Photo Meme on the Significant Four Seasons in Norway

Since its winter season, I’ve posted a lot about ice and snow and how we deal with the weather conditions in Norway. I’ve also showed you what I love about winter and care to do out in the nature, like in; Driving in snow, Woman ski jump history, our Frozen paradise and Boats in hibernation (just scroll down for examples). Then I’ve assured you of that in a few month; we’ll have the nicest warm, summer weather, wearing less clothes, tanning and enjoy the long summer nights sunset until 10PM. Thanks to Mrs. Lifecruiser and her Photo Meme, I’ve got the chance to prove it. The rules are to show your 6th photo in your 6th folder on your computer:

Aker Brygge, Oslo #3
Here you see the same type of boats that now are covered with snow. This pic is taken at Aker Brygge in August 2007 and people are so eager to show off their tan ;-)

Read more of this Photo Meme rules at Sanni and also check out which bloggers that got her generous Bl-Oscars.

I choose to tag: Charles, ExpatTravels, EastCoastLife, Ghee, RuneE and Speedcat Hollydale.