A WordPress upgrade gives advantages like new built-in features and easier access to plug-ins as well as s brand new dashboard; Easy to navigate, more options and functions. You who run blogs at WP get it automatic, but I host mine at my own domain you know. So my very good friend, blog buddy and designer (one of the first I met more than three years ago in Blogsphere), Charles at Queer Chef, upgraded for me last week (click, go visit him and tell him how brilliant he is!). This course for a celebration and even more; A chance for me to explore, experiment and play, like the childish nerd I am :lol: Boys wanna have fun too you know and I believe in learning by doing.

Post Editor:

RennyBAI wish it had a more WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) type editor as I’m not that good at HTML (however, you learn along the road), but at least Upload/Insert Image, Video, Audio and Media and align them in the post is a bit easier. The pic to the right, is grabbed from my Flickr account and its easier to set it on the right side. Does anyone know how I can get or find a more elegant (WYSIWYG type) and less html type editor?

Reply on comments:
While I’m at it: I so much appreciate all the comments I get! It’s encouraging, enriches the subject and makes a more interactive dialogue. I do learn a lot from your comments too!
To show my appreciation and keep the dialogue going, I try the best I can to reply in comments. I wonder if it’s worth the efforts and if you read them? So since I’m in the experimental mood, I’ve made a poll. Please take your time to add your vote (and of course your thoughts about it in comments):

Notice also that all of you now may reply on every ones comments!

I wish you all a happy and playful end to your week!

Update 02.10.09:
Poll result so far:
1: I always go back and read your reply (35%)
2: Only when I’ve asked a question (20%)
3: I sometimes go back and read it (40%)
4: I never go back and read it (5%)


  1. I rarely respond to my comments and I sometimes go back and read what others have said about my comment. I’m not very good at the followup stuff.

    Glad you are back in business. Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Diane. :)

    Well, you know my habits and I sometimes go back too. Fascinate by the interaction you know.
    Thanks – wishing you the same!

  2. Now I’m interested to know how you did that ‘Reply’ thing!

    Well, that’s a plug-in and Charles installed it!

    • Err… just he just hit the reply button ? LOL !

      Before 2.7, I had a unique comment template which I never needed to touch again.

      But the new replies feature got me all excited and in adding it, I broke a few things.
      Now I still haven’t had the time to fix those things. What is worse that I lost some posts. Now I know they are still somewhere in the database, but I need to figure out how to retrieve them.

      I still have a lot of work to do. But for the time, I’ll be adding new posts to keep things alive.

      The reply feature works for me. It’s convenient and visitors don’t have to scroll and search for their replies.

      • Well,so I’ll reply to your reply here then LOL !
        Yea, sometimes upgrades and new plug-ins destroy things, but I’m sure you’ll find them and will be able to retrieve when you have the time.
        I do agree when it comes to the convenience.

  3. Hello Renny! There is a WYSIWYG text editor on WP 2.7 you just need to activate it on your profile. I was thinking of changing your theme into something compatible to WP 2.7 so we can ditch the plugin. I am still looking for an appropriate theme as a skeleton.

    Btw, thanks for the shoutout!

    So the answer and solution was closer than I would think – it often is – thanks for a helping hand again Charles!
    Your worth every shoutout you can get my dear blog designer!

  4. To be honest I only return once in a while to read the response to my comment. There are just too many blogs to visit and not enough time in a day…
    I am spending too much time on the internet already for my sanity… ;-)

    That’s how I do it too.
    You have a good point here Sidney. 24 hours per day is still an annoying limit ;-)

  5. If I leave a comment I will usually check back to see if there was a response. There are several people who visit my blog that I get into a conversation with through the comments. You are really good about acknowledging people who comment on your blog. You are also nice enough to comment when you visit mine. It is disappointing to post to one’s blog and get no response. You and a couple of others are my blogging role models. Thanks!

    I’m often curious about it too :)
    That conversation is what fascinate me too.
    Thanks for the encouraging compliment! I try the best I can, and I hope even a short one is better than non.

  6. Hi Renny. Glad you got an upgrade to WordPress. I know almost nothing about WordPress since I started with Blogger 3 years ago and have stayed with it. I hope Charles can get you rigged up with a WYSIWYG type text editor. I always use mine instead of html. I do know a little html and now xml but very little.

    Hope you and Diane and your family have a lovely Sunday, my friend, and hope your back is much better. :-)

    Love and hugs,

    I, or actually Charles then, emigrated more than 2 years ago and I am very satisfied with that! He has also already fixed it for me (it was just to enable it from my profile.
    Hope the same for you and yours! The back is much better (due to anti pain pills for the trouble in my stomach)
    Love and tons of hugs back to you!

