Snowy Frozen Paradise in Sunny Oslo Norway

To me; nothing is more fascinating, inspiring and recreational than nature and the natural elements. Adding the attraction of those significant four seasons in Norway and you are set into a nirvana or paradise like mindset. With that in mind and since we had the most wonderful and sunny weather yesterday – after weeks of snow fall – I just could not resist a trip in the middle of the day to explore and capture some of the atmosphere with my Nikon S2 camera. As it turned out quite well, I’ll gladly share this adventure with you. Since pictures say more than a thousand words, I’ll just leave some comments to inspire and challenge your imagination:

I was heading towards an island just a 15 minute drive and on my way I passed a kindergarten or preschool:

Children Play in Preschool

Playing outside, no matter the weather or temperature, is an important part of Norwegians upbringing. You can read more about that in my post: Winter Wonderland for Children in Norway. Watching children playing and having fun in the snow always reminds me of my childhood and how I got to learn the outdoor lifestyle in whatever season.

Then, reaching the island and walking around on this sunny day in fresh, crisp and chilly air, I had the most wonderful sceneries:
Snowy Winter Day in Norway #9 Snowy Winter Day in Norway #10
What a wonderful world :-)
Snowy Winter Day in Norway #11 Snowy Winter Day in Norway #12
Below: Left: A rest on a bench. Right: An ice fisher on Oslo fjord.
Snowy Winter Day in Norway #6 Snowy Winter Day in Norway #14

Walking around one of the beaches, I spotted this lady relaxing in the sun (temp around -5C = 23F) with a wonderful view of the fjord:
Snowy Winter Day in Norway #1

I apologized for interrupting her and told her I was blogging about Norway, our culture traditions and habits and that right now, the picture of her, just expressed the most Norwegian I could think of. So we had a nice little chat and she was more than willing to model for me so I could share this moment with you:
Snowy Winter Day in Norway #3

She was sitting on her backpack and had a thermos and lunch box for a snack in the sun. She told me she was educated a preschool teacher but was now working as a social therapist and also a song writer. We both found out we’ve had our ups and downs in life, but that you grow on challenges and that it makes you more able to stay in the present and enjoy life as is. The matter is not that you have lived, but how you live your life and that this sunny day, was not just another lovely day.

Let me end this enjoyable trip to the beach as an example if I could stretch your imaginations. The one to the left is from today and the other is from a week ago by the sunset:
Snowy Winter Day in Norway #8 Winter Sunset on Calf Island in Norway #5

In both pics (at least if you click to enlarge), you might see diving boards and believe me: In four months from now, this beach will be over crowded with people in tiny bikinis and swimming trunks. Did I mention something about the significant four seasons?

I hope you enjoyed this guided tour on our frozen paradise as much as I did while walking around and also agree when I say: a fascinating, inspirational and recreational nature adventure.