Since its winter season, I’ve posted a lot about ice and snow and how we deal with the weather conditions in Norway. I’ve also showed you what I love about winter and care to do out in the nature, like in; Driving in snow, Woman ski jump history, our Frozen paradise and Boats in hibernation (just scroll down for examples). Then I’ve assured you of that in a few month; we’ll have the nicest warm, summer weather, wearing less clothes, tanning and enjoy the long summer nights sunset until 10PM. Thanks to Mrs. Lifecruiser and her Photo Meme, I’ve got the chance to prove it. The rules are to show your 6th photo in your 6th folder on your computer:

Aker Brygge, Oslo #3
Here you see the same type of boats that now are covered with snow. This pic is taken at Aker Brygge in August 2007 and people are so eager to show off their tan ;-)

Read more of this Photo Meme rules at Sanni and also check out which bloggers that got her generous Bl-Oscars.

I choose to tag: Charles, ExpatTravels, EastCoastLife, Ghee, RuneE and Speedcat Hollydale.


  1. Oh how I look forward to that summer weather! That’s a beautiful picture – I can feel the sun on my back!

    Have a lovely time for the remaining weekend!

    I must admit I’m longing too – but spring first you know!
    Wishing you the same!

  2. Interesting meme. I’ve never heard of a photo meme before. I like your picture. It reminds me of the song “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay.”

    Thank you for droppin’ by and leaving a comment on my blog.

    You are invited to sign the Recovery Wall

    Thanks for returning the favour Roxi and I so much agree with you about the matching song!
    Thanks also for invite me to your Recovery Wall. It was a heart touching story and I urge everyone else to visit too!

  3. I was tagged for this photo meme a few weeks ago and it ended up being a photo of my cat. :-)

    Beautiful photo, but they’d be freezing here right now. We have over 6 inches of snow on the ground and it’s still snowing. I made snow cream earlier for me and Lamar and it was yummy! First real snow of the season and it had to come on Feb. 28th-March 1st. :-/

    Hope your weekend is going well, Renny.
    Love and hugs,

    I remember your contribution Diane – it was cute :-)
    They would here too, I can assure you. We’ve had snow since end of Jan. and still have 1M.
    Hope the same for you and hugs back.

  4. A world of difference… I can hardly believe it !
    Give me the sunny months ;-)

    You can’t have one without the other Sidney and that’s the good thing about the significant four you know. So when the summer comes, you enjoy it even more ;-)

  5. At last I can notice the nights are getting shorter and the flowers are starting to appear in the garden. Spring is on the way and then my favourite, Summer!
    You seem to have much better summers than we do, we have had two dreadful ones so we are due a nice one!

    In Norway, the days have been almost 5 hours longer already, but we still have nice and snowy winter.
    I think its hard to decide which season is best as they all have their charm. You can’t have one without the other you know – at least not in Norway :-)
    We’ve had both in Oslo the last years too – that’s why we treasure the sun when its finally here!

  6. …and you know what photo I love the most ;-)

    I think I have a clue, yes; even if you are a Scandinavian: Summer and sun is your cup of tea ;-)

  7. aaaahhh, that makes me feel much warmer than those frozen boats! thanks :)

    In Norway you can have it all you know – if you have the time to go through the four seasons :)

  8. Renny
    That picture of the man making the orange deserts is from Pahar Ganj!
    Plus I am posting in travel order and Delhi was last….

    Theyre on the way, I promise.

    Renny, my father has discovered that our family is originally from Norway! How do you like that?

    I know and of course I can wait – I was referring to the tattoo pics you know :-)
    From Norway! I love the idea and wasn’t that surprised – a lot of emigrants in the 1800s you know :-) Let’s dig more into this!

  9. Thanks for the tag Renny!! I too love the seasons, but do love summer months the most. Off to check on the meme guidelines my friend ;-)

    Wonderful photo here … I can only imagine what mine could end up to be.

    Elsker båtene som er dekket av snø i den forrige posten

    Your welcome Eric – looking forward to your contributions ;-)
    So you speak Norwegian!!! : I love them too of course!

  10. All done !!

    My photo was not surprising – HA HAAA!!!!!

    Thanks for your contribution Eric – the photo was very You!

  11. I cheated “a bit” with the Norwegion :-)

    I take it as an honour Eric – besides: I cheat all the time… with the English I mean :-)

  12. Great contrast between your last two posts. I would love to have some of your winter even if it is March :) Have a great week and hopefully, spring will soon start peeking through.

