires. The local groceries and small shops usually get a license to sell them, and the sale begins when they open after Christmas and lasts only until New Years Eve. Here our local kiosk is turned into a firework shop, and you can see examples of the fireworks before you shop them on a video display:

Buying New Year Fireworks in Norway

If you would like to know more about where and how to buy fireworks please read my post from two years ago!

And of course you know even when I shoot up fireworks I have my mobile phone handy, and I was excited to try the video function on my new Nokia N82! So to give you a New Years thrill, here is the display:

To all of my readers and faithful blog friends I wish you the very best in 2009! As my back is still bothering me I am actually dictating this post to my lovely wife Diane who is writing for me because its hard to type. So please don’t feel neglected if I don’t visit and comment as normal, I am thinking of you and will return when my back is better. As compensation for being away so much I am giving my friends from my blog roll a little New Years gift of Link Love:

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I hope everyone enjoyed the New Year celebration and to see you soon!


  1. How fun. There are fire works here, but folks have to save them from July 4th Independence Day fireworks. I sleep right though the new year, Have for years.

    Have a terrific day and I hope that your back feels right as rain soon. Big hug to you and Diane. :)

    Well, fireworks in the summertime here would be of no use as it doesn’t get real dark.
    Must have been a wonderful beauty sleep then ;-)
    Millions of New Years hugs back to you :)

  2. Great video my dear!! Of course I always share in your fireworks ;-)

    Thanks and also for helping me writing this post!
    Sharing with you more than double the fun ;-)

  3. I am sending all my love and healing thoughts to you, dear Renny. Try to rest and relax and let Diane take care of you.
    I love the video, and here we are, the start of a new year! May this one be full of health, happiness and much love for all!!!

    Thanks for your warm thoughts Maribeth! Diane is nursing in a perfect way of course!
    Glad you liked the vid and I join you in your New Year wishes!!!

  4. I like the idea of shooting off fireworks for the New Years. I hope you recover from your back injury quickly. Sorry to hear that. Thank you for such a wonderful blog. I look forward to your new entries showing up in my Google Reader. Happy 2009 to you and yours!

  5. Aw, I’m sorry to hear that your back is so bad. I hope that it gets better soon. Good wife to type for you! ;)

    You’re fireworks display was wonderful! It’s interesting to learn that you can see what your fireworks will look like by watching a video before you buy them. That’s cool.

    Here in Canada it’s legal to buy fireworks. Most people buy them and set them off on the May 24th weekend (Queen Victoria’s birthday) and of course on Canada Day (July 1st). I’m sure there are some people that set off fireworks for New years, but for the most part it’s much too cold for that! LOL However most major cities have a New Years party that ends with fireworks.

    Setting off fireworks when there’s snow on the ground or frost sounds much safer than the time of year that we usually set them off!

    Happy New year to you and your wife Diane! May you be happy and healthy in the new year! Get that back better!

  6. Oh would you believe they don’t do that so much here anymore. I remember my experience in Switzerland which was by far the most fun with fireworks. I grew up in a fireworks free/banned zone so really I never got to see what you guys saw after age 4!!!

    Happy New Year and enjoying the photos as always.

  7. Thank you for the fireworks. Here in Tulsa, Oklahoma they are not legal inside the city but at midnight there is a flurry of crack, pop, bang that lasts a few minutes and then is over, We have something of the same on July 4 which is our independence day. On July 4 we have pubic displays. Maybe I can share one with you. HAPPY NEW YEAR and thank you for all the great posts. Ours was very nice but quiet.

  8. I never had time to watch the fireworks since I was online talking to Odd. But the video will do and I love it! Anyway, Happy New Year to you and to your family!

  9. Great video of the fireworks, Renny!

    Sorry to hear that your back is still paining you. Hope you feel better soon, my friend.

    Love and hugs,


  10. happy new year and i hope your back is soon feeling much better. i know how miserable back pain is.

    love the fireworks!

