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From icicles to summer green We love the Four Seasons in the Nordic

I love winter and snow because of the fresh & crisp air, the way the sun and the moon gives a reflection & special lightening and the scenery you get just after a snow storm in Norway:

Icicles in Norway

This picture was taken outside my living room window some weeks ago, but could have been from today as we had another big snowfall yesterday. I live in an Oslo suburb, 100M (328F) above sea level, so we normally get a bit more here than in the city and we get the spring flowers a couple of weeks later too.

I’m not a masochist, so it’s not the cold in the winter time that engages me – besides, you know my saying; ‘There is no such as bad weather, only bad clothes’ – and I’ve learned how to dress for being outdoors to play for a whole day, so the scenery brings me wonderful memories from my childhood. However, with spring soon knocking on our door, it’s the change in the season and the fact that the nature will break out of hibernation with warm, sunny weather and longer days that fascinates me. I think living with thesa significant changes, makes you appreciate the first flowers peeking up from the snow (snowbells and crocus) and the leaves on the trees and like magic, the scenery has changed:


This picture is taken out of the same window in 2007 the 17th of May (Norway’s constitution day), only two months from now, so it’s not even full summer yet. That’s what makes us ‘survive’ and manage through the winter, even when we have to shovel snow from the roof (click all pics to bigify and admire the shovel work in details):
Snow on the roof in Norway #2 Snow on the roof in Norway #3

While I’m at it, I’d like to show you another example of the significant change in the nature and how we’ve learned to love the beauty in both of them. Diane (my wife) and I had another quality time at our vacation home in Mariestad, Sweden, some weeks ago. It’s close to the lake Vänern (north Europe’s largest lake) with wonderful beaches and great scenery too:
Winter at Lake Vänern in Sweden #2 Winter at Lake Vänern in Sweden #4
Left: Skiing with your dog on the lake. Right: Picnic by the shore.

Sandviken Beach #2 NordicFall Beauty in Mariestad, Sweden #1
Left: Sun bathing and swimming at the same lake. Right: Kite surfing in fall at the beach.

I hope I won’t lose your interest if showing examples from the same spot in Mariestad city:
Winter in Mariestad Sweden #2 NordicFall Beauty in Mariestad, Sweden #4
By the town square alley in February and in September.

So now you know Renny is back on track again; proud of Norway and the Nordic country and the appreciation of each of our four seasons. Thanks to all you regular visitors and commenter’s on my last post where I reviled more of my professional life. I’m glad you didn’t give up after the first paragraph, but read through and got it in the end. I loved all of them, e.g. EastCoastLife, who said: ‘My eyelids were getting heavy when I was reading the first two paragraphs.’ :lol:

I’m also happy to report that I’m back on track again for another reason too: Some might remember my complaints of a sore back and problems with typing. I did not want my blog to turn into a sickness journal, but the main cause was tension in my muscles due to stomach pain. For months, I’ve been to many tests as the doctors thought it might be a tumour. Thankfully I am now able to tell you about it because this week my doctors have gone in with a camera and believe it is just an ‘innocent’ cyst from a strong infection. They took samples but the doctor expects them to be okay. Thank you for bearing with me.

As proof of the pudding that I am getting back in shape and happy to enjoy the snow; here is a picture of me and my wife breaking out the skis near our home some weeks ago:
DianeCA and RennyBA skiing in Norway #1 DianeCA and RennyBA skiing in Norway #2

Please notice my good old ski wear (click to bigify) which I have been using since the 70’s. Skis and wool lasts a good while you know!

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  1. I love the snow pictures in particular. We don’t get enough of it over here :-(

    Me too. Do you want me to send some over? :)

  2. I am so happy to hear that your doctor has found the trouble and you are feeling better just in time for spring. And you know you can always send your left over snow to me here :)

    Thanks Hexe – Yea, I’m ready for spring!
    I’ll send some inches over right away :)

  3. Oh you guys look so cute together!!! And so happy. :) I love the differences in photos. Really I think it’s beyond cool to show those differences. I still can’t get over the lake scene, again for another year.

    We have all the reasons to be happy you know. :)
    Glad you liked it and got fascinated too!

