My Blog is a Finalist for The 2008 Weblogs Awards in category Best European Blog (Non UK). If you think my blog is worth it, click the badge and cast your vote:

Note: You may cast your vote once every 24 hour until January 13, so your all welcome back tomorrow :-)


  1. This is a great blog. It surely deserves top ranks.

    Thanks Carlos – what an encouraging compliment!

  2. YAAAAY. I just voted!!! :)

    Thanks Ginnie and welcome back tomorrow :lol:

  3. I voted! Now I just need to remember to do it every single day. Good luck Renny. Big hug to you and Diane. :)

    Thanks Sandee – I knew I could count of you, Every Day :-)

  4. glad to vote for you, my friend. best wishes!

    Thanks Michelle – your always so supportive!

  5. Good luck! Daily reminders are ok by me.. :)

    Thanks ET – set up an every day alarm on your mobile phone! :lol:

  6. You deserve 1st place. Voted!

    Thanks Tink – I’m flattered!

  7. I voted for you to win.

    Thanks Theresa and for your add at Twitter too! I’ve voted for Daisy too of course!

  8. Yes, your blog is #1 promoter for Norway for sure I’ve learned a lot about Norway since I started reading in 04! I’ll try to remember to click and vote daily!

    Thanks for your encouraging words Ruth – that’s the aim of my blog you know!

  9. Done, my dear! Good luck!


  10. Hurrah!


  11. Congratulations, Renny. Let’s hope you get first place this year.

    Thanks – I hope so too!

  12. Yep I just voted :) Happy New Year Renny! Wishing you all the best of luck (not just for the said contest of course, hehe) but for everything!

    Best regards from DE

    Thanks Cheh and for the greetings too – wishing you the same!

  13. Yay go Renny! Just voted for you.

    Thanks Caroline, I knew I could count on you.

  14. Hi Renny,

    You have my support 101% Voted today! I’ll check again tomorrow and the day after and the day after that and the day…….. =)

    Ria of It’s My Party

  15. I just voted and I’ll go back every day ’til January 13.

    Good luck!

  16. Just voted for your blog, Renny. I look forward to hearing more from you.

  17. I vote for you!!! Your blog is fantastic and the best.
    Good luck

  18. Voted for you! I hope the best for you in this competition! and I’ll vote for you again!

  19. Hello Renny my friend,
    You have my vote each day and I wish you every success :)
    I must apologise for my absence having been unwell for awhile and now busy transferring my main blog to its own domain….such fun lol
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  20. Jusr voted, my dear Rennie and will come back every day!
    Hope you will be feeling BETTER Very Very soon….!
    And I hope 2009 will be The BEST Year, Ever, for YOU & YOURS!

  21. I voted for you, of course. Your blog reminds me how good it is to be a norwegian. :) Best of luck with the webblog awards!

  22. Voted! I hope you win!

  23. I remember to vote again today. Good luck. Big hug to you and Diane. :)

  24. I voted for you. You know how much I love your blog. I hope you win.

    Love and Blessings,

  25. I had not known about the Weblogawards going on until I saw this here, and it sure contains a wide assortment of sites of many different categorizations. The sites that are ranked by their authority are interesting to see, as they are at different stages of their growth. I saw some sites that I am glad to have run across.

  26. You got my vote just now – of course!!! I hope you will win! :)

    Sue’s Daily Photography

  27. Another vote for you my friend
    Keep them coming :)

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  29. Lykke til!!

  30. Just put in the vote for you. Hope it’s not too late. All the best!

  31. On my way to vote again!

  32. Renny,
    how can I make a link to your blog,
    I mean without a comment from you for a while.

    You know, I’m an old man, so says my grandkids.

    So, I thought it was important to have a link to and from our blogs.

    Am I wrong?

  33. Good luck! Vote is cast :-)

  34. Good luck! I’m voting every day for you!

  35. Renny, go for it!!!

  36. I say,
    I’ve never learned so much from a blog like yours.
    Even though we live near by each others.
    Why’s that?
    And I do think my answer is very important.

    You give facts – shortly – in the time frame bloggers do have when combining work, family, other interests
    – and you are unique to comment your commentors.
    Which is important.
    I suspect – with 2 or 3 assignees, – to work 24/7 your blog would be world class in importance as well.
    Chemical free of Religion and pro et contra any political system.
    That is:Blogging for Peace.

    That’s why I will nominate you.
    And also all your regular readers and many more will understand why

    wish the very best for the nomination.

  37. I love your website of course you can have my support!

  38. Hi mr Terella,
    I’m about to post on my second blog,
    a picture from each months in 2008.

    Give me some minutes.

    You’ll be there. With a link;))

  39. Best luck! Vote is done :-)

  40. Hi, Renny,
    HAD to vote for YOU! (You should share my groups that you’ve been nominated…)

    Keep STRONG, Renny!!

  41. It’s great to hear your blog has been nominated among finalist. I have voted.

  42. As one of your biggest supporters, I am voting everyday!

  43. Of course you have my support Renny, that goes without saying. I have voted and will continue to do so every day.

  44. Here again…and there again…voted!

  45. Hey Renny,
    Another one for you :lol:
    Will keep plugging away at it
    Best wishes my friend,

  46. Hello Renny! I voted before but forgot to tell you. Anyway, I voted again. I never thought it was possible hehehehe

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  48. I want to vote for you to win.
    Best wishes

  49. Hey Renny,

    Congratulations!! I have cast my vote, and so I wish you all the luck in the world :D!


  50. I bookmarked the page and vote every day for you (and Daisy). :)

  51. Of course I’ve voted for you once more , Renny, simply because you are the best :-)

    Happy New Year!

  52. Been voting for you….Go Renny!

  53. Hello Renny!

    Congratulations! You have my vote, just finished voting for you.

  54. A winner, no doubt!!

    Thanks dear friend!!

  55. Renny: Continue the great work and best of luck to you!

    Thanks FA, I will – good to see you again too!

  56. Finally, a cyber café with proper plugins; one vote sent from India (with love)..
    Take care old man!


    Thanks – how nice to see you here oys. Thanks for your notes from India – hope you still have a great time!

  57. I cast a vote for your blog – high quality!

    Thanks Jan – what a compliment!

  58. Hi, Renny.
    I was not aware that you where such an amazing blogger! I just had a look for the first time, and congrats to you for a exceptional blogg! You just got my vote!

    Thanks Håkon – great to see you. Welcome back any time!

  59. Go-Go-Go Renny –
    of course U should win this!! I know U as a true believer in communicating, sharing, collaborating and interneting :)

    Long time, no see Rune – good to see you and thanks for your support and endorsement :)

  60. May you win! I voted for you, my friend. Happy new year to you:-)

    Thanks Randi – good to see you here too. Wishing you all the best for 2009:-)

  61. Go for it!

    Hi OT! Nice of you and good to see you too!

  62. Renny – the one and only – votes are sent

  63. Dine venner svikter aldri! Go Go Go

  64. another vote from moi =)

  65. Go for it.

  66. Good Luck and Happy 2009!

  67. Another vote for Renny!

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