I have been sitting on a shocking secret for several months now. On my way to work in April I saw a most disturbing scene! I was shocked and amazed to see the Nazi flag waving over our very own parliament!! As always I had my Nokia mobile phone on hand and knew this was an important scoop! This is just something which has to be shared with the blogsphere (click all pics to enjoy and enlarge!):

Shooting Max Manus motion picture in Norway #1

You see in Oslo they were shooting a major motion picture about one of our greatest national heros from the Second World War. Max Manus (Maximo Guillermo Manus 1914 – 1996) was a patriot who could not accept the occupation and a key member of the Norwegian resistance.
Shooting Max Manus motion picture in Norway #3 Shooting Max Manus motion picture in Norway #5

The Resistance movement
You see Norway was occupied by the German army from the 9th of April, 1940 until the 8th of May, 1945. Max Manus became engaged in the war in Kongsvinger when he began to work with illegal newspapers for the resistance under Nazi occupation. In January 1941 he was nearly arrested in his apartment in Vidars gate, and had to escape by jumping out of the window.

He ended up at Ullevål hospital, but managed to flee and made his way through Sweden, Russia and Africa. On board a transport ship he sailed around the Cape of Good Hope, to Canada, where he travelled with a convoy to England.

British Company Linge
He volunteered in England and enrolled in Company Linge which in March 1943 was released by parachute over Norway with Gregers Gram for conducting the sabotage “operations Mardonius”. He was a member of the group later known as the Oslo Gang, which the British army regarded as Europe’s best sabotage group. Together with, among others, Gunnar Sønsteby and Gregers Gram he participated in operations “Derby” and “Bundle”, which sabotaged Nazi ships and produced illegal resistance propaganda.

Among other actions he was involved in Operations Mardonius (1943) exploding several ships in Oslo harbour; bombing of the troop ship “Monte Rosa” (1944); sinking of troop transport ship “Donau” (1945); and bombing and the destruction of the German work offices and archives that could have caused tens of thousands of young boys to be recruited to the war duty through the notorious Work Service program ran by the Nazi army occupying Norway.

Movie premier
The film has now been released in Norway, and even King Harald V and Queen Sonja were among the honoured guests at the cinema to see the premier! They were thrilled of course (because they don’t go to the cinema that often) and both the King and Queen were actually moved to tears.

Continuing Peace efforts
This is an important part of Norwegian history and has shaped our political standpoints even today. Norwegians are peace loving and believe in solving the worlds problems through dialogue and not with weapons, for example the Oslo Agreement which was the first direct, face-to-face agreement between Israel and political representatives of Palestinians in 1993. Today’s peace march in support of the victims of the war in the Gaza strip shows our continued commitment to peace. Police estimate that 40,000 people came to the torch lit event at 7 pm in Oslo.

PeaceMarchJan2008(Picture: Stian Lysberg Solum / SCANPIX)

Similar marches were also held in Bergen, Trondheim, Tromsø and Stavanger. A broad alliance of all the major humanitarian organizations, Athletic Norway, churches, trade unions, and all our political parties supported the event. Let us all be united in Peace this day.

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  2. Hello Renny,
    I thought that there was a catch there. So they were actually filming.

    What’s happening in the world right now is so sad. We actually never learned. Violence begets violence.

    Anyway, enjoy the rest of the week!

    I’m glad you caught the idea.
    It’s never too late to learn, but some are slow learners I think.
    Wishing you a great end to your week too!

  3. You kind of scared me for a minute. I’m glad it was all about a movie.

    I voted for you again today.
    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Diane. :)

    That was the first chock I had when I first saw it – a strong image you know.
    Thanks for voting – every day!
    Wish you a good one too :)

  4. Yeah no kidding… My first reaction was what??? Of course you’d do something like that to us. ;-) I’m voting away!

    Of course I wouldn’t – glad it is history!
    Thanks for your daily support too!

  5. Interesting. I have felt for many years that it is sad that people cannot learn to live with each other.
    We are taking each day slowly here. Hubby is still very tired and needs a lot of rest.

    I was thinking the same and thought it was about time for a reminder.
    Hope your Hubby feels better very soon – we are thinking of you Maribeth!

  6. I’m glad it was just for the filming there, the flag!

    I have voted for you… :)

    Me too – even if I knew it was just a film, it look scary!
    Thanks for your support Susanne :)

  7. I never knew Norway was occupied by Germany in WWII. How’d I miss that over the years? I need to read up on this. I just finished a book on the German occupation of the channel island, Guernsey.