  4. Thank God you’re on the mend, Renny…because I was getting concerned about you.
    And I do agree that those of you who have the distinct 4 seasons have an advantage on the rest of us for enjoying Nature in bigger and better ways. I love the way you tell us of your life in Norway. It brings back memories of the distinct seasons I remember of my youth in Michigan…before global warming!

    Thanks for your concern Ginnie and for your warm waves during this difficult time too!
    Glad I could take you down your memory lane too :-)

  5. We usually get snow a couple of times over the winter in Oklahoma. This year we got none at all, just some freezing rain. I am a little jealous but not too much. We are enjoying all the spring flowers already.

    I understand how you feel as I’ve seen your blog’s spring reports :)

  6. beautiful photos…unfortunately it’s hot and wet in malaysia all year round!..but it’s ok with me ;)

    hope can go to norway

    I know as I’ve been to Kuala Lumpur once you know ;)
    Your welcome any time!

  7. I love the top pic despite that it’s snow and ice… *giggles*

    We have got some snow here lately, but I hope that it will melt away soon!!!!!

    Great news, I suppose the swinging of my magic wand helped then ;-)

  8. The photographs are beautiful, but I’m a spring and summer kind of gal. I hate all the winter clothing. I want to wear polo shirts, shorts and flip-flops. I’m a fair weather kind of gal.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. Big hug to you and Diane. :)

  9. You must be “dritlei” all that white stuff. Even if you can use your skis. If you like, I can mail you the picture of a crocus I caught today testing my new GorillaPod, bought in Oslo last Sunday. Or you may possibly find it tomorrow evening at Norsk Nettfoto.

    PS I hope all went well at RH. It did with me.

    I don’t get clay snow, but a winter is enough an then I look forward to the next season.
    Congrats with the recognition on your photos – well deserved!
    All went well at RH – that’s what I tried to explain in this post.

  10. I love to have four seasons but I have to drive 8 hours to have real snow and ski slopes!! will be skiing over Easter for the last time this season.
    Love your shots, Renny, they are great!!

    I know you would have done fine in Norway Mar!
    Thanks for the compliments!

  11. Renny you do have a beautiful winter and the rest of the seasons. While in Netherlands, how I wish season like winter, well- is really winter complete with all the snow trimmings…
    anyhow spring is around the bend, so cheers!

    have a fine weekend, friend!

    I know you don’t have that significant in the Netherlands, but you get a real nice spring with tulips!
    Wish you a good one too!

  12. Nice to hear good news about your health! I’m so glad and enjoy you get your flight for the South this summer! Lot of fun in perspective with the Lifecruiser Ship band! Of course the Mount Faron is a nice walk we will do! On the top you can have a fabulous point of view above the Mediterranean coast!
    I’m jealous of your snow! Love your fresh and pur air and the fabulous white landscape!

    I’m thrilled too and one of the reasons I can start to look forward to the visit!
    You don’t need to be jealous – just come and visit! :)

  13. Nobody is happier then me that you are going to be okay…except maybe you, but its a close race. I also love the ski picture. I never actually got to see them, they were pretty cute. Here’s looking forward to another four seasons with you and many of our friends! Lets have adventures!!

    A close race is fine with me dear!
    I also thought you might have forgotten our ski adventures, so I wanted to surprise you :lol:
    I’m ready for new adventures too!!

  14. Good to see your back is better. Now we just need to get Diane’s elbow healed!
    Wonderful pictures Renny, as always! Have a great and restful weekend!

    Thanks and Diane’s is healing too you know!
    Glad you like the pics too and wish you a great one as well!

  15. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pics. A question: why are the roofs flat? Would think that with heavy snow regularly falling on them, it’d be more practical to built roofs that were slanted/angled so they could fall off!

    I really liked that question because it made me think and the simple answer must be: Cost/Benefits. Its much cheaper to build flat roofs. However, most of the houses in Norway (normally build of woods) don’t have flat roof, but often blocks and garages.
    The constructions of houses in Norway is normally very solid (and well isolated to of course) and it don’t happens often that they need to be shovelled.

  16. snowing or summer, your part of the world is beautiful. i wish i could visit 1 day. :D

    Thanks acey – you’re welcome any time :D

  17. This post reminds me of the time, a few years ago, when we went to Cornwall for a weekend. It was around Easter time and the weather was glorious, the spring flowers were everywhere. One of my husband’s colleagues phoned from Sweden. He had travelled north for a skiing holiday, we had travelled to the southernmost tip of England. The conversation I had with him, and your post now, highlight the differences we experience in environment, while at the same time they bring us closer together. Wonderful!

