RennyBA interviewed and featured at SlogBite

My regular readers know I call myself a network evangelist and am actively involved in social media and network. I’m also registered at different communities (just check the box on my side bar) – some for fun, some to promote my blog and some just to meet others and make new friends all over the world. One of those I stumbled upon a while ago was: Mel’s SlogBite as his slogan hit me; ‘Meet the BEST before the rest‘. Once I registered (which is very easy!) and looked around, I found a lot of good old friends from Blogsphere too – or Slogesphere as Mel likes to call it :-)

So what is the advantage of SlogBite?
• Specializes in promoting member sites, both on SB and through unique & dynamic widgets
• SB members can, and are encouraged to, join multiple categories for maximum exposure
• SB’s categories are very granular
• SB can create custom categories upon request
• SB accepts both Blogs and Sites
• SB is a growing social network where members are treated like family
• SB’s service is free to members
• SB is quickly becoming a force in the “Slogesphere”

Now I’ve had the honour to be featured at SlogBite. Just click the widget to hop over and see for yourself:

It’s really a privilege to be listed among all these wonderful blogger’s, especially since this is how they introduces my blog:
I don’t know about you, but I love to travel. However, I can’t always pick up and actually go to each country that I want to see. So the next best thing is to see that country through the eyes of someone who lives there and loves it there……a private tour guide, so to speak. Well Norway is one of those countries, and I know of no better tour guide than RennyBA. He loves showing off his beloved country, so let’s all take a trip to Norway via RennyBA’s Terella.

To me it is an encouragement to keep on blogging about Norway and the Nordic countries; our culture, traditions and habits. Thanks to all who follow, read my ramblings and leave their comments so I can learn from your thoughts, reactions and questions!

Since the subject is now social networks and being featured at other sites, it would be neglectful for me not to mention that I was recently interviewed at If you would like to drop in and see how the interview went they would be pleased to have you, and so would I of course (just click the widget):

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