    I wish for the world to follow Norway’s example of peaceful solutions.

    Glad I could enlighten you then – one of the aim for my blog you know.
    I wish so too!

  8. Renny, I got such a fright when I read your opening paragraph and saw the photo of the Nazi flag over your Parliament. Then I read on and all was explained. There were some incredibly brave men and women who risked their lives to help overthrow the Nazi regime during the War and too little is known about them. So it is good that a movie is being made of your particular national hero. I believe these people should have their exploits made public, just so we can see how much they sacrificed for our freedom.

    Great post.

    Well said Robyn and I can tell you the movie is really great. Hope they can make it an international success too.
    Thanks for your compliment!

  9. It made me nervous to see that swastika flying until I read your post. Very interesting reading.
    Peace seems very far from many people and countries in our world, I’m sad to say. Let it be so, and soon.

    Sorry you’re still having such a hard time with your back. Get better soon, my friend.
    Hope you and Diane have a great weekend, and pain free for you.

    Love and hugs,

    Did not mean to frighten you, but glad you liked it after reading. Let’s never give up hope – it starts with dialogue!
    Thanks for your warm thoughts – its really frustrating not to be able to visit yours and other blog friends!
    Love and hugs and a great weekend to you too!

  10. And what a pity, especially – again – at the moment, that there aren’t more people with the same attitude as Norwegians. Negotiation is everything, violence must never be the answer.

    I do agree: Dialogue and negotiation.

  11. Hi Renny!!Congratulations!!

    I have voted for you and sure will vote again later!
    have a nice weekend and give my regards to Diane!!


    Thanks Ghee and for all your support!
    Wishing you and yours a good one too!!

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  13. Renny,
    I’ve been voting this week :)

    I enjoyed your post. One of my weaknesses is historical knowledge of places outside of the U.S. and I enjoy learning about the history of Norway. Add me to those who are hoping for a more peaceful 2009.

    Thank you for the kind comment today. How nice that I was able to provide a bit of inspiration for someone who has done the same for me many times with his wonderful blog :)

  14. war history, something i also dig…best wishes and congratulations on your blog…voted for you already

  15. hi. i would like to invite you to come visit our place. you’ll surely find that the Underground River is truly a natural wonder and that it deserves to represent the country in the N7W.

  16. Hi Renny,
    I recently read an interesting book titled: Bishop of the Resistance: The Life of Eivind Berggrav, by Edwin Robertson. I quite enjoyed it, and actually wrote two different book reviews on it, both of which were published, one in our local city’s daily newspaper, and the other in a church publication. I’m also deeply saddened by the violent conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians, and hope it will stop soon, and they can negotiate a lasting peace. All the best for you and your blog!

  17. To see that flag was very disturbing, Renny, until I read your explanation! We musn’t forget, I think it is a great idea to have new films for the new generation.

    Hope your back doesn’t trouble you any longer!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend .

  18. They film a lot here in Toronto so you never know that you’ll come across.

  19. Ouf! Just a movie!!! Ha ha! Finally this is the first time I hear the description about the occupation in Norway during the 2 WW. I red just a little in school books about North Europa at this period. I know better Finland story since we had our first school exchanges. I hope to have the chance to watch the film one day. There were in France several manifestations too for peace in Gaza. We shouldn’t see such horrors in the world at the 21 th century. this is very important the whole world exprimes that such thinks are terribles and that humans can’t act like that. But now i will immediatly vote for the best and nicest blog in Europe: Blog Renny Terella!

  20. Max was a real hero, the post is awesome and the pictures are amazing. I’ve just voted for you :-)

  21. hmmm… that’s an interesting movie. i’d like to watch it to learn more about your history :)

  22. Hi Renny,
    I haven’t had much time to blog visit and I’m glad I’m finally able to drop by and see your wonderful photos!

    I have been voting for you each day. Good luck!

  23. I have only one comment:
    Blog for Peace

  24. I am going to watch Max Manus once I am back home.

  25. I voted for your today Renny and sorry have been late but I will log on again.

    Thanks for sharing this historical moment with us :)

  26. hi, bloghopped from A. interesting and informative blog you have here. deserving for an award.

  27. It sounds like a movie I’d want to see, Renny, but I’m guessing it’s in Norwegian, not English?

  28. Bill Richardson

    Just watched this film with English sub titles and what a great story it is. It is a great pity that it has taken to so long for this hero to have the tribute he deserves.
    I had never heard of him even when I worked in Norway until this film but have since read quite a lot about him and his friends exploits.
    A national hero indeed.

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