    Contrast is the word for it Hexe. I can send some over if you like :)
    Wishing you the same and hope so too.

  13. Good meme…I was tagged a while back for this, but wasn’t able to do it….guess I need to.

    Have a great week

    Love, Jess

    Thanks Jess – wishing you the same!

  14. Indeed nice tanned there…how I wish I can get a glimpse of their face too…just kidding hehehehe…:D

    You’re always so curious Shionge :D

  15. I must admit that this photograph is much more appealing than the winter ones. Swimwear, tans and warm weather is wonderful.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug to you and Diane. :)

    Point taken Sandee – wish you a good one too :)

  16. Lovely tan!
    Although Singapore is sunny and hot most of the time, my complexion is fair. I do not enjoy being in the hot sun. :P

    Thanks for the tag. I don’t know what type of photo I’ll find in my 6th folder on my computer. I just pray it would be ‘safe for work’. :P

    I don”t like too much of it either – but that’s not too much of a challenge in Norday :P
    That’s why I tagged you – keep me posted :P

  17. Wow, drastic difference!

    I’m a little bit lost in season because it is so hot in Rio right now. I tend to forget Canada is probably very snowy!

    Spring is so late in Canada usually. It actually barely exists…. one day you wear a hat, gloves and boots, the next day it´s time for sandals!

    I know you are on a wonderful trip – thanks for the lovely reports on your blog!
    It might go a bit faster in Canada – otherwise I think the climate compares very well.

  18. I like this picture. It looks like every single one of these people are having fun enjoying the sun.

    It doesn’t happens every day you know, so we better enjoy while we can.

  19. I find it absolutely amazing that a country so covered in snow and ice can turn into a totally different country of sunshine and tans. Our incredible Earth…

    I so much agree and just what I wanted to share.

  20. awwww,nice view with nice bods,hahaha!
    thanx for passing me this meme,Renny.I got excited what can I find in my 6th folder :)

    I knew you would love it ghee!
    Your welcome – I’m so anxious to see :)

  21. Look at ’em boys all tan and golden. I can’t wait summer to come!

    Yea; and you can walk on Aker Brygge the whole summer long!

  22. It snowed last night in NYC, so I’m glad to see an image of a nice summer or spring day. I’m yearning to get out on one of those boats.

    Snowed in NYC – hope you shot some photos!

  23. Thank you for the comments! Regarding the tag, I have already participated in this and you’ll have find my entry here.

    When it comes to RH, I may have been a bit unclear – that is next week. At the moment I’m in Kristiansand visiting family. However, I have tried gastroscopy several times and Have survived them all :-) I have an advice or two concerning that, but that is perhaps best suited for E-mail (and easier to communicate in Norwegian)

    Didn’t know – sorry, but great meme anyway!
    Good luck next week then – your welcome to mail me (in Norwegian)

  24. I like this much better than snow and cold! ha!

    I know you are more like a summer girl Teena :)

  25. Now you’ve got me curious, Renny, about what’s MY 6th of the 6th! :)

    Me too – hope you will share with us Ginnie! :)

  26. nice!!! i’ve never seen this side of Norway. it looks relaxing and fun. :D

    Glad I could give you a glance then :D

  27. ….and I can’t wait until the weather get warmer. It’s already March and I hope for the little snow we have to MELT, MELT, MELT in the SUN now. Pleez. *giggles*

    Hopelessly devoted to summer, are you? *giggles*

  28. I am dreaming of summer!
    I desire warmth badly.

    Renny I nominated you for an award.
    Please see my blog for details…

  29. And about now I am looking forward to the summer!! Of course it may take 2 good summers to melt all this snow!

  30. When we take the best from our four seasons, we live in a very lucky corner of the world.
    And today, if we have had too much from a Season, we can just travel to another one somewhere else.

    The Photo from Aker Brygge towards the Castle and Fortress from around 1300 is marvellous.

    I’m looking forward to the Spring and Summer; You might have seen the contrasts from yesterday and the Summer at hour Summerhouse;))

  31. Hey Renny!

    Beautiful tans indeed: I wish I could get one of those (but apparently my skin is adverse to tanning lol *nodding*).

    Sunsets at 10pm…I still remember those: but now we don’t have them anymore, here in Portugal!

    Thanks for sharing this beauty with us, Renny :D!


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