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Biathlon Bjoerndalen from Norway World Champion

Norway’s biathlon legend Ole Einar Bjørndalen made winter sports history today as he won World Championship in 12.5 KM Pursuit. This was his 12th world title of his career, besides five Olympic golds, three silver and one bronze and even more; This was his 86th World Cup race. Only the Swedish alpine skier, Ingemar Stenmark has won the same amount of Cup races. However Stenmark retired in the 80s and Bjørndalen has just started his career. Here you see him edging out his Norwegian compatriot Lars Berger yesterday in 10 KM Sprint:

Photo: Heiko Junge / SCANPIX

I know some of my readers aren’t that familiar with Biathlon, and that this might sound a bit like bragging, however in keeping with my theme of Norwegian culture, I can assure you that biathlon, or Ski Shooting as it is called here is a National interest. Besides, it’s my blog and of course I’ll give it to you with a personal twist:

My regular readers know I met my American wife on the net more than 10 years ago. Of course we exchanged mail before she came over and sometimes I had to tell her about important sports events. At that time I didn’t know it was called biathlon in English, and I described it as ski shooting. Some years later Diane told me that when I described it to her she had a sort of image of James Bond in one of his films skiing down the alps shooting at the bad guys with an automatic weapon hehehe!! Well just to set the record straight, they do shoot at targets, not at each other!!

Since I write about scandinavia and the nordic countries, I would like to congratulate the Swedish women’s team for their win in the Ski Shooting World Championship today too: Helena Jonsson won the 10 km Pursuit!

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  1. I know this event was very exciting for you…I could hear that from the kitchen :lol: !! I finally understand the sport and it is one of the most demanding sports I have ever seen…these guys are really really fit, and very competitive. Congratulations!

    You wonder if I had a heart attach, didn’t you? :lol:
    I’m glad you’ve got it now, so let’s go to Vancouver, Canada next Feb. to meet our blog friends and watch the Winter Olympics!

  2. I read it on the news but too bad I wasnt able to see it on tv! I am a fan of Ole Einar Bjørndalen since I like watching ski events with my father.

    Yea; I know you are well adjusted to these crazy Viking’s sport habits Charles – it was very exciting today!

    1. As they say I am definitely Norwegian and probably in my past life. Because for me it was surprisingly easy to adapt in both culture and language. I actually fit in more in Norway than anywhere else.

  3. Excellent!

    Gord’s been watching downhill skiing the last couple of weekends.

    I watched it too and a Norwegian, Aksel Lund Svindal, won gold medal in Super G you know :-)

  4. This was great!

    I have missed visiting lately…. so glad to be back! How’s Diane and Olga?

    Have a great week
    Love, jess

    Thanks! Have missed you too! Diane is fine and Olga is on travel of course :-)
    Wish you a good one too.

  5. congratulations to him!!norwegians are really good at ski,eh?

    i wish i could watch a contest LIVE one day!!
    are you good at ski,too,Renny?

    Have a great week ahead :D

    How can you question that Ghee? :lol:
    Come visit and watch with me!
    Me? Hey, haven’t I told you Norwegians are born with skies on? :lol:
    Wish you a great one too :D

  6. Looks like a fun sport… I don’t think we will ever play it here ;-)

    It’s real fun…. but you need some snow and a rifle ;-)

  7. Congrats to the ski shooters. I am a winter sport follower and have followed Ingemar for years. His fellow countryman is just as strong and should do very well in the Olympics next year.

    We are to of a kind in this then and I’m looking forward to the games in Vancouver next year too.

  8. Renny, this is the first time I heard of Biathlon. It looks interesting. I wish I watch sports more.

    I’m always glad when someone learn something new on my blog :)

  9. :lol: – I also call it ‘ski shooting’ but then again I’ve only recently stopped calling polo bears for ice bears……

    James Bond LOL – excellent, that does really get imagination going.

    But it is ski shooting and even ice bears you know – at least what we call it in Norway :lol:
    It shows how tough Diane thoughts Norwegians were LOL

  10. I can see how Diane would have come to that conclusion. I’ve seen that Bond movie and I’d have probably done the same thing.

    Have a terrific day Renny. Big hug to you and Diane. :)

    Yea, its logic, isn’t it :)
    Hope you had then same!

  11. well congratulations.

    as to the post below i remember as a child in school we’d go out for recess in the snow. we only stayed in if it was pouring rain. nowadays they seem to stay inside for every little thing. i think it’s no wonder so many kids are considered hyperactive. they aren’t getting a chance to burn off their energy!

    I can tell we where raised in the same conditions and believe in the same here – that is good!

  12. I turned on the TV and all I could see on all channels was the Oscar’s gossip.
    Yup, the Americans are completely missing the biathlon excitement!
    – again :(

    I know, but I hope the Olympics next year in Canada can open their eyes then!

  13. hi, renny! how are you?

    snow looks fun!!!

    I’m fine – however, I’m still on sick leave and had more tests done today – but no results yet.
    Snow is not only fun, but great fun!!!

  14. Man oh man, look at all that white stuff! How exciting it must be to watch this Bjoerndalen at this Biathlon. Wowie!!

    You mean that powder on the ground? :lol:

  15. I came back to brag on our gold, but since you were so gracious and mentioned it, I will not, LOL!

    I always try to balance out with our Scandinavian friends you know LOL!

  16. I think it’s such an interesting sport!!! :) I wish I could see it more than just during the Olympics!

    Great to have biathlon fans all over the world!!! :)
    We see it almost every weekend during the winter season!

  17. Congratulations! I have to admit my fave is slalom, though ….

    Slalom is okay, but the Norwegians does not do it that good there you know :)

  18. every weekend??? that’s amazing!!! I blogged today about an event we don’t see too often in my part of town :) I hope you enjoy it!

    Well, I said almost!
    Your event sounds like a blast – hope others hop over to check it out too!

  19. I would have loved to hear you explain “Laghopp på ski”!

    How about; The entire team is laid together. The team who jumps the furthest wins (extra point for style) ? :lol:

    1. You did it too well! I had hoped for something like:”Four skiers jump together when holding hands” ;-)

      Well, yours was a great try too ;-)

  20. Thanks for visiting my blog….You blog is very informative…lots of information on latest happenings…thankx for sharing……Keep on posting such informative post… :)

    Your welcome. Thanks for returning the favour and for your compliments :)

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