My regular readers know I call myself a network evangelist and am actively involved in social media and network. I’m also registered at different communities (just check the box on my side bar) – some for fun, some to promote my blog and some just to meet others and make new friends all over the world. One of those I stumbled upon a while ago was: Mel’s SlogBite as his slogan hit me; ‘Meet the BEST before the rest‘. Once I registered (which is very easy!) and looked around, I found a lot of good old friends from Blogsphere too – or Slogesphere as Mel likes to call it :-)

So what is the advantage of SlogBite?
• Specializes in promoting member sites, both on SB and through unique & dynamic widgets
• SB members can, and are encouraged to, join multiple categories for maximum exposure
• SB’s categories are very granular
• SB can create custom categories upon request
• SB accepts both Blogs and Sites
• SB is a growing social network where members are treated like family
• SB’s service is free to members
• SB is quickly becoming a force in the “Slogesphere”

Now I’ve had the honour to be featured at SlogBite. Just click the widget to hop over and see for yourself:

It’s really a privilege to be listed among all these wonderful blogger’s, especially since this is how they introduces my blog:
I don’t know about you, but I love to travel. However, I can’t always pick up and actually go to each country that I want to see. So the next best thing is to see that country through the eyes of someone who lives there and loves it there……a private tour guide, so to speak. Well Norway is one of those countries, and I know of no better tour guide than RennyBA. He loves showing off his beloved country, so let’s all take a trip to Norway via RennyBA’s Terella.

To me it is an encouragement to keep on blogging about Norway and the Nordic countries; our culture, traditions and habits. Thanks to all who follow, read my ramblings and leave their comments so I can learn from your thoughts, reactions and questions!

Since the subject is now social networks and being featured at other sites, it would be neglectful for me not to mention that I was recently interviewed at If you would like to drop in and see how the interview went they would be pleased to have you, and so would I of course (just click the widget):

Listen to this article


  1. Renny,
    This was completely unexpected. Thank you my friend for this wonderful endorsement.

    As you know. SlogBite is still in its infancy, and growing every day as it attracts top-notch bloggers as yourself.
    The Slogesphere will be a force that will benefit everyone who is a part of it.

    Thanks again dear friend.

    Your welcome Mel, the pleasure is all mine – one hand washes the other you know.
    I’m looking forward to see SB growing – keep up the good work!

  2. I have yet to travel to Norway, but I have already learned so much about your beautiful country thanks to you and your blog.

    So glad to hear that Lisa; That’s the aim of my blog and posts you know.

  3. Hi Renny, I’m back here in your very interesting blog and as usual, I had good time reading your post.
    Have a nice weekend. :)

    Good to see you back Grace – have missed you, you know.
    Wishing you the same :)

  4. Congratulations on your interview and being featured on SB, Renny. I’ll go right over and check it out.

    Have a great Sunday! :-)

    Love and hugs,

    Thanks Diane, you’re always very supportive.
    Wish you the same & tons of hugs back to you :-)

  5. Yes… your blog is so informative… I learned so much about your country. No wonder people notice !

    I’m flattered – what a compliment from a great photo blogger like you !

  6. Congratulations with all your media attention :-) Mel is a sweeting and I wish his new site all the best. I will have to go in and register. I haven’t been so active lately as you well know…or rather you know exactly how active I have been at school and at home. You do a wonderful job of representing Norway, and I am proud to have the chance to help you from time to time. Good job dear it is well deserved!

    Thank you my liferoad companion, great supporter and wonderful wife – your inspirational support is important to me and helps me a lot to keep up this work!

  7. Hei Renny – takk for hyggelig kommentar! Ikke så mange norske som har funnet Slogbite ennå – det er vel bare du og jeg, og du er vel ikke helt norsk, kanskje!

    Hei Stine – good to see another Norwegian here too!
    Jo da, på tross av mitt utenlandske (irsk) fornavn, er jeg 100% norsk!

  8. Aw Renny….you are the most supportive blogger in the world! (Well, except for me….perhaps!) ;)

    I voted 4 ya! XOXO

    Yea; We are two of a kind in many ways Olga ;-)
    Thanks for your Vote – you always know how to push the right buttons XOXO

  9. I had a look and it might well be a place to be for the very dedicated blogger, but perhaps not for old- hobby photographers? :-)

    PS Congratulations with the interview!

    You might have a point there, however; there are quite a few Norwegian bloggers, so you are more than welcome. Besides; there are categories for photo bloggers too:
    PS: Thanks!

  10. Congrats, Renny! Both on being featured and the interview.

    You have been a great ambassador for Norway. I learn a lot about your country through your blog. And I’m planning to visit it one day. :)

    Thanks ECL!
    I’m flattered – that’s the aim of my blog you know and you are welcome to visit any time; I’ll gladly guide you around :)

  11. How very cool to be interviewed and be featured blog – I wish I had the stamina for blogging more, I bow to your superior interweb ways

    Thanks – I’m stubborn you know and I do think you have a nice blog too!

  12. Congrats for the interview Renny. Heading there now to check it out.

    Thanks – hope you found it interesting Shoshana.

  13. your blog is really informative. i just hope to be able to visit Norway someday

    Good; I like readers to learn something and your welcome any time too!

  14. Hey Renny,
    Congratulations for being the featured site of the day :D!

    It is well deserved! Once I saw Mel’s describing text I knew it was you…could only be you!

    Congrats, once again!

    Thanks Max, it an honour to be listed together with you :D!
    I blushed at first, but then again; he has some points there. I guess the emblem helped a bit to recognize my blog too :-)

  15. one more tool in a vast array :)

    You might have a point there, but I could not resist :)

  16. congrats renny! u deserve it. ;)

    Thanks Kuan Yin – your always so supportive!

  17. Congratulations on both counts! I like SlogBite because it feels more personal and friendly than most social media sites.

    Thanks Babs – and honour to be listed together with you too!
    I do agree, its kind of cosy there :-)

  18. Hi Renny….congrats… going to look!
    Have a great week!

    Tell Diane and Olga I said hello…
    Love, Jess

    Hi Jessica and thanks – hope you found it interesting.
    I’ll tell…..

  19. Excellent!

    I’ll go check it out!

    Thanks Teena. Keep me posted if you decide to join!

  20. Congrats to you Renny! I’ve noticed a few emails with invites. I’ve been so tired and have been trying to catch up on sleep a bit on my rest days…

    I’ll definitely check it out too!

    Thanks ET. Keep me posted if you decide to join Too!

  21. Congrats Renny! I saw it when I joined Slogbites. Very nice!

    Thanks Charles. I’ll check you there too :-)

  22. Congrats Renny! Well-deserved feature. :)

    Thanks Mark :)

  23. What a cool thing! :) And congrats on the feature! :)

    I think it was quite cool too :)

  24. Congratulations to both the interview an being featured. So you’re blogging to fame, are you? *giggles*

    Vote: check.

    Thanks Mrs. L – maybe I am? *giggles*
    I have checked; thanks for your vote and nice comment there too (Even though you might be slightly biased :-) )

  25. Oh, and congratulations to one more award, from Sanni :-)

  26. a great site for great bloggers!

    congrats Renny!more to goooooooooo! :D


  27. I know I can count on you when I go to Norway. :)

    I sign up for Slogbite!

  28. Congratualtions on being featured! Agree that it’s great to see a place through the eyes of a local. They have the most passion and knowledge about the place. : ) Though personally I don’t like Slogbite for their busy homepage.

  29. Congrats on your selection!!!! Your zeal for your country is heartwarming and enjoyable! Keep up the good work!

  30. Really good work about this website was done. Keep trying more – thanks!

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