Since I’ve no place to go…let it snow let it snow let it snow…..! Snow is no sensation in Norway of course, but even here the weather has been unusual. In the last couple of days we have had quite a blizzard. Between 50 and 70 cm (1.7 – 2.3 feet) of snow has fallen in south/eastern Norway and the Oslo area. It is not often that we get so much at once, and the community has been working overtime to clear the roads and make them safe for travel.

However the snow is not just a headache for vehicles and a back ache for those cleaning their walks, but it is also lovely for the eyes and the soul. Nothing is like a snowy day, the whole landscape blanketed in white. Everything looking clean and fresh like a whole new world waits outside your doorstep. I so much remember the joy of new snow when I was a boy. I couldn’t wait to finish my breakfast so that I could put on my warm winter clothes and go out and play in the snow!

Snow in Norway Winter Wonder Land #1

Today you really had to be careful to clean out the right car, the snow was piled so high that it was smart to clean off the license plate first…otherwise your neighbour may be very grateful and you might be late for work! (click all pics to enlarge and enjoy):
Snow in Norway Winter Wonder Land #2 Snow in Norway Winter Wonder Land #4

Even the animals like the snow, this little fellow came up and talked to us. He wanted a little pet and to be talked to before he ran along the snowy way!
Snow in Norway Winter Wonder Land #8

We don’t have ‘snow days’ in Norway however, even when there is a record snowfall the schools and preschools are still open. Here you can see a young mother pushing her child along in a good Norwegian carriage to the local preschool down the street.
Snow in Norway Winter Wonder Land #3

You don’t even need toys in the snow; just playing in the snow is enough…as long as you have a proper snow suit and wool underneath you never get cold! If you are lucky enough you had a sled, or skis or a shovel then you could use the whole day playing outside in it. Just like this little boy we saw on our walk, so eagerly helping his grandpa find the car:
Snow in Norway Winter Wonder Land #5 Snow in Norway Winter Wonder Land #6

I hope you have enjoyed our morning walk, and that you’ll find a scenery as beautiful outside your door.


  1. that is quite a pile of snow to get all at once. i hope you were not the one clearing the snow though since you have had such back pain lately. but i do hope playing in it carefully was soothing to your spirit.

    I did not clear at all since my back still hurt a lot! But: It really was soothing – you know I love the power of nature – and the walk with my lovely wife did me good :)

  2. We haven’t really had snow here and I never made it to the mountains this winter, so your post is the closest I’ve come to enjoying it. Thank you!

    Your welcome – you know I love sharing the beauty of nature.
    I do hope you’ll have another chance to experience snow this winter – the season isn’t over yet you know.

  3. It looks beautiful Renny! The kids must be having a blast – brings back so many memories. Enjoy…

    It really was Caroline and I identified myself very well with the kids – snow makes me childish you know – yea: all this lovely memories……

  4. Thank you for taking me on your walk. I too have those wonderful childhood memories about snow. It appear my longing for a colder climate has rubbed off on my son who asked when can we live somewhere where it snows? :)

    Glad I could take you down the memory lane then. Maybe you could bring your son to visit Norway one day :)

  5. Beautiful pictures ! but 50 to 70 cm snow that’s a lot. We had snow here 2 weeks ago maybe 15 cm and the whole country broke down. They are not equipped for that. Last time it had snowed 7 years ago ! if you want to see a white Waterloo Lion, it’s on my Writer Cramps blog.

  6. It is indeed beautiful Renny. I’m glad I don’t live in snow country though. I’m such a fair weather kind of gal. I is beautiful though. Enjoy the beauty.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Diane. :)

  7. We had our own bizarre snow in Seattle for Christmas (about 2.5 weeks of winter, white goodness) so I’m glad to see you get to experience some of the same. Great post. Thanks, Renny!

  8. Those could be pictures of Toronto!

    Nice shots!

  9. It does look clean as you say, Renny. I laughed at the thought of clearing the snow off the wrong car…that wouldn’t be a good way to start the day, especially if you were already running late.

  10. Ah yes, my Wednesday post is all about snow too!

  11. I was just browsing the internet in search of intelligent life and I stopped to say hello!
    I am also in search of few good friends ;)
    Love, Peace and Prosperity!

    PS: Great pix!

  12. The snow is beautiful, especially the first picture. I am guessing that is your neighbourhood. Such a lovely view, so clean and white! We have had no snow in Oklahoma at all this season so I am jealous.
    Here in my home we are celebrating the inauguration of our new president. How is he perceived in Europe?

    Yes its in our neighbourhood – sometimes candy for the eye isn’t that far away you know :-)
    Good question: Read my wife’s excellent post about it here!

  13. look at the snow, so beautiful. Hope someday I go place that snow. We have not been to one yet. OH yeah there is one artificial one but its just for couple minute and need to pay $15 for entrance per adult!

