Driving Us Crazy in Snowy Norway

Being a father of teenagers isn’t always easy, and being a stepfather can be tougher still. But sometimes its fun when you get to participate in life’s little adventures, like teaching them how to drive a car (in Norway you can do that from when you are 25 and had your license for at least 5 years). I taught my two sons and my daughter how to drive when it was their turn and I practised with my nephew and my niece. Now it’s my bonus child, Kyle’s turn to learn how to drive and we’re out on the road again.

Well we can’t start on the busiest roads of course, so I normally take the new drivers up into the forest where there is very little traffic. We start out in a parking lot, and then a back road (all pics taken with my Nokia N82 – click to enlarge and enjoy):

Car driving lessons in snowy Norway #1
Kyle has been driving for some weeks now so we are working our way onto the road. He has been through the mandatory 5 day predriving class and gotten his learners permit (in Norway you can have that from when you are 16). He has also had one of his mandatory driving lessons with the local driving school. Norway has difficult driving conditions much of the year, and twisty turny roads so it is important that the children learn to drive correctly right from the start.

Of course the scenery on the forest roads is nothing to complain about. We have lots of snow this year and it is fun for boys to drive on the ice and snow you know. The view is quite lovely in the wintertime:

Car driving lessons in snowy Norway #2
Notice the L on the car which indicates that there is a driver learning:

Car driving lessons in snowy Norway #3
When we stopped in this parking lot we had to watch our heads!! You can see in the background that we were training by the shooting range, and here are some avid hunters training for their sport:

Car driving lessons in snowy Norway #4
We also changed drivers again at the local horse stables. Here there are many who stable horses for private use if they don’t have a barn of their own, and there is also the local riding school for new riders and those who want to advance. As a child I went to riding school too, of course. I can even ride bareback…okay; well I could when I was a teenager. I’m not sure my back will take it now :lol:

Car driving lessons in snowy Norway #5
So if you have a driving license; How was your first step and/or your teaching experience?