EUCIP Certification of Informatics Professionals in Norway

EUCIP; European Certification of Informatics Professionals, is a competence development scheme aimed at IT practitioners or those who want to become one. Like ECDL, ECUIP was developed by CEPIS, the Council of European Professional Informatics Societies where my organisation; Norwegian Computer Society (DND) of course is a member among 32 other Countries across greater Europe. The project was founded by the EU Committee and CEPIS itself and therefore is a non commercial, vendor and application neutral program or scheme.

EUCIPEUCIP can offer added value to IT qualifications by the Pan-European dimension of the certification. The fact that EUCIP, which is a professional entry level qualification, is standardised across Europe gives holders an attractive and versatile certification, which will allow them to apply for IT jobs all across Europe, and also allow employers to recruit internationally. I often present it as a roadmap for career planning and the main advantage of EUCIP over other technical IT certifications is that it is a true pan-European qualification. EUCIP holders can be assured that their IT competence is accepted and valued across Europe by all industry stakeholders including corporations, government and public organizations.

My regular readers now probably think Renny has gone nuts. This is nothing like his normal posts about Norway; Our culture traditions and habits? Well, actually it is about me and Norway, but more like my professional life and what takes up most of my time on the daily basis. The main reason why I came up with the idea of this post was that I ‘fell in love‘ with another social media tool, from where you can share presentations. A lot of you have asked me to reveal more of ‘the other’ side of me, so here is an example: The presentation I gave at the World Computer Congress 2008 in Milan:

EUCIP Norway, a company formed and 100 % owned by DND. If you click on the arrow to see one slide at the time, you’ll even see that the second one is a movie presenting my organisation (remember to turn up the sound!).

So I take this chance to use my blog with a wide range of readers and friends from all over the world to tell a bit more about myself and promote this certification program. I call myself a network evangelist you know and believe in the advantages of Social Medias. Then I haven’t forgotten that a lot of my readers are non European, but EUCIP can easily be changed to ICIP (International Certification of IT Professionals). Some countries outside of Europe have actually adopted the scheme already. Those who are not connected with me professionally already, are welcome to join my network at LinkedIn, Plaxo, Xing and/or eCademy – or comment and ask for a connection. At least tell me what you think of the presentation and the tool I use to share it :-)