Even though I am still home sick with back and stomach problems, I try to get out for a short walk around the neighbourhood as often as I can. It’s important to get some exercise and stretch out my sore muscles. It’s also good to get some fresh air and see something besides my own living room, and most of all; allow my thoughts to wonder to other things. Being out among people and nature always gives me new impulses and inspirations.

When I approached the local school I could hear it before I saw it. It was after normal school hours but the afterschool program was in full swing (all pics taken with my Nokia N82 – click to enlarge and enjoy!):

Children play in snow in Norway #1

In Norway all schools provide an after school program for children of working parents, or just for social activities. All children over the age of 3 also have the right to go to preschool and we have now accomplished nearly 100% coverage. This isn’t only because of working families, but also because we believe it is good for children to be socialised with others. A major part of the school and preschool program is outdoor play.
Children play in snow in Norway #2 Children play in snow in Norway #3
Children use the time to build up friendships, while building trust and confidence in nature through positive experiences, learning and mastering!
Children play in snow in Norway #4 Children play in snow in Norway #5

When I saw these children having such a good time in the snow it reminded me of my own childhood, and I just had to share it with you. Outdoor activity is so important for Norwegian children’s development. There is nothing which stimulates the imagination like building and digging in the snow with your friends:
Children play in snow in Norway #6 Children play in snow in Norway #8

Snow can be anything; it can be a cave, a ship, a house, a plane…whatever the child’s imagination wants it to be. I still remember the fortresses we used to build when we were small. They were enormous!! Or at least it seemed enormous to us.

When I came in closer to get better pictures a cute little boy came up to me in open curiosity and asked, “Whose grandfather are you?” Hahaha! I have to admit I wasn’t quite prepared for that. I answered “I don’t have any grandchildren yet, but 50 years ago I played in the snow just like you do now.” Then I really had to laugh. He was so sweet and very diplomatic; he didn’t say anything but you could see in his eyes that he thought that must have been back in the STONE AGES!!
Children play in snow in Norway #7

Well seeing these children eagerly playing in the snow makes me feel young at heart at least, and my fantasy is as healthy as it ever was! The child in me just loves it :lol: