Snow sensation in Norway The Winter Wonderland

Since I’ve no place to go…let it snow let it snow let it snow…..! Snow is no sensation in Norway of course, but even here the weather has been unusual. In the last couple of days we have had quite a blizzard. Between 50 and 70 cm (1.7 – 2.3 feet) of snow has fallen in south/eastern Norway and the Oslo area. It is not often that we get so much at once, and the community has been working overtime to clear the roads and make them safe for travel.

However the snow is not just a headache for vehicles and a back ache for those cleaning their walks, but it is also lovely for the eyes and the soul. Nothing is like a snowy day, the whole landscape blanketed in white. Everything looking clean and fresh like a whole new world waits outside your doorstep. I so much remember the joy of new snow when I was a boy. I couldn’t wait to finish my breakfast so that I could put on my warm winter clothes and go out and play in the snow!

Snow in Norway Winter Wonder Land #1

Today you really had to be careful to clean out the right car, the snow was piled so high that it was smart to clean off the license plate first…otherwise your neighbour may be very grateful and you might be late for work! (click all pics to enlarge and enjoy):
Snow in Norway Winter Wonder Land #2 Snow in Norway Winter Wonder Land #4

Even the animals like the snow, this little fellow came up and talked to us. He wanted a little pet and to be talked to before he ran along the snowy way!
Snow in Norway Winter Wonder Land #8

We don’t have ‘snow days’ in Norway however, even when there is a record snowfall the schools and preschools are still open. Here you can see a young mother pushing her child along in a good Norwegian carriage to the local preschool down the street.
Snow in Norway Winter Wonder Land #3

You don’t even need toys in the snow; just playing in the snow is enough…as long as you have a proper snow suit and wool underneath you never get cold! If you are lucky enough you had a sled, or skis or a shovel then you could use the whole day playing outside in it. Just like this little boy we saw on our walk, so eagerly helping his grandpa find the car:
Snow in Norway Winter Wonder Land #5 Snow in Norway Winter Wonder Land #6

I hope you have enjoyed our morning walk, and that you’ll find a scenery as beautiful outside your door.