EUCIP; European Certification of Informatics Professionals, is a competence development scheme aimed at IT practitioners or those who want to become one. Like ECDL, ECUIP was developed by CEPIS, the Council of European Professional Informatics Societies where my organisation; Norwegian Computer Society (DND) of course is a member among 32 other Countries across greater Europe. The project was founded by the EU Committee and CEPIS itself and therefore is a non commercial, vendor and application neutral program or scheme.

EUCIPEUCIP can offer added value to IT qualifications by the Pan-European dimension of the certification. The fact that EUCIP, which is a professional entry level qualification, is standardised across Europe gives holders an attractive and versatile certification, which will allow them to apply for IT jobs all across Europe, and also allow employers to recruit internationally. I often present it as a roadmap for career planning and the main advantage of EUCIP over other technical IT certifications is that it is a true pan-European qualification. EUCIP holders can be assured that their IT competence is accepted and valued across Europe by all industry stakeholders including corporations, government and public organizations.

My regular readers now probably think Renny has gone nuts. This is nothing like his normal posts about Norway; Our culture traditions and habits? Well, actually it is about me and Norway, but more like my professional life and what takes up most of my time on the daily basis. The main reason why I came up with the idea of this post was that I ‘fell in love‘ with another social media tool, from where you can share presentations. A lot of you have asked me to reveal more of ‘the other’ side of me, so here is an example: The presentation I gave at the World Computer Congress 2008 in Milan:

EUCIP Norway, a company formed and 100 % owned by DND. If you click on the arrow to see one slide at the time, you’ll even see that the second one is a movie presenting my organisation (remember to turn up the sound!).

So I take this chance to use my blog with a wide range of readers and friends from all over the world to tell a bit more about myself and promote this certification program. I call myself a network evangelist you know and believe in the advantages of Social Medias. Then I haven’t forgotten that a lot of my readers are non European, but EUCIP can easily be changed to ICIP (International Certification of IT Professionals). Some countries outside of Europe have actually adopted the scheme already. Those who are not connected with me professionally already, are welcome to join my network at LinkedIn, Plaxo, Xing and/or eCademy – or comment and ask for a connection. At least tell me what you think of the presentation and the tool I use to share it :-)


  1. a very professional presentation Renny…
    I will have to show my daughter who is studying Multi Media :)
    have a beaut week!!!

    Thanks Kim, I’m blushing.
    I hope your daughter approves and learn something about sharing her presentations too.
    Wish you the same!!!

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  3. Yes, my favourite network evangelist! You have done a very good job of building up this business and encouraging me to use network possibilities even in social work. You are in inspiration to myself and others.

    First of all; thanks for your link love – above!
    Yes, and you are my favourite wife ;-)
    Thanks and you know; network can be done everywhere and for all good courses. Besides; it’s you who encourage me you know!

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  5. Have a great week Renny!

    You too Jess!

  6. Very professional, my Linked In buddy :)

    Thanks, my social media buddy :)

  7. Great presentation! I hadn’t realised I was mixing in such elevated circles! :)

    It’s a great tool for sharing. I missed the movie first time round and was wondering what you meant about the sound. But I got there in the end!

    Thank! I’m proud to count you as a part of my circle A.!
    Glad you did not gave up – hope all other manage too!

  8. It’s very true that YOU are tops as a Network Evangelist! I love your presentation and believe in it totally!!!

    Its also true that you are a top blog friend! Glad you liked it too!!!

  9. Den der virket interessant, men tiden strekker ikke til i kveld – tar den senere.

    Tusen takk for kommentaren – lykke til på RH!!!!

    Velkommen tilbake når som helst – du vet jo hvor du finner den.
    Takk for lykkeønskninger!!!

  10. wow i just love the presentation you made. it was fabulous! yes i did go nuts for a while reading the 1st paragraph hehehe and you are truly a network evangelist :D

    have a nice day Mr Renny!

    Thanks Scart – glad you red it through too then hehehe

  11. What I have always admired about you is how much you believe in technology and how enthusiastic you are about its benefits. I think that a uniform education that is recognized and useful benefits both companies and the individual; each is aware of what to expect. I am no IT expert, but I enjoy hearing you share your enthusiasm. And you know I value the social benefits of technology. Bravo!

    I’ve had too many positive experience – both business wise and socially – not to believe.
    I agree with you and this certification also proves your skills achieved from life long learning.

  12. Been a while since I was here my friend.first I thought it was a wrong blog .After reading it He!He!He!.got the idea what it was all about.Good work.Wishing you well

    Good to see you back and glad you did not gave up after the first lines – and got the idea in the end :-)

  13. My dear friend, you have so far done a tremendous job.
    To institute new standards of education and knowledge in a young industry like IT, with all the mighty enterprises struggling for their own standards, is really a challenge most people would have called: Struggling against the Windmill.
    But you know and are able to succeed.

    Thanks for your compliment Tor – to me, its an encouragement too!
    Sometimes its tough to be an early bird in launching such standard, but I do believe this will benefit both the IT-industry, the user industry an the IT professionals as well. Therefore I’ll never give up :-)

  14. Very professional looking. Well done.
    They are lucky to have you as CEO in their organization !

    Thanks for the endorsement Sidney!

  15. That was a great presentation!

    My eyelids were getting heavy when I was reading the first two paragraphs. haha….

    You are so full of enthusiasm and passion in what you do, Renny.

    Thanks ECL and I loved your comment as much so I had to quote you in my next post. haha….

  16. All was said in the comments i red Renny! Pro fessionalism, enthusiasm, passion…thanks to share with us this part of you. As we stay a long time of our life at work it is a Plus to love it and believe in it.

    Thanks Claudie – how nice of you to say soo!
    I have to believe in what I work with and vice versa – both professionally and socially you know.

  17. I’m sure that presentation were as fab IRL as it looks like here in this post :-)

    Well, certifications are a good thing for many reasons, but one of them are that there are time, effort and money to be saved by “not inventing the wheel” again every time, to already have proven standards to lean on.

    …and in this case also the advantage of an international sharing and securing of edu’ levels.

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