A new milestone in Ski Sport was made today; The first time ever that women ski jumping has been included in the Ski World Championship in Nordic Events taking place at Liberec, Czech Republic. Lindsey Van from the United States won first place, Ulrike Grässler from Germany won second and Annette Sagen from our own Norway won 3rd. There was 39 competitors drawn from 13 nations, including French 13-year-old Coline Mattel, who recently finished in third place in the World Junior Championships.

Annette Sagen has been one of the forerunners in fighting for the right for women’s competition in ski jump, so we are especially glad that she took a medal in this historic event. Women’s ski jumping is long over due, and it is a shame that the old men in the International committee have kept women out of the sport for so long, arguing that ski jumping is too dangerous for women.

Anne Sagen Flying. Photo: Leonhard Foeger, Reuters/Scanpix

I also hope and believe that an American winner will create a greater international interest so that new women ski jumpers will be recruited and many will follow the Olympic Games next year. See you in Vancouver Feb. 2010, there will be a lot of Norwegian women there too!


  1. We’ve heard all about the ski jump controversy here in Vancouver, but that is great news! I still don’t have faith it will be included in the Olympics but it is a step in the right direction.

    I agree and they have already launched a discrimination claim against the organisers of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, but with the IOC set to make its judgement on 2014 in April, the World Championships here present them with the perfect opportunity to state their case.
    Do we start a group in Facebook group to support them!?!

  2. That’s so great! Being 3rd is still a great thing!

    I do a great – a bronze medal is very good! The very first one in history you know!

  3. This is about Women’s Rights.
    I think these young woman are brilliant and courageous

    I do agree and that’s why I thought it was well worth a post!

  4. Hoo-ray for Lindsey Van. I have to cheer for the USA. I will have to admit that there are not many good skiers from Oklahoma. With no mountains and no snow, we are at a disadvantage.

    You have all the reasons to cheer, wherever you comes from in the US!

  5. I can just imagine an X-Games version of ski jumping… mega Jump or something like that. :)

    Yay for women ski jumping! It’s nice to see the men allowing us women to play too!

    I do understand the idea about X-Games, but remember this is a very classic sport and not extreme at all.
    That’s why I really think its about time it is open for women at the world championship too.

  6. I had no idea that women weren’t included in the ski jumping competition before!!! I am not a winter sports fan, but I am glad things are now as they were supposed to be from the start! It’s incredible that it took the federation so long to include women in the competition and that women needed to “fight!” for normality!

    I’m glad I could set focus on this then – woman have competed in ski jump before of course, but not in world championship. Now I do hope it will be set on the Olympic program too, as soon as in Vancouver next year!

  7. Woo Hoo! Women rock, but you already know that.

    Have a terrific weekend. Big hug to you and Diane. :)

    Yea, I know and I love to rock with :-)
    Wishing you the same and send tons of hugs back!

  8. w00T! Git on wid yo bad selves, Girlfriends. Show us and the world what you’re working with
    woooo hoooooooooooooo!

    My thoughts exactly :-)

  9. Look at the amazing flying Norwegian girl!! It was truly a great experience to see this event. I remember a couple years ago that these girls hopped in the ‘ski flying’ or the extra high hop at Vikesund just to thumb there noses up at the people who wouldn’t let them jump there because it was too dangerous. I thought it was a wonderful protest…and here we see that justice is served!

    I do agree my dear: A great experience and I really like your saying when they ‘thumb their noses up‘!

  10. HOORAY for Lindsey! And it is about time women were included here….! Thanks for this Renny….


    I knew you would support these women too Naomi!
    Btw: I have a ‘View it in IE’ option in my FireFox browser and then it works fine. You see, I refuse to go back to IE again :-)

  11. WOOT WOOOOT!!!!

    What great news. Great photo too Renny :-)

    I can tell you’re almost speechless Eric :-)

  12. I believe womens ski jumping is not dangerous to women but rather to men – to men ego that is :)
    Congratulation to Anette!
    Great pictures Renny!

    I think you hit the nail on the head there Budda :)

  13. Hurray! Women have conquered another barrier. The world salutes women like these who make it easier for those young upcoming sportswomen of the future.

    Congratulations to Norway for the great result.

    Yes and I’m proud to be able to spread the news in Blogsphere.

  14. Ok for women’s ski jumping… but is 13 year not a bit too young to compete at that level?

    You have a point there Sidney – regardless gender of course – but she did well and is very well trained.

  15. Congrats!!
    women can do everything nowadays,and no exemption at all!I also see women ski jumper here in japan,and its very good that they consider the women`s right now. :)

    hope you have a nice weekend,Renny!

    I agree and glad you’ve seen them in action too!
    Hope the same for you Ghee!

  16. Yay to the US, German and Norwegian winners, Renny. So glad I read it from your blog because I totally missed this…I feel so out of the loop! Thanks for the update. :)

    Yea; Yay to them all – glad I could keep you posted :)

  17. Ski jumping is so amazing to watch!

    I do agree – hope you’ll watch them in Vancouver next year!

  18. Hey Renny,

    Well, if women want to do it…just should just do it, period.
    The “is too dangerous” is also applied to men, so I don’t see why women shouldn’t participate…*nodding*.

    Go jump skiing women!

    Cheers and have a great week!

  19. Congrats women…very proud of y’all!

    Annette…you deserve your place on the international yumping stage!!

    Great grandson of Henrik, grandson of Ole named after viking chief Lee…little house on the Minnesota prairie heritage former jump/slalom athlete.

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  22. Women rock! Next time I go skiing I have to spend less time inside the lodge by the warm fire. :)

    Thank you for droppin’ by and leaving a comment on my blog.


    You are invited to sign the Recovery Wall

  23. Hello Renny,
    Great post and photo :)
    Going back to the latter part of the 70’s I took part in the fight for women’s rights in the workplace as a union activist. I was a ‘Shop Steward’ and ‘Branch Secretary’ at the time and nationally we held a strike over the issue.
    Time moves on and changes were made, but it has always been slow. There are many women who can do so many things that they should be treated as equals, but there are still many male dominated bastions.
    There are still many who see the women’s role as housekeeper, but look around, they do the same jobs that men do, drive trucks, join the armed forces and serve in war zones, mechanics, doctors, surgeons and the list goes on. It is time that equality also meant parity and not sexism.
    That’s my view lol
    Have a great week my friend,
    Colin from Life and Free PC Security

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  27. This Lindsay girl is something else. It’s fascinating how when you have so many gifts you can toss them all away for not.

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