Boats in hibernation on winter docks in Norway

In the middle of the winter time with temp below freezing and a lot of ice and snow, some might wonder where we store our recreational boats. Well most of them are laid-up in winter storage locations, but some are still at their ordinary jetty. Each day I pass some of them on my way to the office in Oslo. So today I stopped by at Frognerkilen Boat Association’s (founded in 1860) harbour to take some pics so I could share this winter scenery with you (I had my Nokia N82 at hand of course). It’s also a part of my ‘significant four seasons in Norway’ theme, but let me get back to that later. An example first (click all pics to enlarge and enjoy):

Norway boats in hibernation #2

As I’ve told you before; We have more snow in the Oslo area then we’ve had for many, many years and from mid Jan. until now we’ve had quite a few periods of cold weather (around -5 to -15C = 23 to 5F) so there is thick layer of ice on the Oslo Fjord. Let me remind you that this is a fjord of the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, so we are talking about real, salt water here. So how can they leave the boats at the regular jetty in that winter conditions? Lets take a look at a picture that might illustrate:
Norway boats in hibernation #6

They simply pump water from the bottom of the fjord and lead it to the water surface in pipes. That prevents the water around the boats from freezing. Let me give you a couple of more examples:
Norway boats in hibernation #3 Norway boats in hibernation #5

I don’t have a boat and I don’t know a lot about this, so I was lucky to meet the Boat Association manger to ask some questions about this phenomena. I love to learn when blogging and share with others you know: He told me the reason why they do this is that it can cost a lot to put the boats in dry storage too and especially the sailing boats where they have to rig down the masts. Besides he said; if you lay-up your boat, it takes a longer time to get it on water when the first opportunity comes along to use you boat some time in April. You might say he was a boat enthusiast :-)

Let me end the story with some information about this harbour close to Oslo (only 15 minutes walk!): They can take boats up to 40 feet and the gates at this floating jetty with outriggers are locked, guarded and provide security service 24 hours. There is access to water and electricity and they provide toilets and showers. Even more (I just love this one!); Wireless Internet Zone and of course kiosk and cafeteria.

I don’t have pics of all these great services, besides; the wireless zone is hard to capture you know :lol: , but I guess you take my word for it. Let me show you some more pics however, even if the lighting conditions weren’t the best; it was quite cloudy and a bit foggy today:
Norway boats in hibernation #8 Norway boats in hibernation #9

Then back to Norway’s significant four seasons; In some months from now, the ice and snow will be gone, we will have wonderful, sunny and warm weather – all you need for enjoyable adventures in a boat on the fjord. Besides; you will have the long summer nights when you can sit on the deck tanning in your bikini with a refreshing margarita until at least 10PM. So do I see you this summer? You can even stay over as they provide parking with full services for motor caravans. Check their website and don’t panic about the Norwegian language; there is an ‘Info in English’ button to click on!