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Snowy Frozen Paradise in Sunny Oslo Norway

To me; nothing is more fascinating, inspiring and recreational than nature and the natural elements. Adding the attraction of those significant four seasons in Norway and you are set into a nirvana or paradise like mindset. With that in mind and since we had the most wonderful and sunny weather yesterday – after weeks of snow fall – I just could not resist a trip in the middle of the day to explore and capture some of the atmosphere with my Nikon S2 camera. As it turned out quite well, I’ll gladly share this adventure with you. Since pictures say more than a thousand words, I’ll just leave some comments to inspire and challenge your imagination:

I was heading towards an island just a 15 minute drive and on my way I passed a kindergarten or preschool:

Children Play in Preschool

Playing outside, no matter the weather or temperature, is an important part of Norwegians upbringing. You can read more about that in my post: Winter Wonderland for Children in Norway. Watching children playing and having fun in the snow always reminds me of my childhood and how I got to learn the outdoor lifestyle in whatever season.

Then, reaching the island and walking around on this sunny day in fresh, crisp and chilly air, I had the most wonderful sceneries:
Snowy Winter Day in Norway #9 Snowy Winter Day in Norway #10
What a wonderful world :-)
Snowy Winter Day in Norway #11 Snowy Winter Day in Norway #12
Below: Left: A rest on a bench. Right: An ice fisher on Oslo fjord.
Snowy Winter Day in Norway #6 Snowy Winter Day in Norway #14

Walking around one of the beaches, I spotted this lady relaxing in the sun (temp around -5C = 23F) with a wonderful view of the fjord:
Snowy Winter Day in Norway #1

I apologized for interrupting her and told her I was blogging about Norway, our culture traditions and habits and that right now, the picture of her, just expressed the most Norwegian I could think of. So we had a nice little chat and she was more than willing to model for me so I could share this moment with you:
Snowy Winter Day in Norway #3

She was sitting on her backpack and had a thermos and lunch box for a snack in the sun. She told me she was educated a preschool teacher but was now working as a social therapist and also a song writer. We both found out we’ve had our ups and downs in life, but that you grow on challenges and that it makes you more able to stay in the present and enjoy life as is. The matter is not that you have lived, but how you live your life and that this sunny day, was not just another lovely day.

Let me end this enjoyable trip to the beach as an example if I could stretch your imaginations. The one to the left is from today and the other is from a week ago by the sunset:
Snowy Winter Day in Norway #8 Winter Sunset on Calf Island in Norway #5

In both pics (at least if you click to enlarge), you might see diving boards and believe me: In four months from now, this beach will be over crowded with people in tiny bikinis and swimming trunks. Did I mention something about the significant four seasons?

I hope you enjoyed this guided tour on our frozen paradise as much as I did while walking around and also agree when I say: a fascinating, inspirational and recreational nature adventure.

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  1. I’m sure it was. Even though I do not like snow…. *giggles*

    It can be beautiful scenery, if the weather is like that, not too cold, a blue sky and sunshine. However that might be 1 day in all winter for use over here. If we’re lucky.

    For people living in countries that don’t have snow, it sure is fascinating too. I guess we humans always want the things we don’t have…..

    Glad I could provide you with such scenery for you to enjoy in your warm house then…. *giggles*
    Yea, and from their comment, you can see they want it even more :lol:

  2. What wonderful photographs, Renny. I don’t like the cold but I’m almost…almost…tempted to visit during the winter…lol. That would be a turn up for the books…everyone knows I enjoy the heat.

    Thanks Robyn and of course you should try – the clue is to dress properly and if you come and visit, I’ll gladly give you some advice.

  3. When I watch these beautiful photos I truly realize how bad it is sitting inside an office building all day long…

    Your right; we only lived once and in Norway we need to take care of those opportunities you know….

  4. Since I don’t have the four seasons here, I have to live vicariously through you. Thank you for the winter day at the beach!

    Your welcome Hexe, I’m happy you liked the beach trip too.

  5. You grew up playing in the snow in Norway, and I grew in Oklahoma playing baseball outside all summer when the temperature would go well over 100*F (40*C) on sunny afternoons. We didn’t think it was unusual. We just sweated, pulled off our shirts and got brown, drinking lots of water from the garden hose. Or crashed into some boys kitchen door begging his mother for Koolaid.

    Well, I guess one adapt the reality around you – and make the best out of it.

  6. Hey Renny,

    What a marvellous post!
    And I confess that now that Portugal is on the threshold of Spring time (i.e. days are warmer and longer) looking at these beautiful snow photos doesn’t make me cold anymore :)!

