My regular readers know my saying: ‘Blogging connecting People’ and one of my first connections in Blogsphere more than three years ago was Charles; The Queer Chef. When I was a newbie, he was very supportive, guided me into this wonderful social community and introduced me to a lot of other bloggers around the world with whom I’ve made friends. So this is an exceptional post about an extraordinary Birthday Boy. Having hundred of blog friends, I normally don’t do this as it would have filled a blog in itself.

Charles is a young, caring, creative and witty blogger with excellent artistic designer skills. He constantly changes and improves his blog home which always is candy for the eye:


Regards Blogging connecting People, Charles was also the first blog friend I met in real life. It was in Bergen together with his fiancé, Odd. We had a real good chat at the fishing square and I was finally able to express my gratitude for his efforts and excellent work as my blog designer (click the pic to see my post about it!):
Meeting Charles in Bergen

Charles is celebrating on his own blog of course. Go visit and greet this very special blog friend of mine!


  1. Charles is a great asset to the blog world. It is nice of you to write about him.

    I do agree and how nice of you to pay me a visit too. Always great to welcome new readers you know.

  2. I have already been by and left greetings! I am back to see if I can find the post of the crab diving to show my husband. Have a great weekend and don’t you wish you were an auto maker making 676 SEK an hour? :)

    I’ve seen you’ve commenting at Charles – great!
    I would have loved to be an auto maker – especially if I could make NOK :lol:
    The post about the King Crabs is here!

  3. Hello Renny! Thank you very very much for this wonderful post just for my birthday! I am very grateful to have a friend like you and indeed blogging connects people!

    Hi Charles, your welcome – the pleasure is on my side and I’m grateful too!

  4. It’s great when you can met your blog friends. I met a few last year. I hope to meet new ones this year too.

    Happy birthday Charles…it’s great to have Feb birthdays huh?

    It is and I’m glad you’ve had some of those special moments too.

  5. Because of a prior post of yours, I contact Charles on an issue I was having. He responded immediately. He is a really good resource. Now I have to convince him to join SB. I think he would like it there……..maybe you could help?

    Thanks for featuring my blog Mel – its an honour and I’ll post about it later on tonight.
    I do agree; Charles is a great blog fellow and I’ll talk to him about SB of course.

  6. Hi and congratulations for being the featured blog at Slogbite!

    Thanks Babs – and for your friendship too!

  7. Hi Renny,
    Wow congratulations on being featured at slogbite. What a great post about your friend! I shall go visit him now. Mel picked a goody this time!!

    Hugs from from an Okie:-)

    Thanks Shinade! Glad you will pay Charles a visit too.

  8. You totally did him proud, Renny. You are a sweetheart!

    That was my aim you know :)

  9. Oh I remember that post and have met a Norwegian in Victoria from Bergen of all places. :)

    I know you are really one of my regular readers – thanks!

  10. Hi RennyBA,
    B-greetings and congrats to friend Charles, like to see/read about your friend, I have not really “friends” in blogland although some are really dear to me, Like your Norwegian adventures and news is really interesting me :D

    Answer on your Q:
    Yes…. its quite snowy in Holland this winter

    Greetings from Jo|Ann/Holland

    Glad I can count you in Jo|Ann and you know I like your photo blog too :D

  11. I hope the boy has a birthday blast!! It has been fun having Charles as a part of our lives around here!

    I do hope so too – he really deserves it!

  12. charles is a nice guy. i remember i met him thru my blog because he gave an advice on blogging templates.

    happy birthday charles :)

    I do agree; he is very supportive.

  13. a belated happy birthday to charles! hope it was a lovely day.

  14. That’s so cool that you guys have met!

    I’ve never met any blog buds.

  15. What a cool thing!!! Yay!! I went over and said Happy Birthday! :D

  16. Great post about another great blogger :-))

  17. OMG – I’m late here

    Btw. Sorry for not visiting and commenting your excellent blog for a while. I can explain.

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  19. I knew charles through your posts and now i visit him and he visits me regulary. i immediatly go and wish his birthday!

  20. I would like to wish my niece Girisha Joshi a very happy birthday on 1st year of her life and
    all the visitors of this blog can also write their wishes by visiting



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