  14. Oh lovely snow! We too have a lot of snow in Canada. The snow has fallen for several days and the pure clean whiteness blankets our homes and roadways.
    Glad you are up to a walk. Hope your back is on the mend.

  15. How beautiful it looks – don’t think I have seen a snow scene as picturesque in real life – the snow we had in England tended to turn into dirty slush very quickly, I went to Switzerland and the Aussie ski fields in summer. Although we get snow in the mountains close to Melbourne all you really see is snow covered mountains as there are no towns up there.

  16. wow just wow. this post really made me think a lot. its amazing how you can meet and connect with someone on the other side of the world! im from las vegas USA by the way :)

  17. OMG!!what a beauty!I so luv the first pic,it looks like a postcard :)
    but please do take care,its always dangerous on snowy days…and i think shoveling is a very hard task. :)


  18. We hardly ever get snow, and if we do, it’s no more than 6 inches… so I have never seen that much snow in realy life ever!

    Great photos!

    Love, Jess

  19. What beautiful pics – I use to live on the Indiana/Michigan line in the “snowbelt area” which was snow off Lake Michigan and we had snow like yours so it brought back nice memories. Now I live in the Cincinnati area where we usually get “dustings” but occasional big snows. Ice is more l likely.

  20. We’ve had no snow at all :-( I even went to Ghent in the hope of a white Christmas but alas no joy – I shall just have to be content to look at you pictures.

  21. What a wonderland indeed! It’s so hot here. The sun’s high up in the sky every noon! Come send me the snow sleigh pls! :P

  22. nice info, even weather is Unusual I think snow on Norwey is still sensational from me that come from asia. And your foto colection is so beautiful

  23. It was indeed a lovely morning walk and I thank you for the priveledge of walking beside you!

  24. Wow – that is beautiful, love the pics but agree with Diane in hoping it stays with you and does not come here!

  25. I am an australian who worked in many towns in Norway from 1979 till 1996 many months of a yr. & in between. I remember Hamar -28 & loved it. It is my favourite country. I have been living in Barbados for over 2 yrs. & not happy as I dislike the heat & I’m fed up of being bitten daily by sand fleas & mosquitos even though I use repellent. The humidity is high & my body is drenched all the time as in a sauna. I just spent 2 months visiting my daughter in Flateby as she is married to a norwegian & I was very happy even though it was Aug./Sept. I went to visit a friend in Altå & was happy to see snow capped mountains again. I love the peace & aura of it all. I will be returning to a cooler climate in Australia in March to be normal again.
    I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE THAT BEAUTIFUL CAT! So many beautiful ones I saw in Drøbak also when I was visiting a friend.
    Norway is for me but I never met a partner there…..bad luck!
    I’m sure you are proud of the country & its pristine outlook.

  26. wow! breath-taking! coming from a country which doesn’t snow, these pictures are sights to behold… wish i can go and visit countries with snow…soon… maybe after the recession…hahaha.

  27. Love the picture of the cat, he seems to say: “hwat am I doing there!” :lol:

    I totally understand how you feel. Yes, snow is a pain in daily life, shoveling, getting to work etc. yet it is so soothing and beautiful.

    Great pictures!

  28. Beautiful winter wonderland. That cats fur is a great contrast to the white snow.

    I must say I’m happy our Car do have a Garage and that we have peole to take away the Snow from the pathways.

    PS. Hope to see you soon


    Yes the cat was so cute and friendly and just had to talk to us you know. I am also thankful for my garage at this time of year, parking is still impossible on our street…well it is possible but it is not easy and there is no guarantee you get out!

  29. Such a lovely sight! And does that really happen? I mean, finding that you can cleared up someone else’s car?

    BTW, hope you are getting better quickly. Take care!

  30. It was good to see the pictures…I have a lot of memories of winter time in Norway…Lived in Eiksmarka and Lysaker when I was young back in the early 1960’s. It snowed a lot there back then and no, we didn’t have any snow days then either…Loved to come home from school in Eiksmarka and put on the skis and go into the forest for a great time back then…I have been back to Norge…for 17nde Mai celebration in ’05 (100 years celebration) and came back again in ’06…Norway will be in my heart for the rest of my life…wish I could come over more often..ha det bra!

  31. Nice pictures. I live in the south-western part of the country and we have no snow – just rain and wind. To me it is OK but my children wish they could walk into your pictures.

  32. oh wow, so pictureque.. yes, winter wonderland it is! we have a norwegian girl in class and she always has the best winter suit on ;) all warm and comfy.

  33. Nice pictures and blog! Unfortunately it never snows here in Rome…
    Norway is the only Scandinavian country I’ve never been in and I’m dreaming to visit this wonderful country both in winter and summer. So keep on posting Renny!

  34. Nice pictures and blog! Unfortunately it never snows here in Rome…
    Norway is the only Scandinavian country I’ve never been in and I’m dreaming of visiting this wonderful country both in winter and summer. So keep on posting Renny!

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