    There is nothing like seeing children playing either in snow, green field, sand etc…it is just magical watching them in any season :D!

    I love the photo where the lady is contemplating the fjord…peaceful!
    She is a beautiful lady too! I agree with you: how you have lived your life is not what counts (the past is the past), what matters is the lesson learned and how we decide to live from now on…

    I loved the guided tour on your frozen paradise, Renny: thank you (you are wonderful host) :D!


    Hei Max, I’m glad you liked it too.
    Days are longer here too of course, but it still take a bit of time before it gets warmer.
    I do agree; the lady was very nice and we really had a great chat.

  7. The photographs are breathtakingly beautiful Renny. I can’t imagine having four seasons that are so profound. Ours here kind of run together.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Diane. :)

    I knew you would love it Sandee and of course this significant four season is special and magnificent.
    Wish you the same a hugs back from both of you. :)

  8. Here Reading On Cell Phone … Hi Renny!

    I know you are a master on mobile technology Eric and thanks for taking your time to comment too!

  9. WOW! Stunning photos! I love the combination of white snow and blue skies. Wish we got snow more often :-)

    I do agree and like Mrs. Lifecruiser says; it don’t happened that often, so I wanted to literary capture it.

  10. Wow! You guys sure have a lot of snow still. Ours has been washed away with the rain.

    It looks prettier there.

    We are in a period of the good, old Norwegian winter weather conditions: Below freezing, lots of snow, crisp and sunny. I just love it.

  11. Just beautiful, Renny and I find it refreshing to look at such photos on a hot summers day. I often have snow scenes as screensavers during summer :-)

    Refreshing is a good expression – your welcome to use some of them as your screensaver :-)

  12. You obviously know how to handle a camera – I haven’t seen such PR for the Norwegian winter for a very long time. The lady by the tree overlooking the frozen lake must be my favourite. I like simplicity (which is not simple!)

    Thanks for the compliments – coming from you, its an honour. I do agree with you; simple, but tells a story.

  13. WOW! What a wonderful world indeed… I looked at the pictures in awe! I’d love to take my dogs for a walk there.

    I do agree and of course you’re welcome to visit for a walk with your 10 years old dog :-)

  14. How wonderful!!! Very beautiful,,, it’s amazing to see the vastness of the snow (being from California it’s an oddity) and knowing how enjoyed it is.

    Very cool!

    Maybe you would like to come over and enjoy with us one winter too? :-)

  15. I just love the breathtaking photos of the snow scenery!! IT is such a rare sight for us in the Tropics!
    How lovely to sit in that snow and enjoy a light meal. sigh…. envious, envious, envious.
    Happy Valentine’s Day, Renny and Diane!

    I think you should come visit and sit that way one winter day too ECL!
    Wish you a Happy Heart Day too.

  16. These photos made me feel really happy. Just like the real thing did during the 5 happy years we lived in Norway.

    I miss it a lot – especially the snow and the happy, open life the children had. As soon as I see snow, it cheers me up!!

    I also loved your kindergarten photos a few weeks ago. How we miss Norwegian schools and kindergartens that let children go out in the snow and rain! My poor kids are shut indoors for the slightest raindrop (and that’s quite often in England). Apparently, it’s ‘dangerous’ to go out in the wet. You might fall over!

    Agree totally with the visitor that said the ban on taking photos of children (and locking them up behind high walls so strangers can’t wave at them, not letting them play outside …) is letting ‘the bad guys win’. Never was this so obvious as the day we left Norway and moved back to the UK! Kids in Norway have a fantastic life compared to most British kids. Long may you protect it!

    I’m happy you understand our child raising philosophy. The outdoors is an important arena for child development, and we adults should spend more time there as well. Of course we all want our children to be safe but we can’t lock them away from their natural element in order to do so.
    Thank you for your insightful comment!

  17. great great pictures,renny!really a winter paradise!!what a beauty of nature,no wonder why the pretty lady just sat up there,relax,contemplate no matter what the temperature is.

    and its a nice culture,people are friendly that they could talk with anyone and open up about whatsoever of life,even in just first meeting.