  11. Fireworks are illegal (for individuals) in Butte County, California….but we enjoy a huge fireworks display every year at Lake Almanor on the 4th of July. I am sending healing thoughts your way Renny…I’ve had back problems before & know how painful it can be. Lotsa rest & TLC….I’m sure Diane is providing both! :) Happy New Year!
    ~Olga (& Shawn)

  12. I am sorry to hear about your back Renny. You have a great wife! :-)

  13. You have about the same laws for fireworks than in Germany. There you can buy firework 1 or two days before. In Belgium firework only started in the 70th or 80th before not at all. I still remember when the Germans made their firework in Brussels in 1960, the Belgian neighbors called the firemen, lol !

  14. We only have organised firework displays in Australia as they are illegal because of the danger of bush fires. However, people still manage to buy illegal ones and set them off, which upsets the dogs. They don’t like the noise of fireworks at all.

  15. Thanks for sharing, Renny! We were very boring on New Years Eve. Ha!

    I hope your back gets better soon!

  16. Renny,
    First of all: best wishes for 2009
    Fireworks, hmmm, seems we have had the same experiences.
    For the Good and the Bad.
    At least you are genuine to tell about it.

    Hugs and more to you and D and the boys
    A and T
    (omgangssyken fikk vi også)

  17. Happy new year! Godt nytt år (I hope this is right)!

  18. It so beautifull ,seeing the sparks in the sky. As for you RennyBa , get well soon and happy new year.

  19. Happy New Year to you too, Renny and Diane.

    I hope your back is feeling better soon.

  20. Hello Renny,

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wishing you the best in 2009!

  21. Sending many healing vibes to you, Renny! I wish you good health for 2009!

  22. Hi Rennyba,
    that looks like fun to me! Did you enjoy the fireworks too? I just watch it haha.

    We are back from holidays…I always enjoyed visiting you blog in 2008, you were a reall inspiration to me.
    I wish you many Happy and Creative wishes for 2009! I hope to watch your beautiful photogaphic blog many, many, times in 2009 with also much joy. Please feel/be welcome to follow my blog also,

    Friendly greetings from:
    JoAnn’s D Eyes

  23. Hope your back is getting better, my dear friend. It’s no fun to be ill.

    Thanks to lovely Diane! I got your message.

    Thanks for the fireworks!

  24. hey my from oslo, its nice that u can use fireworks there. i miss lighting up fireworks but its ok i still celebrated mine with happiness hehehe

    thanks for the link love Mr Renny happy new year from your friend here in Chicago :)

  25. That is so cool!

    Feng grew up in China and loves fireworks and firecrackers. He always complains that New Year or Chinese New Year isn´t as fun without them in Canada.

    In Latin America, people go crazy with fireworks as well, and it can be bought anywhere. We didn´t have the chance to do it this year because we were in the mountains, in a small village though.

  26. You are so good, Renny. You deserve a BID AWARD this year! And let’s hope your back is totally better SOON!

  27. Wishing you and your wife a very blessed 2009!

    Take care.

  28. This is a extraordinary way to have celebrated the event, as you conducted your own display of lighting. This can be thought of as being more exciting than a large public display, since it is completely controlled by your group. An individualistic representation of an item tends to be felt more strongly than one that is set up by others.

  29. Renny,
    I must admit:
    Once upon a time, I was very fascinated and proud to have my own fireworks.
    I did also realise it was risky.

    When beeing in other countries and cultures where they do have community Fireworks – I must admit: I prefere the latter.
    The one we did visit in Oslo – in the Vigeland Park – was far more spectacular than even a millionaire would have been able to present.

    And less ricky for many 1000’s of spectacters

  30. Hi Renny,

    Oooh, you are having back aches? I am so sorry for that, and I hope you are feeling better, my friend!!

    Anyway, thanks and Happy New Year to you, and your darling family :D!

    Loved the video: thanks for sharing!!

    Get well soon!!

  31. Similar case in Shanghai of China. People love to have fireworks in Spring Festivals, but it’s forbidden in most downtown area for safety concerns. In some festivals and holidays, we would have fireworks from ships on the Huangpu River. That’s sweet. :)
    local guides, local wisdom

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