A WordPress upgrade gives advantages like new built-in features and easier access to plug-ins as well as s brand new dashboard; Easy to navigate, more options and functions. You who run blogs at WP get it automatic, but I host mine at my own domain you know. So my very good friend, blog buddy and designer (one of the first I met more than three years ago in Blogsphere), Charles at Queer Chef, upgraded for me last week (click, go visit him and tell him how brilliant he is!). This course for a celebration and even more; A chance for me to explore, experiment and play, like the childish nerd I am :lol: Boys wanna have fun too you know and I believe in learning by doing.

Post Editor:

RennyBAI wish it had a more WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) type editor as I’m not that good at HTML (however, you learn along the road), but at least Upload/Insert Image, Video, Audio and Media and align them in the post is a bit easier. The pic to the right, is grabbed from my Flickr account and its easier to set it on the right side. Does anyone know how I can get or find a more elegant (WYSIWYG type) and less html type editor?

Reply on comments:
While I’m at it: I so much appreciate all the comments I get! It’s encouraging, enriches the subject and makes a more interactive dialogue. I do learn a lot from your comments too!
To show my appreciation and keep the dialogue going, I try the best I can to reply in comments. I wonder if it’s worth the efforts and if you read them? So since I’m in the experimental mood, I’ve made a poll. Please take your time to add your vote (and of course your thoughts about it in comments):

Notice also that all of you now may reply on every ones comments!

I wish you all a happy and playful end to your week!

Update 02.10.09:
Poll result so far:
1: I always go back and read your reply (35%)
2: Only when I’ve asked a question (20%)
3: I sometimes go back and read it (40%)
4: I never go back and read it (5%)