    I am so glad you are feeling better, and that you’ve had good news from the doctors. That is a huge relief.

    Glad I could take you down the memory lane A. Yea; Its a wonderful world!
    Glad you share my relief – thanks for your support!

  18. So glad to hear your getting better. Beautiful photos – you two do make a gorgeous couple! Have a wonderful weekend.


    Thanks Caroline – glad you liked the pic of the two of us skiing too.
    Wishing you the same!

  19. Yes I am glad that you are back on track and also on the road to recovery :)

    I love the four seasons and it is shame I am not leaving in a place where one could experience the change of the season. In my opinion, I think it brings the best in us.

    I know you are so proud of Norway and I’m so proud of this lovely place on earth :D

    My daughter’s English tuition teacher is heading to Norway in May with her family, that’s awesome!!

    Thanks for your warm vibes too!
    It brings the best out of me you know – glad you liked it too :D
    We would love to meet them if they have the time!!

  20. I love seeing photos of the same places in the different seasons. It’s hard to imagine such extremes of temperature. As you probably well know, I’m not a fan of the cold but I do love seeing the beauty of snow.

    I’m so glad your back pain is getting better and that there was nothing malignant causing the pain. That would have been a worry. Good to see you back and in top form, Renny.


  21. You know I live in a tropical country where it’s summer all year round. I have not experienced a change of seasons like what you do.

    I envy you for the lovely white snow. But I doubt I can tolerate the freezing temperature. :P

  22. Oh. Finally I get to know more about your back ache. It was a shock to hear that you couldn’t sit due to the back pain. I hope to hear more good news. Take care, buddy. We have a date to meet up in Norway.

  23. ahhh,what a perfect life eh?blessed with breathtaking environment and a very nice wife beside you.what else can you ask for,Renny? ;)

    Your ski wear didnt look old,they still fit on you and that`s more important,right?

    Can I grab the first photo,Renny?I so luv it!I can make a post card out of it. :D

    Im done with my tag BTW.enjoy your weekend!!

  24. It is SO fantastic to see the dawn of spring! We had + temps today and sun…there was still snow from the storm last week but tyvärr ingen crocus! Jag Älskar Norge!

  25. I am glad you are doing better and the tests have come back negative. It is nice to know that you will still be here to teach me about Norway. I love learning about other countries and how people live in other cultures. I can’t imagine going through your winters but they are very pretty to look at.

    Love and Blessings,

  26. those pictures are wonderful, especially the icicles.. i haven’t seen much of them where we live here … i couldn’t imagine having a picnic outside this time of the year but the picture was breathtaking and like you said just wear the right clothes and you will be fine in any weather :)

    i’m glad to know all is well with your health. that’s really wonderful news. take care and enjoy the coming of spring :)

  27. Everyday I’m praying that you will win the air tickets and come visit me in Singapore. I think I should get Diane to register for the contest too so you have double chances.

  28. Hello Renny! I love the four seasons due to its diversity plus an excuse to buy a new wardrobe when season changes.

    Anyway, updated your wordpress to the recent version. Regarding with the other stuff will check on it later since I will change your blog template later so it will be compliant with WordPress 2.7

  29. Well done. Love to see the four season put together in this manner. Though winter can be a bit much, I’m glad I live in an area that has the four-season pattern.

  30. What beautiful contrasts!!! I’m jealous you actually get the 4 seasons over there… we’re stuck with Winter and Summer in the central valley of California.

    Also, yay for good news from the Doctor… it’s always good to know you’re ok. :)

  31. i am aching for weather warm enough to throw open all the windows and air out the house….and for some sun. it’s been a very gloomy and overcast winter here. i like the snow but but i like when there are some blue skies with it, even if it is still very cold.

    most of all i am so very glad to hear the test results are showing that there is no tumor and you are able to get back to living life as fully as you always do.

  32. My how the weather effects our surroundings…

    great post Renny.

    Hope all is well with you and Diane!

    Lots of love and have a good week

  33. Amazing!

    Looks like you had a lot of snow this year. We came back to Canada today and I was surprised to see there weren’t much snow on the ground.

    I love living in a country which, like yours, has drastic season change.

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