    Happy Valentine`s Day,Renny!!

    btw,thank you for the bday ecard that you sent.i appreciate it…

    hugs, ghee

    Glad you liked it and so did the Lady too. Norway is a small country with few inhabitants you know, so maybe that’s why we are more open to ‘strangers’. and maybe my gentle approach and openness helped a bit too.
    Wishing you a great Heart Day too and of course a Happy Birthday ;-)

  18. The views are incredible – Norway is indeed a winter paradise.
    But I like a warm climate so I hardly wait to see her pictures :)

    Thanks – it depends on what you are use to I guess :)

  19. Oh my Renny these photos are simply magnificent!! They make me miss living in New England so much. I took a picture just this afternoon of my first daffodil and it’s the middle of February.

    I do so hope you have a wonderful weekend and happy Valentines day to you and your entire gang!!:-)

    I knew you would love it Shinade. Daffodils; well we have still a bit of time before spring here as you can tell.
    I hope the same for you and A Happy Heart Day :-)

  20. This post actually brought tears to my eyes, Renny, because as you know, I understand how it is that we travel through the Seasons of Life and grow through our experiences! The winters of our soul are just as important as the summers.

    I take it as an honour Ginnie and I like your compares to Seasons of Life!

  21. I LOVE these photos Renny! And YOU too! (…yes, & I love you too Speedy!) XOXO

    Thanks Olga and you know I love you too (…. & you too Eric!)
    Thanks for the lovely vid on your last post. Your a great singer and a smashing good fellow!

  22. What an extremely beautiful adventure.
    You know, I was indoor that day (and we all missed you)

    But due to this post I felt I was out and experienced this winter wonderland

    Thanks – you know I missed you at the meeting last week too!

  23. Wow fatastic snowy pictures, we have not always snow in winter(HOLLAND) but this winter we are lucky to have snow and ice too! Great shots and enjoy your winter

    Happy valantineday and weekend

    Glad you liked them and I know you’ve had some snow in mid Europe lately – good to know you enjoy it.
    Happy Heart Day and weekend to you too!

  24. RennyBA,
    wonderful pictures and scenery.
    Reminds me of our skiing trips to lapland during Easter time.

    My daughter just visited Oslo this week-end. Am waiting for her comments.

    be good,

    I agree; it’s kind of a Scandinavian Easter Holiday scenery.
    Hope she had a great time in Oslo this Heart Weekend!

  25. You are a really great photographer, the pictures are almost as beautiful as the reality. Thank you for sharing the reality with me!

    You’re welcome dear; sharing with you gives a new dimension in life to me!
    Thanks for your Valentines Gift :-)

  26. Those are breathtaking views…nature at its best.
    I also like the words you wrote… about the up and downs…

    Thanks – what a great compliment from a photographer like you.
    I know you have some experience in life too.

  27. What a beautiful day in Norway. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I enjoyed the winter for hours and hours outside too when I was young here in Canada.

    Your welcome – glad you’ve had the chance for snowy outdoor experience too.

  28. I will hace some news about North Countries, the snow and the way of life there the 24 th february when my daughter will arrive with her new boyfriend from Finland! I’m proud she is living there with another climate so different of ours. Your pictures are marvelous and i like the way you tell your land and the meeting with the nice woman in the snow. A moment so philosophic in a paradize of snow.

  29. What a WONDERFUL tour, Renny! These nature photos are absolutely breathtaking! I really like the portrait of the woman, too. It looks like such a beautiful day!!

  30. Hei. Så hyggelig å få besøk av deg på bloggen. Så lenge du legger igjen en kommentar finner jeg lett til din blogg og kan komme på gjenvisitt. Ja jeg er veldig glad i vnteren, særlig når den er så fin som den er nå. Å se den jenten sitte der ved treet var som å se meg selv. :-)

  31. Hello,
    I’m dropping in from the “Queerchef – the ho pimped me here”, comment link!
    Your blog is very beautiful and these snowy pictures are awesome! I’m sure to be back often!

  32. Hey, thanks for your visit to my blog.
    I really like this post with all the snow, that is a different planet to me. We rarely get snow in Belgium and when we do it is limited to just a bit of powder on the roads and the soil.
    Great out there!

  33. I never know which one of my blogs to leave a link too! :-)

    It’s great to see such beautiful snow from an Islander point of view…lovely shots!

  34. What big differences between our both “paradises”! But I like the frozen one too :))

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, Renny! Sorry that I cannot come so often any more and write a comment. You know the reasons, right? :))


    Yea; significantly different and I love your summer version too of course :))
    I know your on the road and not always with good internet connection and that’s fine Susanne. I’m glad you at least find your way to share your daily photos!

  35. I still can not believe that you are taking the picture with a camera phone. My my, they are good!

    I love both winter and summer, but I sometimes do need to escape from the cold.

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