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  8. Once I have visited a post, I never go back. Otherwise I would spend the whole day by going back to posts just to see if my comment had been commented. I always reply by email to a comment and when there is no email I go to the blog.

    Yea; the limit of time again and I do understand. You really are a good friend, regular visitor and commenter too!
    I guess that since more people get back to mine, its because I normally reply.
    Reply by email is a good thing too, but also take time you know. I do it, if they have questions and not a blog to reply on.

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  10. Generally I return to see the blog and at the same time look for previous comments I made, so I’m not returning specifically for the reply. I don’t return just to see replies very often at all, only because of the time constraint as so many have mentioned already.

    When it comes to replying on my own blog, I tend to get very behind and will do a spate of replying to several at once. I don’t reply to each and every comment however, if there are a lot of “I agree” type comments. I do try to reply to anything more substantial though. But I spend a lot of time feeling guilty that I don’t do more. :)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about returning; time constraint is of course a core issue.
    I’m often behind too and sometime let go, if there is many and they are very late. Substance is of course an issue too.
    I sometimes feel guilty too, but try to fight that feeling as it does not do anyone good – blogging should be fun you know :-)

  11. This is totally cool! I’ve got to get Heather to update things for me, but I am waiting until after we have new puppies! Oh if only Anneliese would go into heat!

    It is and I’m glad you have such a great helper too!
    Hope the best for Anneliese!

  12. I’d make sure I return to check out the replies made to my comments! Esp if I’ve given an opinion or asked a question, I’d love to know what the blog owner thinks of it… ;)

    Your visit, comments, opinion and thoughts are very much appreciated ;)

  13. Personally, I’m not fond of the WYSIWYG editors, they always seem to invent strange things themselves without asking for it.

    Regarding the poll question: It depends if the user are used to the fact that you answer them of course :-)

    As you know, I always did answer every comment on my own blog earlier, but since I felt that many does not come back and read the answer, I stopped doing it – at least not as frequent as before.

    And now I’ve noticed that people don’t have the time, so I think it’s better to lay focus on the posts I writes instead.

    I only answer if it’s something special or a question or something that requires a correction. I also answer by email to be sure they get my answer.

  14. My dear friend,
    you know I’ve been resposible for some professional surveys lately.
    The results are allways dependent upon the questions neutrality. And that is the real challenge, for the respondents.

    Hope you feel positve regarding the week to come

  15. I think it is great that Charles helped you with ALL this…! I am very begind in so many things on Blogger, but….maybe one of these days I will upgrade to where I can do certain things…..
    Just to comment Renny–by way of Explanation…I find I prefer E-mailing people when they comment and I want to say something to them—Because they MAY NOT come back to read a comment I leave for them Sometimes though, I don’t have their email and that makes it a bit hard, but I then come back to their blog….
    A long explanation—lol….Sorry!

  16. oh,youre workin on it!i am very poor with the codes until now. goodluck with the tweaks,Renny!”

    yeah,i wonder if they read our replies,haha!but i do read sometimes esp if i have questions done.

    have a nice hearty week,too,Renny!

  17. I like the newest word press but I still have to use codes allot. I don’t think we will ever get away from the codes! LOL! I think your site looks great and I always come back to see your answers.

    Love and Blessings,

  18. Good Day Renny and yes I come back if I ask you a question. Also, a confession hheheheh…when I don’t hear from you I like to check you out again :D

    Big Hug to you & Diane :D

  19. Happy “geeking” Renny. I’m afraid I’m am totally computer illiterate when it comes to technical stuff like html…I leave that to the experts.

    Good luck with your WYSIWYG search.

  20. Hey! Great little blog you have on here! Interesting read ;) Will definitely be coming back to check up! Would you mind me linking you?

  21. Oh my dear Friend,
    you are so right: Blogging is for many of us much, much more than an ego trip.
    It’s about building bridges for peace and friendship across cultures and distances.

    Here is from our very first meeting, physically with Mrs and Mr Lifecruiser in Sweden:

    Here is from my first person to person meeting with Suzann in St. Paul, USA:

    And when Diane and Anna met first Time:

    All about “Scandinavian” Friendship among bloggers:

    And finally: X-Mas Cards and Greetings from blogger, and other friends:

    Thanks for your contribution Tor! I’ve updated the relevant post with yours.

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